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LIMP POSTS (and reinforced concrete).

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LONG ISLAND MOTOR PARKWAY at confluence of Marcus/Lakeville/NSParkway,
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More on the Long Island Motor Parkway.
Views of the Long Island Motor Parkway Today.
I. U. Willets Road Fragment.
Roslyn Road Fragment.
Bridge at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.
Horace Harding (of Boulevard fame).
Open LIMP Matters - Questions and Speculations.

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Crossings from Roslyn Road to the Maxess Road Bridge.

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Old Courthouse Road Bridge, New Hyde Park.
Garden City Toll Lodge.
Crossings Continued - Maxess/Duryea Road Bridge.
More on Duryea Road Crossing.

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Dubious Artifact at NSP/NHP Road.
Queens Vignettes.

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North Hills.
Mineola-Carle Place.

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    of Marcus/Lakeville/NSParkway, continued,
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Additional WILLISTON-NEW HYDE PARK ROAD Documentation.
Bronx River Parkway.

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1941 Queens Aerial Photos.
i.Park Aerial Photos (Lakeville Road Bridge).

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Roslyn Toll Lodge.
John Russell Pope

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Western Terminus
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Alley Pond and Environs

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Fresh Meadows Ballfields and Theater

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New Hyde Park Posts.

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Roosevelt Field Area by Chopper (1950).
Roosevelt Field Area by air (1938).

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Mitchel Field Area (1937).
Russell and Old Country Roads.
East 2nd (Second) St. and Voice Road in Mineola/Carle Place.   added (08 May 2018)

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The Missing Link! (?) (path of the LIMP RoW from Bethpage State Park
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Eastern Terminus (Lake Ronkonkoma).
Half Hollow Hills Area - revisited.

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Open LIMP Matters - Questions and Speculations.
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Who's Who (or Was)
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The General Manager's House.
Sempre Vivolo (Brentwood Toll Lodge).

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Motor Parkway Historical Miscellany
Motor Parkway Auto Tags/Plates

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Nassau County Police Photos (moved from LIMP History Page 2 on 21 Nov 03).   new.gif (21 Nov 03)

LIMP-Vanderbilt Cup Race page:

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This is yet another new (15 Mar 04) page to cover additional information and photographs of this interesting old highway; see also my Automotive, Chrysler, Dudgeon (really!), Mercedes, and SS and JAGUAR car pages and other related pages.

A Motor Parkway Panel had been convened to keep the LIMP alive in situ, in minds, and in museums; it has been disbanded and all activities thereof have been assumed by the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society.

There is also a lot of automotive material on my ORDNANCE and HISTORY pages.

Also, if you like automotive history, see the links on the Automotive page.

RoW = Right-of- Way.


(Central Nassau County - continued) (15 Mar 2004)

[This material is about Central Nassau County and some has been removed from the
Western Nassau County page, which had overloaded.]
(15 Mar 04)

Mitchel Field Area (1937) (16 Mar 2004)

Motor Parkway Panel Associate Howard Kroplick is playing "Can You Top This?" with himself and has even exceeded any previous wonders with the followng massive view of Mitchel Field as it was on 11 Feb 1937, a year and two months before the Long Island Motor Parkway closed down; in this view, Roslyn is in the upper left corner, New Cassell in the upper right, Uniondale in the lower left, and East Meadow in the lower right, Hempstead Turnpike runs across the bottom, and the LIMP across the center (this appears to be a US Army Air Corps picture):

(1937 Aerial photo courtesy H. Kroplick - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for VERY much larger (1.1Mb) image]

There is such an incredible amount of material on this image that I dassn't process it and am using up enormous bandwidth to present it in full.  To avoid obscuring anything of interest, I have marked up a duplicate copy which follows; on it, the LIMP is noted "L", one can make out Clarence MacKay's extravagant Harbor Hill [HH] atop Roslyn at upper left, Mitchel Field, with it's extant parade ground [PG], Roosevelt Flying Field [RFF] with the Old Westbury Golf Club in its SW corner [OW], the 1937/38 (George) Vanderbilt Cup course [V] with its twin access bridges over the LIMP (below the "V") leading to the ¾-mile long main grandstand (running diagonally between the "V" and the "L"), the Meadowbrook Club [MC] with its huge polo stadium [P] and its private LIRR Salisbury Plains station on the Central Branch (former Central RR of LI) [C], and the LIMP Meadowbrook Toll Lodge [MT].  Running W-to-E (left-to-right) across the photo are the LIMP [L] (upper), Stewart Avenue [S] (middle), and the Central Branch [C] (lower):

