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(and other)
Live Steamers


Live Steamers


Since I moved off Long Island (NY) and LILS has its own website,
this page now will cover live steamers in the Boston (MA) area,
and the North-Eastern United States, as well.

  Waushakum Live Steamers - Holliston, Massachusetts.
  Cape Cod Live Steamers - Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  Pioneer Valley Live Steamers - Southwick, Massachusetts.
  Washington County Railroad - Cherryfield, Maine
  Tall Pines Scenic Railroad - Berwick, Maine
  Long Island Live Steamers (LILS) - Southhaven Park, Long Island, New York.

Live Steam
[in miniature
(and not-so-miniature)]

While some of the live steam operations in the U. S. North-East are readily accessible and easily found, some are among the hobby's best-kept secrets!  In some cases, this is deliberate and in some, not.

26 Jul 2015 Map by and © 2015 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved

The red squares represent the Live Steam operations noted herein; as more are checked out, they will be added.

Closest to me is the Waushakum Live Steamers.  The Waushakum Live Steamers is (are?) at the end of Arthur Street in Holliston, Massachusetts, but then what?  Well, there is a driveway there with a dirt road to its right and a big stone marker:

WaushakumLSEntry WaushakumLSSatellite

so we know we're in the right place and there's a 500' x 1,000' wooded area beyond but I'll be hanged if I can find hide nor hair of any layout in there from above.  Using Bing Maps, taken when the leaves were gone, doesn't help a bit:


Until I got around to visiting (16 Jul 2017), I just had to take WLS's word for it that they DO have a layout.  WRONG!  They are VERY MUCH visible from the skies:   rev (15/17 Jul 2017)

Waushakum100ftSat Waushakum25ftSat

All one has to do is follow that trace through the woods a bit further to the west.

If you look VERY closely, I thought you could make out the trace of the trackage through the foliage on this satellite view:   added (19 Jul 2017) and rev (20 Jul 2017)


It seemed to me to be those vague semi-circles running from the steaming bay down (south) and to the right (east) and then looping back up (north) and left (west), but it turns out that my guess is nowhere near - off by about a half mile.  The actual extent of the trackage is huge; WLS encompasses 26 acres, with an elevated 3.5" and 4.75" dual-gauge High Line, 2,264' (690m) long, and a 3,599' (1,097m) long 7.25" gauge Ground Line.   rev (20 Jul 2017)

Here's my take on how to get there:

[17 Jul 2017 Map (after Google Maps) by and © 2017 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]
(Click on thumbnailed picture for larger image.)

There are multiple routes - pick your poison.  Just get there; Waushakum is a fabulous place!

Until such time as Waushakum comes up with a posted track plan, the partial plan on their "Welcome" flyer will have to do; it's a vertical third of an 8½" x 11" goldenrod sheet so I rearranged it to fit horizontally:   new (19 Jul 2017)

2014 Waushakum Plan as rearranged by S. Berliner, III - 19/20 Jul 2017
(click on thumbnail for larger image)

[No, I did NOT rotate the circled index symbols!]
(Sorry my fold line crease shows.)

This plan shows only the areas open to invited and escorted guests (Waushakum is a private organization), pretty much what the satellite view reveals, with the major High Line and Ground Line trackage hidden off under the trees to the south (bottom).

Next closest is the Cape Cod Live Steamers midway out on Cape Cod in Sandwich, Massachusetts,  Inasmuch as the Cape Cod Live Steamers have no website of their own, I am giving them greater coverage here.

  Cape Cod Live Steamers
  Sandwich, Massachusetts
  Mail to:  10 Melix Avenue, Plymouth MA  02630

The coordinates on their plan notwithstanding, even corrected, the coordinates are approximately 4140'19.0"N 7030'54.0"W / 41.671944N, -70.515000;

CCLS has no website, only a YAHOO! group:


[Do I YAHOO?  Hell, no!  (Nor do a lot of other folks!)]

TomDavisRS-11 Art
L. = Tom Davis with his battery-powered RS-11  
[and, no, I did NOT crop Tom's front truck!]
  R. - Art Downer with young visitors

RichMaGee LesDunbrack
L. - Rich MaGee with powered boxcar from Thomas-the-Tank-Engine set  
  R. - Les Dunbrack and Tom Davis with Les up on Road Engine UP #834
and a 4-4-0 in the foreground

Here's the CCLS's Map:

Map (altered by SB,III to correct latitude)

And here's their layout plan:


I can't find any sign of the layout from the air:

Satellite View

Things are no better on Bing Maps:

Bing Maps View

The Assessor's Survey pins down the location quite nicely:

Assessor's Survey

The only changes are that there is a short cross-road on Compost Road to turn fire engines; it only shows on the first satellite view and the trackage had to be rerouted in an S-curve to clear the southern arm.

Wait a cotton-pickin', dog-bone minute, heah!  Let's look again:

Satellite View 2

There they are!

