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John F. Campbell's

ALCo-GE-IR Boxcabs Pages

Three manufacturers, ALCo, General Electric, and Ingersoll-Rand, came together under agreement to build the first production run of Diesel powered railroad engines in North America.  These units were initially termed Oil-Electric Locomotives.  At a later date this consortium acquired the acronym AGEIR, which is used today when indicating the builder of all locomotives constructed by this group's joint procedures.

This prototype demonstrator oil-electric locomotive #8835 which GE and Ingersoll-Rand produced weighed in at 60 tons and was "fired up" and operated for the first time on 17 Dec 1923, with finishing touches and testing continued until 28 Feb 1924, when the first public demonstration was held at the Phillipsburg, New Jersey, plant of Ingersoll-Rand.

First AGEIR Series-Production Oil-Electric Demonstrator Locomotive #9681, GE Class B-B-120/120-0-4HN840G, Jul 1925, which was tested extensively and then bought by CNJ as their #1000, the first operational series-production diesel-electric locomotive.

AGEIR 100 Ton 600 horsepower Locomotive Built For the Long Island Rail Road as their #401
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AGEIR History  { (was}

Early attempts at internal combustion gasoline and oil (Diesel) engines and railroad applications by General Electric; Lemp control system; first i.c. locomotives.

AGEIR #8835 Demonstrator  { (was}

Ingersoll-Rand engines; GE-I/R consortium; first demonstrator constructed.

AGEIR #8835 Demonstrator {continued}  { (was}

First demonstrator perfected; AGEIR consortium formed.

AGEIR #8835 Demonstration Trials of 1924 & 1925  { (was}

Demonstrator trials detailed; initial order for three 60-ton and one 100-ton production units.

AGEIR #9681 Demonstrator & early construction information  { (was}

Construction and details of first 60-ton unit.

AGEIR First Production of 60 ton 300 horsepower Oil-electric Locomotives  { (was}

Details of engine, truck, and controls of first 60-ton unit; improvement of Lemp system.

AGEIR First Production of 100 ton 600 horsepower Oil-electric Locomotive  { (was}

Long Island Rail Road #401; initial production run.

AGEIR First Production of 100 ton 600 horsepower Oil-electric Locomotive {continued}  { (was}/

Details of 100-ton unit.

Additional AGEIR Notes  { (was}

More details of 100/108-ton units.

AGEIR 60 Ton Oil-Electrics on ALCO Order # S-1532 & Order # S-1543  { (was}

Second group of AGEIR 60-ton production units.

Chicago & North Western AGEIR & GE/I-R Diesel-electric Locomotives ({First of} Two Pages)  { (was}

C&NW #1000 & #1001 60-ton units.

Chicago & North Western AGEIR & GE/I-R Diesel-electric Locomotives (Second Page)  { (was}

More on C&NW #1001; #1002 60-ton and #1200 108-ton units.

General Electric 20 and 23 Ton Box Cabs...  { (was}

Industrial 4-wheel boxcab locomotives (pre-WWII).

General Electric 23 ton 36" Narrow Gauge Box Cab...  { (was}

Industrial 4-wheel boxcab locomotives (post-WWII).

AGEIR Oil-electric Diesel-electric LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER ({First of} Two Pages)  { (was}

First 21 units (stock orders and designated production).

AGEIR Oil-electric Diesel-electric LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER (Page 2)  { (was}

Last 12 AGEIR units; notes on bi-/tri-power (NYC) units.

Post AGEIR - GE/I-R Oil-electric Diesel-electric LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER  { (was}

Final production; 16 GE-I/R Erie-Built (and 1 CN-CGE-CI-R) units.

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