(1937 Aerial photo courtesy H. Kroplick - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for VERY much larger (1.1Mb) image]

If you look very carefully at the left margin, you can just barely make out the Jericho Turnpike bridge OVER the LIMP at the top of the "J" and the Mineola Toll Lodge (just left of the RoW opposite the hook of the "J"), the LIMP bridge over Hillside Avenue [H], the loop around the Wheatley Hills Golf Club (at the top left "L") with its private underpass under the LIMP in the middle of the course, and Robert Moses's fatally-competitive Northern State Parkway [N] swinging around between the LIMP and Guinea Woods Road [GW] / Clinton Street [CL] and ending (at that time) at Jericho Turnpike [J] , with its Hillside Avenue bridge showing quite clearly directly under the "L".

KEY - alphabetical:

A - Arthur Street (in Garden City) / Oak Street (in Uniondale)
C - LIRR Central Branch (former Central RR of LI)
CH - Cherry Lane (in Carle Place)
CL - Clinton Road (in Garden City) / Glen Cove Road (in Roslyn and N) /
Guinea Woods Road (in old Westbury) CP - Carle Place CR - Carle Road/Union Avenue (in Carle Place on Westbury line) E - Ellison Avenue (in Westbury) GW - Guinea Woods Road (in Old Westbury) / Clinton Road (in Garden City) /
Glen Cove Road (in Roslyn and N) H - Hillside Avenue (ending at Jericho Turnpike in Carle Place) HH - Harbor Hill (in Roslyn) J - Jericho Turnpike L - LIMP LI -LIRR Main Line MA - Merrick Avenue (in East Meadow) / Post Avenue (in Westbury) MT - Meadowbrook Toll Lodge N - Northern State Parkway O - Old Country Road OW -Old Westbury Golf Club P - Polo Ground (at Meadowbrook Club) PA - Post Avenue (in Westbury) / Merrick Avenue (in East Meadow) PG - Parade Ground (at Mitchel Field) RFF - Roosevelt Flying Field RR - Roslyn Road S - Stewart Avenue U - Uniondale Avenue V - George Vanderbilt 37/38 Cup Course W - Westbury WA - Westbury (Maple) Avenue WN - Whaleneck Road {?} ? - mansion (upper center} ? - mansion (right upper}
I would love to identify those two huge mansions [?] with grand N-S allées leading to them.  The central one may well be the Harry Payne Whitney estate in Old Westbury; he married Gertude Vanderbilt.

Here is a vertical strip enlargement of the Roslyn-Garden City stretch and a further enlargement of that portion from Wheatley Hills to Old Country Road:

MitchelFld37x1 MitchelFld37x2
[Thumbnail image left; click on picture for larger image]

Extracted from that is this detail of the Wheatley Hills loop, with the golf course bridge just left of the "L" (arrow), the Hills=ide Avenue overpass at the upper left of the "H", the Jericho Turnpike underpass at the upper left of thr "J", and the Mineola Toll Lodge to its left (arrow) [under the "L" is the Hillside Avenue bridge over NSP]:


Now, this is the entire W-E segment of the LIMP, Stewart Avenue, and the Central Branch:

[Thumbnail image left; click on picture for larger image]

Extracting from that, these are three major segments,,slightly overlapped); from just E of Clinton (the former Curtiss Field in lower left) to the E end of Mitchel Field, central Mitchel (above the parade ground, with polo fields beyond), and Mitchel to Merrick Avenue:




Now to the Merrick Avenue area with with Merrick running diagonally from upper left to lower right, under the LIMP bridge, and the Meadowbrook Club and the Central's Salisbury Plains station at right and the Meadowbrook Toll Lodge [MT] at upper left:


Details of the Central bridges and the club and station are on Central continuation page 4 (17 Mar 2004).

Russell and Old Country Roads. (12 Mar 2004)

The new residents at Russell and Old Country Roads, whose big back yard lies across the LIMP RoW, invited me over to see just what was there.  It seems that when the LIMP properties were sold off south of OCR, the then-residents on Pell Terrace and Russell Road bought their halves of the RoW, EXCEPT for the person at the N end of Pell who, being on a curve, had more than enough back yard anyway.  Thus, the landowner at the NE corner of Russell and OCR had the option to buy BOTH halves and did so.  Apparently, no one else along Russell and Pell did this; their yards end at the center line of the RoW.  Not so our friends; they have the full width (E-W at that point) and, even more interesting, some artifacts!

note-rt.gif - This house and its grounds are PRIVATE PROPERTY!
Please do not trespass and do NOT bother the good folks who live there!

