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Horseshoe Curve Page

noteright - The pages about the actual and model Horseshoe Curve have become almost-hopelessly scrambled;
please bear with me as I struggle to sort it all out (12 Nov 2016).



NOTE:  HTML originally limited my pages to 30kB!  Thus, I was forced to add separate pages to fit the lengthy stories of the prototype and HO (1:87.1) Berlinerwerke; both the Berlinerwerke-HO (HO-Scale - 1:87.1) and Berlinerwerke-Z (Z-Scale - 1:220) stories are now on their own separate pages.


note-rt Coverage of the prototype and intended model Horseshoe Curve has been separated out from the saga (story) of my own HO-scale "model" (miniature) railroad, as noted below:

[APOLOGIA - I can't possibly keep track of all the interconnected linking on the Horseshoe Curve and Berlinerwerke-HO pages so I'm just posting the latter and reposting the former without 100% link correlation at first; hopefully I'll catch up with the links "one of these days".]

On this page:

    Prototype Horseshoe Curve Story
    PRR Mail Line Track Numbering   added (25 Jan 2012)

On the next page, Continuation Page 1:

    Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve - with HO (1:87.1) Scale Equivalents.
        a mile-by-mile and even foot-by-foot guide to the Curve.

On the Continuation Page 2:

    {no content yet}

On the Continuation Page 3:

    Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve in N (1:160) and Z (1:220) Scales.

On the Continuation Page 4:

    Satellite Photo of the Horseshoe Curve, with description of features.

On the main Berlinerwerke-HO Page:

    Berlinerwerke-HO Saga

On the Berlinerwerke-HO Continuation Page 1:

    Update of the Berlinerwerke-HO Saga through 15 July 2010.

On the Berlinerwerke-HO Continuation Page 2:

    Update of the Berlinerwerke-HO Saga from 15 July 2010.

On the other RR pages:

    S. Berliner, III's Pennsylvania Railroad Page
    S. Berliner, III's Railroad Page
    S. Berliner, III's Model Railroad Page
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The BERLINERWERKE (HO) Story, the story of the HO Berlinerwerke pike.
The full prototype story will also appear on these pages.
The HO-scale Berlinerwerke-HO Saga is on separate pages.   new (21 Feb 2011)
The Z-scale Berlinerwerke-Z Saga is on separate pages.

Visit these courtesy and official home pages:

Long Island Sunrise - Trail Chapter
(National Railway Historical Society)

Sunrise Trail Division
(Northeastern Region)
(National Model Railroad Association)

Ztrack Magazine
The Newsletter for Z Scale Model Railroading
Z-Scale is only 1:220 with rails only " apart!
It is about 2 times smaller than HO!

The Prototype HORSESHOE CURVE Story

On 18 Oct 1997, I saw a film of the Sat./Sun. 12-13 September 1970 runs of the High Iron Company's Nickel Plate Berkshire 2-8-4 #759 running up the Curve and back, unassisted, with 15 heavyweight passenger cars at speed!  Wow!  I was there, but time dims even the keenest memories.  Wow, again!  It WAS 15 cars, I counted them; NOT 17 or 18 as I remembered.

Much more to follow and see Satellite Photo of the Horseshoe Curve, with description of features.

However, here's a ca. 2006 aerial photo I just HAVE to post here (and on page 4):   new (12 Nov 2016)

Horseshoe Curve Aerial View ca. 2006
(click on thumbnail for larger view)

Not only is it a great view but you can clearly see signal bridge 2416 and, with the foliage down, the big old water tank above the tracks at right center, about which I have so much to say and show on page 4.

The actual PRR (1:1) HORSESHOE CURVE

'62 EROS Satellite View of HSC
(EROS Data Center ABIVALR 00000003 73, 05 Jun 62)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image.]

NORTH is at the top.

A full description of features (and another copy of this photo) are available on Continuation Page 4 at Satellite Photo.

PRR Main Line Track Numbering - I don't have provenance on this but it's from one of the innumerable scraps of paper I use as oft-futile notes and bears a date of 30 Sep 1958 (the date of the source, NOT the note).  I would guess it was extracted from an earlier version of the ca. 1970 PRR (PC) Track Charts I have posted.  Real Pennsy experts may well already know this by heart but I never seem to get it right (and I believe it varied from time to time) so here is how the tracks were numbered at C Tower, 1.9 miles east of Johnstown, ostensibly as of 30 Sep 1958 (from South to North):   added (25 Jan 2012)

Track No. 1 - Eastward Freight
Track No. 2 - Eastward Passenger
Track No. 3 - Westward Freight
Track No. 4 - Westward Passenger

The note also notes that there were on average 23 ties per 39' rail at that location and that the rail was 155# (155 pounds per yard).

In the Curve, preference was once given to passenger trains so the view would be unimpeded (the Pennsy had no consideration whatsoever for the civil rights of hobos riding the rods under, or peeking out from inside, freight cars!).


- Moved to Berlinerwerke-HO Page, et seq.

On my Model Railroad page 4, I added a Railroad Grades chart, with the major Horseshoe Curve grades included.

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such,
visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.

If you like this sort of nonsense, take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible

and at the AW NUTS Magazine site, "A Publication of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society".

of this series of Horseshoe Curve pages.

You may wish to visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Page, et seq., and the
main Railroad Page, et seq.
of this series of Railroad pages.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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