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S. Berliner, III
Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"

[consultation is on a fee basis]

Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology
Rail, Auto, Air, Ordnance, and Model Enthusiast
Light-weight Linguist, Lay Minister, and Putative Philosopher

S. Berliner, III's

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      plus a Computer Page, with credits (helpful sites), references, tips, queries, etc.

[NOTE - there is also a Semi-Alphabetical Index.]

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INDEX to varied professional and personal interests classified in major areas

(with significant, and unavoidable, overlapping)

note-rt - there is also a Semi-Alphabetical Index
[formerly at the end of this page and now moved to a separate page
(and that index, in itself, has expanded to multiple pages!) after the page list topped 100+!].   rev.gif (19 Nov 2019)
(The page count is now on the Semi-Alphabetical Index Page and continues to grow!)

AND this personal interests page has been separated out from the professional interests
on my primary home page.}

including these COURTESY HOMEPAGES:

Ultrasonic Industry Association - now on its own UIA Website.

The Long Island Motor Parkway Page, et seq.*, and
    the associated Motor Parkway Panel and   rev.gif (11 Mar 2013)
    historical Bonwit Inn.

New York & Atlantic Railway Courtesy Page and
    New York & Atlantic Railway Courtesy Continuation Page 1.

Boston Chapter   new.gif (11 Mar 2013)
Long Island Sunrise-Trail Chapter
    National Railway Historical Society

Sunrise Trail Division (the Boston-area HUB Division has it own site)   added.gif (22 Sep 2013)
    Northeastern Region
      National Model Railroad Association

Long Island Rail Road Historical Society.

Brooklyn Historic Railway Association

and the legendary LIRR Atlantic Avenue Tunnel (it's real!).

Ztrack Magazine
    The Newsletter for Z Scale Model Railroading
      (now on its own separate site).
  Z-Scale is only 1:220 with rails only ¼" apart!
  It is about 2½ times smaller than HO!

Long Island Live Steamers.

Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad

Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
    Murrer's Sidings
    Kearney Sidings
      as well as Blissville/Laurel Hill (and Maspeth and Fresh Pond).

Marion River Carry Railroad Page

Railroad Eagles
about the Penn Station and Grand Central eagles.

Muttontown (LI) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (disbanded in late 2014)

The Bowne House Page and the Flushing Remonstrance.

Tractors page.




What follows has been moved to a separate domain, berliner-ultrasonics.org:
  Ultrasonics Page 1
  Ultrasonics Page 1A
  Ultrasonics Page 2
  Ultrasonics Page 3

  Ultrasonic Cleaning
  Ultrasonics Glossary

  Ultrasonics Bibliography
    Ultrasonic Bibliography Page 1 - Reference Books on Acoustics, Vibration, and Sound.
    Ultrasonic Bibliography Page 2 - Sonochemistry.
    Ultrasonic Bibliography Page 3 - Selected Articles.

As has:



HOBBY Page with
    The old WWII/Korea era AUTHENTICAST/Comet Metal Products model line,
      now on a separate Comet Metal Products Authenticast Models Page (et seq.).

HOBBY Page 2, with
    Fractions and Decimal Equivalents and
    Tap Drill Sizes.

  Plus these separate pages:
    Comet Metal Products Authenticast Models Page, et seq.     Erector Sets.
    Meccano and Dinky Toys.
    StromBecKer (Strombeck-Becker).


RAILROADS Page, et seq.
  ALCo Love Song
  ALCO-GE-IR Boxcabs, and
    Boxcabs Page Index.
  Boxcabs0 - ALCo-GE-IR Survivors.
  Boxcabs1 - ALCo-GE-IR LIRR #401 and sisters
    (#401 was the second production unit but the first 100-tonner).
  Boxcabs2 - Other Boxcabs continuation page.
  Boxcabs3 - ALCo-GE-IR continuation page 3.
    the boxcab bibliography (older material - to 1989),
    continued on Boxcab Bibliography (newer material - 1990 up)
  Boxcabs4 - ALCo-GE-IR continuation page 4.
  Boxcabs5 - Odd Boxcabs, with air and steam boxcabs*!
  Boxcabs6 - More ALCo-GE-IR Boxcab Information.
    1915 GE Jay Street Connecting RR #3,
    Chicago & Northwestern Boxcabs,
    Red River Lumber Co. #502.
  * - Boxcabs - Electric, with electric and gondola boxcabs!
  Electric Boxcabs Continuation Page 1, with:
      ELECTRIC BOXCABS - Part 2,
    Chilean Boxcabs,
    Other Overseas Boxcabs
  Boxcabs - Ingersoll-Rand,
  Boxcabs - Ingersoll-Rand,
    and I-R Page 2 with a 1936 catalog of the 113 oil-electrics built to then,
      Model Boxcabs.
  Baldwin (and Westinghouse) Boxcabs, with a 1930 catalog,
  Survivor Boxcabs Continuation Page - now for surviving Offshore boxcabs.