They have two posts (looking SE)!

(All photos 06 Mar 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images; click on pictures for larger images]

Strangely, however, they have a triangular boundary post immediately S of a square guard rail post!  You may recall from LIMP cont. page 0 that the square or rectangular posts held spiral or twist wire as guard rails if the holes were parallel to the RoW or bolts, which in turn held 2" x 6" planks as guard rails, if the holes were perpendicular to the RoW; they were usually on either side of the RoW paving.  The square post has three (3) holes (or, at least, three holes above ground) parallel to the RoW, thus matching those across OCR and those S at the Clinton Road to Raymond Court segment.  The triangular post, which was normally located at the 50' mark from the centerline on both sides of the RoW to mark the property line and had little bits of wire sticking out, probably to hold fine wire lines to help delineate the boundary, has no protruding wire; it most likely rusted off long since (looking SE):


The triangular post points inward toward the RoW and both are along the E boundary of the property, backing on the house on Pell.  I assume that at least one of the posts was moved somewhere along the line.  There is also a good deal of broken concrete along the fence at the E boundary; it does NOT appear to be classical LIMP paving and may well represent, instead, the 3' extension added on each side after the original parkway was found far too narrow.  The next shot was taken from the S end of the property, standing on the centerline of the RoW, looking N (it has been artifically lightened to compensate for the lowering skies):


You can see the easternmost building of the Fairhaven apartment complex over the fence.  So far, so good, but there is a mystery coming up; the S boundary is NOT linear.  The S boundary is some 10' further S along the E edge and also along the W edge of the RoW but projects that 10' N along the two lanes of the parkway proper! 


In these shots, we are standing on the W/B lane (L), the centerline, and the E/B lane (R) looking S (don't forget that the parkway ran N-S here).  I couldn't get a good shot of the offset because of the brush but here's a SW view that gives some indication:

OCR&Rus10SW OCR&Rus09N
(All photos 06 Mar 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images; click on pictures for larger images]

This last (R) was taken through the OCR fence, standing dead on the centerline of the RoW looking over OCR at Fairhaven and Vanderbilt Drive; you can make out the LIPA power transmission tower at R and the Fairhaven posts are just to the R of the fronts of the cars parked facing R (E).  There's one little catch here; look at any Hagstrom's LI atlas and this seems all wrong!  Hagstroms shows Fairhaven (Laurel, Russell, and Vanderbilt Drives) all to the E of the RoW, with no room for the Dade properties between the RoW and Clinton on the N side of OCR!  Explain that away, mein Herr Langensheidt!  It comes about because Mineola and Carle Place exchanged that land after 1938 but that doesn't explain the map error.

note-rt.gif - This house and its grounds are PRIVATE PROPERTY!
Please do not trespass and do NOT bother the good folks who live there!

East 2nd (Second) St. and Voice Road in Mineola/Carle Place - after spending an inordinate amount of time fruitlessly trying to find my ca. 2000 photo documentation of the area where the east end of East 2nd Street in Mineola and the west end of Voice Road in Carle Place nearly meet at the LIMP RoW, I had to give up and, in bitter frustration, resort to current (ca. 2018) satellite and street view images.   added (08 May 2018)

First, here's a locator satellite view:

(image cropped and altered 08 Apr 2018 by and © 2018 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image]

Next, as if I'd (once again) driven east to the far end of East 2nd Street in Mineola, at the southeast end of Wilson Park:

E2ndMin2 E2ndEMin2016
[Thumbnail images ca. 2018 and 2016; click on pictures for larger images]

with the LIMP RoW in the brush running across the pictures.  The west end of Voice Road is facing us through the break in the trees at left and note the high-tension tower and the two telephone poles.  We're only a block north of the LIRR Main Line, here.

Then, we pretend we'd once again driven around to Glen Cove Road and west into the far end of Voice Road in Carle Place:

[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image]

and there are that tower and those poles at the left, with East 2nd Street diagonally beyond the trees at left of center and the LIMP RoW betwen the two fences visible at the right.

Frank Feminas provides fantastic locator views of the LIMP for Howard Kroplick's Motor Parkway coverage at Vanderbilt Cup Races Blog.  I have taken the liberty of doctoring Frank's view of Voice Road even further:

[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image]

Voice Road runs diagonally upwards (west) across the right side of the image and East 2nd Street is at the top right; the heavy red arrows show the viewpoints pictured above.

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