Back to the old Bing view (pre- S-curve):

Bing Maps View 2

That's more like it!

The Pioneer Valley Live Steamers (PVLS) is located at 108 Hillside Road in Southwick in south central Massachusetts, about 7 miles west of Springfield, Massachusetts; 15 miles NNW of Hartford, Connecticut.  The track at PVLS consists of 4,580 feet of ground level rails and 1,140 feet of elevated track.  The elevated track is dual gauge, with the smallest 3½" gauge, " to the foot scale, and the next 4" gauge, 1" to the foot scale.  The ground-level track is 7¼" gauge and most of the engines on this track are made to 1½" to the foot scale.  PVLS has recently added support for Gauge 1 track; with a large double loop on aluminum tables for track powered engines.

PVLS is by no means hidden away:


Another "this I gotta see!"

The Washington County Railroad (WCRR) in Cherryfield, Maine, is a privately-owned 7½" gauge railroad with a special interest in coal-fired steam locomotives.  Please be aware that this is a family venture, run solely for family and friends of John Brace, but well worth noting in the wide world of live steam.

The Brace family is kind enough to outsiders to post pictures from the air and ground:

WashCtyAer WashCtyGrnd

as well as a diagram, which I have supplemeted via "spy-in-the sky":

WashCtyPlan WashCtySat
First three images courtesy of Brace family.

What a fabulous set-up!  The winding trackage allows for an over 21½' change in elevation while holding a ruling grade of only 1½%.

Tall Pines Scenic Railroad - a 15" gauge railroad with over a mile of track in Berwick, Maine; since the website says it's for sale, I won't spend any more time on this one.

In addition, the extensive listing of live steam operations on the Scale Railroad Resource Page of Live Steam Railroads lists these other North-Eastern groups which I have not yet investigated:

Connecticut - none listed

  Annisquam Scenic Railroad, Gloucester (private)

New Hampshire
  Monadnock Valley Railroad, Greenfield
  North East Live Steamers, Raymond
  Silver Lake & Ossipee RR, Silver Lake

[Far eastern] New York
  Adirondack Live Steamers, Saratoga Springs
  Peconic County Miniature Railroad, Greenport

Rhode Island
  Benson Mountain RR, Chepachet
  Indian Lake Railroad, (not given)
  Nasonville Valley Railroad Company, (not given), Father Finelli's railroad

  The Cold Creek & Northern Railroad, Huntington
  Franklin County Central Railroad, Fairfax
  Mill Brook Railroad, Windsor
  West River Mountain Railway, West Dummerston

Long Island Live Steamers (LILS)

The Long Island Live Steamers, Inc.

[this reference page was separated out from S. Berliner, III's RAILROAD page
and then from his LIRR page; you might wish to refer to them, also, as well as to Model Railroading, et seq., in general.]

Long Island Live Steamers (LILS) - A great group of miniature live steam (and diesel and electric) operators running at mostly 1½" scale (also some 1" and rare ¾") in Southhaven Park at the intersection of William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk County Route 46) and Sunrise Highway (U.S. Route 27).

    LILS has its own Home Page (at least as of 22 Jul 2015/14 Feb 2000)

Go to http://www.longislandlivesteamers.org
for all running schedules and any other current information.   rev (22 Jul 2015)


Jim O'Connor's Live Steam Railroads.
Live Steam by Father Finelli, the "Steaming Priest".
Roger Luxley's LIVING STEAM RAILWAYS page from England
    (which uses WAV - so beware).

A quadruple-threat site is John Woodson's Stanley Steamers site; all about Stanley, Doble, White, and other steamcars, steam engines, steam locomotives, and steamboats - what more could one given to the vapors want?

    How to hostle without really tiring -
    (Firing up a cold oil burner - 1:1 scale, that is).

Also dear to my heart are early Boxcab Oil-Electrics (Diesels) and you should take a look at the Blue Ridge Lines, a live-steam operation where they operate #74, a 1"-scale boxcab (it also appears on my Boxcabs Continuation Page under Modeling Notes).  {There is another in work but the group does not wish publicity.]

You can also find many large-scale Boxcabs on my Boxcab Models page, et seq.

The amateur machinist should know of Sherline's site and of ModelTec Magazine (these are recommended by others - they are not in my line but I do know they are top-notch references).

Steam aficionados have a mecca right here in Boston!  Although dead as a doornail (for the nonce), three gigantic steam pumping engines, an 1894 Leavitt-Riedler, an 1898 Allis, and a 1921 Worthington-Snow, are sitting in full view for the public at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum.   added (07 Feb 2017)

There is an incredible simulation program by Charlie Dockstadter on steam valve gear available on the Alaska Live Steamers VALVE GEAR ON THE COMPUTER page.

[this reference page was separated out from S. Berliner, III's RAILROAD page
and then from his LIRR page; you might wish to refer to them, also.]

You may wish to visit the Railroad Continuation Page, et seq.

of this series of Railroad pages.


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