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Motor Parkway Logo [If my discs weren't floppy, my photos wouldn't be LIMP!]

A Motor Parkway Panel had been convened to keep the LIMP alive in situ, in minds, and in museums; it has been disbanded and all activities thereof have been assumed by the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society.


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Motoring on the Early Motor Parkway
Motoring on the Early Motor Parkway
[photo provenance unknown]


(Moved here from the LIMP Continuation Page 0 on 26 Oct 2004)

LONG ISLAND MOTOR PARKWAY BOUND PHOTOGRAPH VOLUME - small, hard-covered, historical booklet, with photos, of the Long Island Motor Parkway, perhaps ca. 1911{*?}, long missing from the Hempstead Public Library's historical collection; I last saw this ca. 1960 (no, I do NOT have it squirreled away!).   rev (17 Apr 2016)

As I recall, it was burgundy or dark brown, may have been a library rebind, and measured about 4" x 6" x ¼" thick (pages only, not counting covers).

My guess is that this was a privately-published memoir of the building of the Parkway put out by Willie K., himself, with the photos he personally took (or had taken) of the construction as it progressed [the ones the Vanderbilt museum has (see the LIMP History page, et seq.) look very familiar].

Can anyone PLEASE put me on to
this old booklet?

* - I changed this from 1908 to 1911;

it's highly unlikely Willie would have produced it for a work still in progress.

"Nassau County - Suburbia, U.S.A.", by Edward J. Smits, 1974, Friends of the Nassau County Museum, Syosset, New York, ISBN 0-385-08902-3, LoC 74-16383 (pp. 131 and 153, minimal text, Cup map).

"The Power Broker", by Robert A. Caro, 1974, Vintage Books-Random House

(with a reference to the grandfather of this page's author).

"Long Island Motor Parkway", AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY, Volume 34, Number 2, (date?), 1-AQ-0342 ($34.95).

"Between Ocean and Empire", edited by Robert McKay, Geoffrey L. Rossano, and Carol A. Traynor, produced in cooperation with The Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities and The Long Island Association, Windsor Publications, Northridge, California, 1985 - little text but these interesting photos:

Page 125 - SPLIA photo of overpass/underpass being constructed.
Page 172 - reproduction of Long Island Highways page from Long Island: The Sunrise Homeland (1931), with vignette of a long, straight stretch of the LIMP with post and rail fencing.
Page 173 - SPLIA photo of pre-WWI-era cars lined up at a hardware-cloth fence some 50' or so from the empty LIMP, almost certainly waiting for the 1908, 1909, or 1910 Vanderbilt Cup race.

"Long Island Motor Parkway" (folder), 1987, The Queens Historical Society, 143-35 37th Avenue, Flushing, New York  11354, 718-939-0647, FAX: 718-539-9885, $1.50 plus s/h $.75.

"Robert Moses - Single-Minded Genius", Long Island Studies, edited by Joann P. Krieg, chapter entitled "The Long Island Motor Parkway:  Prelude to Robert Moses" by Robert Miller, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, New York  14847, 1989, ISBN 1-55787-040-3 (cloth) or 1-55747-041-1 (paperback), LoC 88-34768, a publication of the Long Island Studies Institute, Hempstead, New York.

"Long Island: Our Story", NEWSDAY's series, 28 Sep 1997 through 30 Jun 1998, especially
    "The Age of the Auto", including:

"The Age of the Auto", by Sylvia Adcock.
"Discoveries of Road's Scholars", by Sylvia Adcock.
"Road Test: It's Still a Hard Drive", by Tom Incantalupo.
    and "100 Years of Driving on Long Island" by Sylvia Adcock, NEWSDAY (6/10/96) and
    "History Takes the High Road" by Sylvia Adcock, NEWSDAY (4/05/98)

"Long Island: Our Story", by the Staff, NEWSDAY, Melville, New York, 1998, ISBN 1-885134-14-2.

"Road for Rich Speeders", F.Y.I., The New York TIMES, 26 April 1998, Daniel B. Schneider (quoting from Robert A. Miller).

"The License Plates of the Vanderbilt Long Island Motor Parkway", Al Velocci, LONG ISLAND FORUM, Friends for Long Island's Heritage, Spring 2000, pp. 19-31.

"The Long Island Motor Parkway", S. (Sam) Berliner, III, The FREE-HOLDER, Oyster Bay Historical Society, Winter 2000, pp. 3-5.

(Reprinted on the Panel site, by permission) - [WHERE, WHERE?  I'll have to work on this one!].   rev (20 Jul 2012)

"The Road Mr. Vanderbilt Built - Following what's left of the Long Island Motor Parkway", NEWSDAY, Melville, New York, John Hanc, front (Section A) cover lead, Section B cover (B1), and pp. B6-B8, Thursday, 14 Jun 2001.

Errata: - see LIMP Page 11, NEWSDAY.

"The Toll Lodges of the Long Island Motor Parkway, and Their Gatekeepers' Lives", Al Velocci, 2004, ISBN: 0-9761140-3, Parkway Press, New Hyde Park, New York

The Toll Lodges book can be ordered directly from the author; the cost is (was?) $24.00, which includes shipping in US.  The author will inscribe on request.  Send payment to:

Al Velocci
62 Cherrywood Drive
New Hyde Park, New Yorik  11040

[NOTE - As of 11 Dec 2005, there were less than 100 copies available and there is no likelihood of another printing.  As of 29 Aug 2007, Al advised that he was running low on books; if you want a new copy (or additional ones), better get it/them now.]

  A flyer announcing a publication publicity event had the LIMP corporate letterhead across the top and these LIMP toll plates across the bottom:

Al V.'s Toll Plates

"On the road again" - Two preservationists have been working to turn Motor Parkway's original pavement into bike and hiking paths, NEWSDAY, Monday, 24 Oct 2005, pg. A8, Bill Bleyer, and

  "From raceway to bike path" - Behind the Headlines - THE FOLD - Vanderbilt's Motor Parkway, NEWSDAY, Monday, 24 Oct 2005, pp. A32-A33, J. Stephen Smith.

"The Long Island Motor Parkway", Howard Kroplick and Al Velocci, Sep 2008, ISBN-10: 0738557935 / 13: 978-0738557939, Arcadia Publishing (Images of America), paperback, 128pp, New York,   added (20 Jul 2012)

- - - * - - -

The Wantagh Public Library lists a multi-part (30 or more) history manuscript (in Reference) on "Pre-Levittown" and "50th Anniversary" by Steve Buczak (who I am told is a retired New York police officer) which has several references to the LIMP; it is undated.

The Garden City Public Library lists a 20-minute videorecording, "The Long Island Motor Parkway and its Garden City Toll Lodge", but it is not accessible by the public (you can buy this tape for about $19.95 at the Garden City Hotel).

A proposal to Nassau County, filed 15 Apr 2005, for conservation and restoration of the LIMP RoW, may be found on my own domain at http://sbiii.com/limpnass/limpncpk.html.

Because the LIMP Continuation Page 0, where this bibliography resided, overloaded, I created a separate page on 26 Oct 2004; please visit the main LIMP page and the many Continuation Pages noted on the LIMP Index page.

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