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LIMP POSTS (and reinforced concrete).

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Views of the Long Island Motor Parkway Today.
I. U. Willets Road Fragment.
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Horace Harding (of Boulevard fame).
Open LIMP Matters - Questions and Speculations.

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1941 Queens Aerial Photos.
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Roslyn Toll Lodge.
John Russell Pope

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Western Terminus
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Alley Pond and Environs

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Fresh Meadows Ballfields and Theater

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Roosevelt Field Area by Chopper (1959).
Roosevelt Field Area by air (1938).

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Mitchel Field Area (1937).

Russell and Old Country Roads.

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The Missing Link! (?) (path of the LIMP RoW from Bethpage State Park
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Eastern Terminus (Lake Ronkonkoma).
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This is yet another (15 Mar 2004) page to cover additional information and photographs of this interesting old highway; see also my Automotive, Chrysler, Dudgeon (really!), Mercedes, and SS and JAGUAR car pages and other related pages.

A Motor Parkway Panel had been convened to keep the LIMP alive in situ, in minds, and in museums; it has been disbanded and all activities thereof have been assumed by the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society.

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RoW = Right-of- Way.


Central Nassau County)

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Roosevelt Field Area by Chopper (1959).   rev.gif (12 Dec 2012)

After Nixon debated Kruschev in the kitchen of an American prefab "House of the Future" at a fair in Moscow on 24 Jul 1959, the house was disassembled, brought back to the States, and set up between the two south marginal roads at Roosevelt Field on Long Island.  That south marginal road, just north of Stewart Avenue in Garden City, IS the LIMP RoW.  My folks and I went to see the house and there, on the grass (now a parking lot) just E of the house sat a Bell 47 helicopter of fledgling New York Airways, in back of a sign offering 15-minute sight-seeing flights for an astronomical sum.  Well, Dad looked at me and I looked at him and Mom looked disgusted.  "You're NOT leaving me here alone!", quoth she, so up went all three of us, crammed side-by-side in the bubble with the pilot.  Admittedly this makes no sense; it should have been a Bell 47J Ranger for that many people but it was a full bubble and I have a shot of Mom looking grim as all get out (she had a fear of heights) sitting in the bubble above absolutely nothing.  Be that as it may, the pilot took off facing due west so that the LIMP RoW was to our left with Clinton Road directly ahead, bore right (N) over the W marginal roads at about the N end of Raymond Court, just W of the SW driveway into Roosevelt Field, heading N toward Old Country Road (I believe that's the old Girl Scout headquarters building dead ahead in the infield and the old Franklin National Bank headquarters building in the upper right, on OCR) with the LIMP RoW between Pell Terrace and Russell Road off to our left:

59HeloRide04 59HeloRide06
(All photos 1959 by and © 1959, 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images; click on pictures for larger images.]

As we come up on OCR, there's aviation pioneer George C. Dade's property dead ahead on the NW corner of Clinton and OCR, with the bank building in which I had worked a few years earlier noted by the arrow, Clinton in the lower right, OCR running L-R ahead, the LIRR Main Line at the other end of Dade's big building at left, and the LIMP RoW crossing Jericho Turnpike beyond that and running up to Westbury Avenue and Hillside Avenue and beyond.

At that juncture we turned right again (E) along OCR and there's NY Telephone Company's huge facility (with the curved driveways on East Gate Boulevard) and Zeckendorf Boulevard (Bill Z. built R. Field mall) just beyond them, coming in at the right and turning to the left to become the entrance to Roosevelt Raceway off to the left.  That's the LIMP RoW just beyond, with Stewart Avenue just beyond that and the runways of Mitchel Field barely visible at upper right:

59HeloRide08 59HeloRide09

Now this one's a bit tricky, indeed; it took me a while to figure it out (much has changed over the 40 intervening years)!  Proceeding E along Westbury Avenue (or so), with the LIRR Main Line running L-R (E-W) just below, we came to the newly opened Meadowbrook Parkway (MBP), and its interchange with Old Country Road (OCR), with Carman's Road (CR) cutting away from it towards the upper right (SSW) and bending left (S) and the Dutch Lane/Hempstead Avenue bridge barely visible further S (up) along the MBP and twice as far as that is Newbridge Road (NR - Route 106) running (black lines) diagonally along the upper margin and crossing the MBP at almost the same spot where the LIMP runs L-R (E-W, white lines).

Turning right (W) along OCR, we come to Salisbury (now Eisenhower) Park and the intersection of its W entrance oppposite the E end of Stewart Avenue and Merrick Avenue (Post Avenue N of OCR; formerly Whale Neck Road).  The far right (SW) corner of that intersection is now the 1-800-FLOWERS headquarters building.  That's the LIMP RoW just on our side of the intersection, marked by a line of trees and the abandoned Central RR of LI RoW just beyond Stewart, also marked by a line of trees (our side of the lake), with the abandoned two-story Meadowbrook Club RR station (then Abilities, Inc.'s paint shop) on this side (past the empty plot) and the clubhouse on the other side.  The MBP runs to the right of the clubhouse and Mitchel Field's runways are to the upper right:

59HeloRide12 59HeloRide18

Heading back to Roosevelt Field, we run between Stewart Avenue and the LIMP RoW, with (as I recall) General Bronze ahead and the south end of the Field to the right; the white dot is the tent where the prefab was and Raymond Court is the line of trees running L-to-R from Stewart to the RoW where it bends right (N) just past the entrance roads to the Field.  That LILCO (LI Lighting Co., now LIPA) gas holder is long gone.

