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This is yet another new (15 Mar 2004) page to cover additional information and photographs of this interesting old highway; see also my Automotive, Chrysler, Dudgeon (really!), Mercedes, and SS and JAGUAR car pages and other related pages.

A Motor Parkway Panel has been convened to keep the LIMP alive in situ, in minds, and in museums.

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RoW = Right-of- Way.


(Eastern Nassau County)

[This is new (01 Jun 04) material about Eastern Nassau County.]

The Missing Link! (?)
(path of the LIMP RoW from Bethpage State Park
    to Battle Row Campground).

note-rt.gif - Unfortunately, part of what follows is WRONG!  The RoW leaves BSP at JoAnn Drive and Schoolhouse Lane and heads N.

Walking the apparent LIMP RoW in the N central section of Bethpage State Park with the new Conservation Director of Parks & Trails New York (formerly New York Parks & Conservation Association) on 26 May 2004, what to my wondering eyes did appear but a whole "new" (to me) segment of paving!  If you will refer to the crude index map following (it is not even vaguely accurate; just drawn to show general locations of features), the black-outlined trails within the park are those shown on both old and current Hagstrom's atlases and maps.  However, as soon as you enter through a gap in the park fence at the south end of Jo Ann Drive and walk SE a short way, you find a cross-path and, turning right, you see what is unmistakeably old LIMP paving.  Walking W on the path, you then see a path parallel to the one on which you entered from the fence, with paving running NNE and SSW, off in both directions.  Heady stuff!  Then you realize you are a blithering idiot because you don't have your camera with you and will have to return!

(31 May/01 Jun 2004 map by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

[This map is WRONG! - See revised map #2, below.]   new (12 Feb 2014)

Returning on 30 May 2004 with the digital and extra batteries and flash memory, I started out by going to the maintenance building on the W side of Round Swamp Road, instantly N of the fire house and just S of the intersection of RSR, Old Bethpage Road, and Bethpage-Sweethollow (Spagnoli) Road, just S of Hay Path Road.  This is where the berm of the LIMP RoW still exists on the N side of the building, clearly marking where the RoW rose for the bridge over RSR and lining up exactly with the path worn into the bank of the old berm opposite in Battle Row Campground.  To my chagrin, I had never really traced out the RoW between there and the N end of the RoW in BSP.  So, to line things up, I turned R (W) at Fairway Drive and drove around to Motor Lane until I was opposite Vanderbilt Lane and could see the back of the maintenance building and the berm beyond a driveway on the E side of ML.  The owner of that house never even knew she had an historic driveway!  Thus, the first picture is taken from the intersection of ML and VL, looking ENE down the driveway with the maintenance building visible to the left of the telephone pole and the berm to the L (N) just beyond the dark trees (that's the faithful Neon at L).  Turning around and looking WSW from the driveway along VL, we are apparently looking along the what was the RoW:

joAnn01 joAnn02
Picture 01 - Picture 02
(All photos 26 May 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[All photos thumbnailed - click on images for bigger pictures.]

Then, driving back to RSR and down (S) to Schoolhouse Lane and turning R (W) on SHL, we find the perimeter fence of BSP on the L and continue to the intersection with Jo Ann Lane and turn R (N) and pull over.  There, on the L (W) is the gap in the fence which corresponde with the path shown on the Hagstrom's.  First, here are photos looking W at the gap and the path, with a big wood BSP post (NOT a LIMP post, and the Neon) and then (having driven around the area first), the length of Jo Ann looking N (and the tail of the Neon); the gap is at the rectangular patch of sunlight along the left curb and the microscopic spot of light above and left of it is the top of the post in the sunlight:

joAnn03 joAnn04
Picture 03 - Picture 04

Here's a closeup of the post and path taken from the W curb and the post itself in sunlight, looking NW, showing some chunks of concrete which were exciting at first but do not appear to be of any sgnificance:

joAnn05 joAnn06
Picture 05 - Picture 06

Standing at the gap, this is what you see and walking to the first bend reveals this:

joAnn07 joAnn08
Picture 07 - Picture 08

There's that cross-path and, turning right (NW), there's unmistakable paving!  Standing on the paving and looking at the path, there's really not much question, is there?

joAnn09 joAnn10
Picture 09 - Picture 10
(All photos 26 May 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[All photos thumbnailed - click on images for bigger pictures.]

Picture 11 is the RoW snaking N and 12 is looking S:

joAnn11 joAnn12
Picture 11 - Picture 12

Folowing the RoW further S, we come to a major E-W BSP trail, with a trail marker on the NW corner, and just E of that is a confluence of the original trail on which we entered and several others which confuse everything magnificently!  One would really have to go back there with a plane table and transit to map all the converging trails accurately:

joAnn13 joAnn14
Picture 13 - Picture 14

Yikes!  Trails in every direction!  I couldn't even recall just what 15 shows (other than the tangle down where everything crosses at once, where the RoW seems to disappear) but it was shot from a small rise just past the S end of the paving, looking down and N at the RoW.  16 is where the original path and the RoW rejoin as you head N from the tangle, looking E, and you can see the post and my car on Jo Ann in the distance:

joAnn15 joAnn16
Picture 15 - Picture 16

Heading N from where we left off after finding the RoW, we realize that Jo Ann is just off to the right (E) and sure enough, we come to a spot where it is right next to us:

joAnn17 joAnn18
Picture 17 - Picture 18

Even further N and you can just barely see the house at the NE corner of Jo Ann and Wilshire Road through the undergrowth and then getting even closer, it's in the picture but quite impossible to make out:

joAnn19 joAnn20
Picture 19 - Picture 20
(All photos 26 May 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[All photos thumbnailed - click on images for bigger pictures.]