    NOTE: - there are now separate pages for each surviving boxcab (see the Boxcabs Page Index).

    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad
    Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
      Murrer's Sidings
      Kearney Sidings
    Electric Railroads Page
    EMD - Electro-Motive Division of GM - models, etc.,
      including the fabled BW DDP45 and other EMD engines
      EMD may never have dreamed of!
    Pennsylvania Railroad Page
      with THE SOUTH PENN RR (a.k.a. Pennsylvania Turnpike).
    Pennsylvania's Horseshoe Curve and stories,
      including that of the HO Berlinerwerke, and
    Horseshoe Curve Continuation Page 1:
      Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve (proto. and HO) -
      a mile-by-mile and even foot-by-foot guide to the Curve, et seq.
    Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve in N (1:160) and Z (1:220) Scales
    Horseshoe Curve Continuation Page 4, with satellite photo and description.
    Rail-Marine Page
    HOW TO BOOT A STEAM LOCOMOTIVE or How to hostle without really tiring -
      (Firing up a cold oil burner).
    Schnabel and other Giant RR Cars,
      Schnable Continuation Page 0, and
      Schnable Continuation Page 2.
    The Whyte System of Classification (4-4-0, 4-6-2, B-B, etc.).

      (see separate LIRR Index Page).
        and with Blissville/Laurel Hill (and Maspeth and Fresh Pond).
    LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD Continuation Page 2.
    LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD Continuation Page 3:
      Victorian Stations Still Standing on the LIRR (with dimensions).
    Central RR of Long Island Page, et seq.
    other LONG ISLAND railroads and related information.
    Long Island Rail Road Historical Society Home Page.

    New York & Atlantic Railway Courtesy Page, et seq.

   Brooklyn Historic Railway Association
      and the legendary LIRR Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.

    Bering Strait Tunnel.

    Railroads You can Model, and
    Model Railroading Miscellany.
    Model Railroad Scale Conversion Table
      with Scale vs.Gauge.
    Model Railroading Photography
      (applicable to other model photography, as well).

    Z-Scale (1:220 - 2½ times SMALLER than HO, with rails only ¼" apart) and the Berlinerwerke-Z Saga
  which latter has had to be continued onto five more pages!
  (see separate Z-Scale Index Page)
      and including a Tour of the Berlinerwerke-Z.
   Z-Scale Continuation Page 1:
      Zictionary Part 1 ("A" - "M") - lotZ of wordZ
        (moved from Page 4 on 31 Jul 00 and split on 28 May 01)!
    Sub-Z-Scale Page, with
   Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains, and
      1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!
   Z-Scale Continuation Page 1a:
      Zictionary Part 2 ("N" - "Z") - lotZ of wordZ!
and Z-Scale Continuation Page 6 with V 32 001 Diesel Pneumatic in Z and BEDT #14 in Z.
    Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik Z-scale Model Railroading, et seq.
    Z-Scale Model Railroad Articles Page
    Ztrack page - Review Page for Ztrack magazine, et seq.

    Berlinerwerke Apocrypha (tall tales), et seq.
    Berlinerwerke Apocrypha (tall tales), et seq., including also:
        Berlinerwerke RSR (Ruhnian State Railways) Apocrypha, et seq., and
        Berlinerwerke GG1 Apocrypha, et seq.
    Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha (taller tales?):
      CSXT AC100CBW and NSC CB100W-10 10,000 horsepower locos!