Lastly, we're heading in to land between the south marginal roads, with the SW entrance to the Field just over the pilot's right shoulder, looking right down at the RoW, with Raymond Court clear as a bell just beyond that (black lines), and Clinton Road running parallel to the top margin.  I can't make out the LIMP Super's house but it is at the near left of the intersection of the RoW and Clinton and then you can see the RoW swinging northerly across Clinton, heading right between Pell Terrace and Russell Road towards OCR, Jericho Turnpike (with a toll lodge not yet modified beyond recognition), and Westbury and Hillside Avenues:

(All photos 1959 by and © 1959, 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images; click on pictures for larger images.]

The Stewart Avenue elementary school playing fields are on the other side of Raymond Court.  The huge, round, grey gizzie to the right in the far curve of the RoW is a sewage treatment facility, still standing today.

Other images taken on that flight had nothing to do with the LIMP; eventually, they, too, will be scanned and will appear on my LI pages.

Roosevelt Field Area by air (1938).

Motor Parkway Panel Associate Howard Kroplick sent me (12 Mar 2004) this fantastic aerial shot of the same area as it was in 1938; the image is an Army Air Corps photo extending from the Mineola DPW lot (the white area at top L) just S of Westbury Avenue (just above the top margin) down to the E-W segment of the RoW just N of Stewart Avenue (it is HUGE, 747Kb, so I also broke it up into pertinent segments so you don't have to load so much):

(1938 USAAC photo)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for VERY much larger image]

{It's labeled Mineola but the Field was actually in Garden City.}

That's Clinton Road running from top center down to lower L at Osborne Road).  The Roosevelt Aviation Service hangars on the S side of OCR stand out clearly as black rectangles and that is the approximate area where today's Meadowrook Parkway crosses OCR.

You can clearly see George Vanderbilt's revived Cup road course at R center, which is about where Lindbergh took off, heading R (E).

Here's the segment with the main line of the LIRR running L-R near the top, Old Country Road running L-R near the bottom, the LIMP RoW dropping around the Mineola DPW lot at top and running due S just R (E) of the Fairhaven complex with Wisteria Avenue clearly evident to the far L (W):

1938aaca 1938aacb
(1938 USAAC photo)
[Thumbnail image (R); click on picture for larger image]

Russell Road in Garden City is evident on the L (W) of the RoW but Pell Terrace had not yet been laid out to the R (E).  The second (R) shot shows the RoW from Russell and Transverse Road*, over Clinton Road on the bridge, past the Superintendant's house, the Toll Lodge, and Raymond Court, and E along Stewart Avenue (just below the bottom margin).  What had been the SW corner of Roosevelt Flying Field was (per Howard) the Old Westbury Golf Course in 1938, the clubhouse can be made out just N of the LIMP Toll Lodge.

[* - the thin, vertical white line to the right of Russell Road and just above Transverse Road is probably the eastern abutment wall of the buried site of the never-installed Garden City Co. Transverse Road overpass bridge.]   added.gif (12 Dec 2012)

Next (L), I enlarged the curve area from the Clinton overpass to the N end of Raymond Court:

1938aacc 1938aacd
(1938 USAAC photo)
[Thumbnail image (L); click on picture for larger image]

Lastly (R), there's the Clinton overpass (angled), the Super's house (white roof) and the Toll Lodge (black roof), up close (and close to pixellation).

To top all this off, Howard also turned up these two aerial photos of the Meadowbrook Toll Lodge and the Merrick Avenue bridge; in the photo at left, taken in 1931, we are looking N down at the lodge, with Merrick Avenue running N-S at the right (the bridge is not really visible) while, in the right photo, taken in 1937, just before things shut down, the lodge is barely discernible while the bridge is quite easily seen:

1931MBLodge 1937MerickAvBr
(photos courtesy of H. Kroplick - all rights reserved)

{Somehow, the resolution of these photos ended up low; I hope to get new copies at higher resolution.}

This entire area was completely changed when the Meadowbrook Parkway was extended N in 1956 and widened in 1971.  What is also seen in both photos to differing degrees is the road or stream running N-S 2/3rds of the way E of the lodge towards Merrick Avenue; it appears to run in culverts under both the LIMP and the entry ramp and then under the "black" E-W feature along the bottom of the 1937 picture.  That feature should be the E end of Stewart Avenue, as shown on the1928 Soils i, detail "d", even though it looks suspiciously more like the LIRR's Central Branch, the old Central RR of LI (thus, the bridge is not the bridge "lost" in the Meadowbrook Parkway loop, covered in detail on the CRRofLI cont. page 1).

The right picture is a detail friom a massive aerial photo of the Mitchel Field area which is now shown in full and in great detail at Mitchel Field Area (1937) on the next page.

As if that wasn't enough, Howard also sent along (ca. 16 Mar 2004) this picture of Roosevelt Flying Field from the LIMP, showing the Old Westbury Golf Club in the foreground just beyond the posts and the flying field and its hangars along Clinton (far left) and Old Country Road (far center and far right):

(photo courtesy of H. Kroplick - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image]

You can see the two-hole posts with twist wire , an airplane overhead (top left center), a chutist on his/her way down (left center), and a duck/goose/brandt/comorant/what-have-you streaking across just right of center at a UFO, unless, of course, it's a tow plane pulling a target diving to the left (I like the UFO idea best); pixellation and moiré prevent better identification.

Thanks triply, Howard!

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