Now, we are trekking N along the RoW next to Jo Ann and then, just about at the corner, the paving just ends!

joAnn21 joAnn22
Picture 21 - Picture 22

We're standing on the end of the paving, there's the corner house, and then looking back S along the RoW with Jo Ann at the L (E):

joAnn23 joAnn24
Picture 23 - Picture 24

Turning L (E) and looking through the shrubbery, there're the street signs for "S PARK DR" and "JOANN DR"* and the stop sign on JoAnn for South Park and then, trekking back to the gap in the fence at the S end of Jo Ann and driving back the entire length of JoAnn to South Park, we discover that all this hiking is a whole, WHOPPING 0.1 mile long!  Really!  From the fence, at a spot nearest the end of the LIMP paving, here're the same stop sign (no, I did NOT hit it) and lamp post with the street signs:

[Oh, this IS interesting - having just (12 Feb 2014) changed all instances on this page (only) of "JOANN" to :JO ANN", in conformance with Google Maps, the sign in Figure 25 clearly {?} shows "JOANN" (no space)!  It also (not so clearly) shows either "RD" or "DR", but definitely NOT "LA"!]   new (12 Feb 2014)

joAnn26 joAnn26
Picture 25 - Picture 26

Standing under the signs and looking WSW across the N end of JoAnn, there's the RoW barely visible through the fence; crossing and shooting through the fence SW, the RoW is seen as a horizontal trace:

joAnn27 joAnn28
Picture 27 - Picture 28

Poking the lens through the fence, that's the end of the LIMP pavement and then the same place viewed through the fence looking NW:

joAnn29 joAnn30
Picture 29 - Picture 30
(All photos 26 May 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[All photos thumbnailed - click on images for bigger pictures.]

Finally, there's that house on Wilshire viewed NE from the fence and, driving a short distance W on South Park to Weldon Lane, there's another BSP post and gap with the E-W trail that continues W from the end of the LIMP paving inside the fence at the corner of SPD and JoAnn:

joAnn31 joAnn32
Picture 31 - Picture 32
(All photos 26 May 2004 by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[All photos thumbnailed - click on images for bigger pictures.]

From all this, I make the sweeping conclusion that the end of the paving noted is the beginning of a north-eastward sweep that continues across SPD, East Park Drive, and several intervening local streets, until it ends up at or near Toll Place, runs diagonally across Vanderbilt Lane, crosses Motor Lane, becomes the driveway and the berm, and crosses RSR into Battle Row Campground.  I'll repeat the sketch map here for your convenience:

(31 May/01 Jun 2004 map by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

[This map is WRONG! - See revised map #2, below.]   new (12 Feb 2014)

Some of the locals with whom I spoke were aware of the significance of this stretch of paving; most were not.  The big thing will be when the stretch of paving N of the picnic area that was originally covered herein, and ended in impenetrable brambles, is cleared through the brambles to meet with this segment just "discovered".  When that is done, one will be able to walk the original LIMP RoW all the way from the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway to the S perimeter fence of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration at Bethpage-Sweethollow Road (Nassau - Bethpage-Spagnoli Road in Suffolk)!  Better yet, when the entire RoW in OBVR is cleared (the bridge has been) and a gate cut into the fence, that hike can continue all the way to the eastern fence, which is the Nassau/Suffolk county line and adjacent to the sand pits.

note-rt.gif- Unfortunately, the above is WRONG!  The RoW leaves BSP at JoAnn and Schoolhouse (which latter, incidentally, turns out to have been the NW end of Claremont Road!) heading due N behind the houses on the E side of Oxford Road before turning E to cross RSR; more on this was promised to follow and here it is, a new version of that map:   rev (12 Feb 2014)

(11-12 Feb 2014/01 Jun 2004 map by and © 2014/204 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

[This is the CORRECTED! map (#2, as of 12 Feb 2014).]   new (12 Feb 2014)

Note that the trails alongside (west of) Jo Ann Drive are now marked as "FALSE TRAILS", "false", that is. in terms of the LIMP; they are shown as part of the Bethpage Bikeway on Google Maps, running from the far NW corner of the Park circumferentially around the N, E, and S sides of the Park and then S along the E side of Bethpage State Parkway. (12 Feb 2014)

Mystery Electronics Installation - Panel Friend Art Kleiner found this electronics setup somewhere S of the RoW near OBVR; I'll have to find exactly where.  There is no clue as to what it was, but there is old electronic equipment inside a small shack and two tall antenna {?} masts (12 Dec 2012):

mystery2 mystery8

mystery4 mystery9
(Photos by and courtesy of A. Kleiner - all rights reserved)

A calendar on the floor among the mess is dated 1988 and some of the gear was made by the Aero-Communications Equipment Company.  At least the gear is American, not Nazi or Russian.  If anyone knows more about this shack or the gear, please contact me.

This MAY be the location{?} (12 Dec 2012):


Since I'm unlikely to get in there any longer, someone else will have to check this out.

Well, someone did! Art Kleiner himself did and he recorded what he found inside.   new (09 Aug 2018)

"There was a Radio Transmitter Model 15XLA (make unknown), an Aer-0-Com Automatic something Model ACB, antenna tuner Model ATU-100R, Power modulator Model XLA, a control voltage and a time sharing unit TSC."  Art believes that "most of the equipment was made by Aeronautical Communications Equipment Inc. of Miami", Florida.  There was also a metal plate {a property tag?} stamped with “Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. 61298”.

The equipment has long-since been stripped out.

A current (Aug 2018) satellite view doesn't seem to show the shack:


We can expect to hear more on this subject from Art.

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