    Automotive page - a cover and miscellaneous automotive apocrypha page,
      now continued on Continuation Page 1,
      with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the real one).
    Chrysler and Chrysler Continuation Pages 1, 2, and 3
      (with the Walter P. Chrysler story).and Chrysler Imperail 8s.   rev.gif (26 Nov 2012)
    DaimlerChrysler page (referral to Chrysler and Mercedes, only).
    Jaguar Cars (more modern Jaguar cars - see older cars at SS and Jaguar Cars page).
    Long Island Motor Parkway* pages.
    Mercedes page, et seq.
    SS and Jaguar Cars, et seq.
    Civil War era Dudgeon Steam Automobile - still operable!
    Tractors page.
    Road Loads page (really HEAVY Haulage!), et seq.
    Long Island Motor Parkway* pages,
      (see separate LIMP Index Page).
    Steam Cars Page.

Stan Mott, cartoonist extraordinaire, and the Cyclops Automobile:   added.gif (26 Oct 2012)
  S. Berliner, III's original Cyclops page
  The main Cyclops page
  Cyclops page 2 - Classic Cyclops
  Cyclops page 3 - More Cyclops
  Stan Mott page 1
  Stan Mott page 2
  Stan Mott page 3
  Stan Mott page 4


    SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY a cover and miscellany page.
    History of Technology Page.
    AVIATION, et seq.
      Aviation Page 4:
          Marine Air Terminal (La Guardia).
          Casey Jones' Academy of Aeronautics.
          Comet "Authenticast" 1:432 Aircraft Models,
              but see Comet Metal Products Authenticast Models Page.

    Fairchild Aerial Survey page.

    Computer Page, with credits (helpful sites), references, tips, queries, etc.,
      plus the Line Length page.
    NAVAL & MARITIME page, et seq.
    Non-Woven Fibrous Materials page {material deleted because of non-response of subject firm}
    ORDNANCE page, et seq., and
      ORDNANCE Supergun Page.
    Bering Strait Tunnel.
    Long Island Sound Tunnel


    Adirondack Mountains page, et seq.
      and the associated
    Champlain College (of Plattsburgh, New York) page.
    Berliner Families - formerly including Emile and Henry Berliner
      [carbon microphone, disk phonograph (Gramophone, Victrola, Nipper/His
        Master's Voice, EMI), helicopter, autogyro, Berliner-Joyce, EEMCO,
        ERCO, Ercoupe/Aircoupe], but now on a separate page:
          Emile Berliner and Family (now with continuation page),
          Emile and Henry Berliner Aviation Page.
          Hannover Berliners (Emile's family), and
          Berliners of Note.

    Culture (so-called).
      DENGLISH page, with:
          DENGLISH - Neutered or Degenderized English
          and the Original Proposal of 11 May 1990.

    Long Island Page.
    Frank Buck (and his Zoo) - Bring 'em back Alive.
    FUN Page (so-called).
    Pooh Page - rescue the real Pooh and friends from Durance Vile!
    Pinhead and Foodini Page.
    NonConEx (Non-Consanguinous Extended Family) Page.   new.gif (02 Aug 2013)
    Religion and Philosophy Page.   added.gif (02 Aug 2013)


    see Adirondack Mountains (under "Culture", above).
    ORCAS and other DOLPHINS and WHALES page.

See also the SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY page.

HISTORY* (on most pages), including:
    History Continuation Page 1.
    Long Island Page, et seq.
    Long Island Motor Parkway* pages, and
      >the associated Motor Parkway Panel.
          [This has gone from a casual interest to a major concentration!
      LIMP-Vanderbilt Cup Race page.
              See the separate LIMP Index Page for far more detail.]
    The Bowne House* Page and the Flushing Remonstrance.
    Fairchild Aerial Survey page.
    History of Technology Page.

    Religion and Philosophy - General.
    Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Program [in Erdély (Transylvania)].
    Muttontown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (disbanded in late 2014).   rev.gif (19 Nov 2019)

REFERENCE Page - miscellaneous references to persons and organizations
    that have caught my fancy or eye.


    Thumbs Up! is a program to let your police and law enforcement
(and fire and EMS) personnel know that you appreciate their efforts.

* If you enjoy history, especially that of Long Island, visit:
The Oyster Bay Historical Society site.

CREDITS:  It was suggested to me that I link you to the pages which were so helpful to me in learning the modicum of HTML I have absorbed.  OK, but they have been moved to my Computer Page.

Semi-Alphabetical Index of SBIII's Site Pages

Moved to its own separate page, et seq., after 100+ pages overloaded this home page.


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