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  Bethpage/Central Park Area "Map" (22 Nov 2005).
  2005 LIMP Nomination Maps.   new (22 May 2016)
  '42-'43 LIMP Topo Maps.   new (22 May 2016)

This is yet another page (22 Nov 2005) to cover maps and additional information and photographs of this interesting old highway; see also my Automotive, Chrysler, Dudgeon (really!), Mercedes, and SS and JAGUAR car pages and other related pages.

A Motor Parkway Panel has been convened to keep the LIMP alive in minds and museums.

There is also a lot of automotive material on my ORDNANCE and HISTORY pages.

Also, if you like automotive history, see the links on the Automotive page.

RoW = Right-of-Way.

Continuation Page 1

Bethpage/Central Park Area "Map"

Fellow member of the Sunrise Trail Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society Al Castelli sent me this portion of a larger "map" pertaining to the Bethpage area of the CRR but it has lots of details about the Motor Parkway!  It is from a Bethpage Fire Department fund drive "map" from 1994, printed on brown parchment-type paper with old photos from Central Park/Bethpage and the inside opened to a "map" (really more of a diagram) of the area in the 1930-40's, including the Bethpage Spur and the turntable.

It is so full of information that I am reproducing both the two segments Al sent AND a carefully-pieced full image (within one or two pixels of an exact match, all 1.2Mb of it), all thumbnailed (22 Nov 2005).

BethpageJunctMap BethpageJunctMap
(1994 "map" from the collection of A. Castelli - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed images; click on pictures for larger images]

(1994 "map" courtesy of A. Castelli - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image; click on picture for 1.2Mb image]

I'll try to get the missing margins and add them.

Note the tantalizing tidbits of LIMP lore:

1.  BOTTO's farm peeking out at the top center of the right-hand segment; it was his farm that is now the northern portion of Bethpage State Park and his farm road that bridged the LIMP just west of the intersection of JoAnn Drive and Schoolhouse Lane.

2.  "MAGILLIGAN'S TOLL HOUSE" {sic} at the lower end of Broadway at Stewart Avenue!  Wuzzat?  Where are you, Al Veloccci, when we need you?

3.  "BEAU SE JOUR" {sic}, the Beau Sejour Restaurant (formerly) at the NW corner of Stewart and Central Avenues, long reputed to be, or contain part of, a LIMP Toll Lodge [highly unlikely - the Beau Sejour mansion was built in 1847 and sold to Harry G. Wilson in 1918 when it became a restaurant hosting the carriage trade from the LIMP - it was sold and demolished in 1973 - per Central Park Historical Society].

Minor inaccuracy - the LIMP went under Stewart Avenue.

Is there any other detail I may have missed?


On Long Island Page 2, I refer to "scans of 1942-43 Topographic Quad maps of much of Long Island, which I will eventually doctor to show the LI Motor Parkway and post" (with notice there).  That never seemed to happen so let's remedy that right now (22 May 2016).  For the 2005 Nomination Form for the Nassau County Environmental Bond Act Program, I had prepared maps based on old Hagstrom's maps; they are linked there, but not shown on the page.  For your ease of reference, I am reproducing them all HERE.  In addition, I have also finished the topo maps; they follow after the Nomination maps.   (22 May 2016)

The 2005 Nomination refers to the Nassau County (Long Island, New York) ENVIRONMENTAL BOND ACT PROGRAM a dedicated fund to preserve open space, improve parkland, reduce storm water pollution and cleanup brownfields throughout the County (it passed!).

[These maps, unless otherwise indicated, are thumbnailed; click on the maps to bring up the full images.]

A sketch map of the entire length of the LIMP was inserted (color version is posted here):

LIMP Overview Map with Accesses
(22 Oct 04 map by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved

An index map showing the extent of each noted and prioritized segment was inserted, along with enlargements of the western and eastern portions for ease of legibility (numbered I1-I3):

Index Map

I1 - Eastern Queens, Nassau, and Western Suffolk Counties

I2 - Western Nassau

I3 - Eastern Nassau

A detailed map of Bethpage State Park to Battle Row Campground and through Old Bethpage Village Restoration was also inserted; this is a drastically-updated and extended version (in color):


Not related to the 2005 Nomination but pertient to the Army/USGS LI topo maps is this quadrant index map on which I have superimposed a rough trace of the LIMP RoW:


- - - * - - -

[I am re-arranging these Nomination maps in total E-W order - in the Nomination form
they were Old first, then Current, then Queens, and finally Suffolk.]

Uh-oh!  I'd completely forgotten that the LIMP RoW on the Nomination maps was overlaid in light yellow Highlighter!
Oh, well - back to the ol' drawing board (keyboard, actually).  Stay tuned.
  added (24 May 2016)

The full extent of the LIMP in Queens County is shown on maps Q1 and Q2:

Map Q1 - 195th Street and Horace Harding Boulevard (LIE) to Glen Oaks

Map Q2 - Alley Pond Park to Nassau County line

- - - * - - -

Map numbers O1 through O8 (Old), attached in West-to-East order, present the LIMP as it appeared on the 1942 and 1943 U.S. topographic 1:25000 quadrant maps (some of which were updated to 1947 and 1948).  The most significant newer crossings are indicated and major road re-namings are shown:

Map O1 - Queens-Nassau line and far western Nassau to Old Court House Road

Map O2 - Northern State Parkway at New hyde Park Road to Hillside Avenue

Map O3 - enlargement of the Hillside Avenue to Jericho Turpike area

Map O4 - Westbury Avenue to New Bridge Avenue (now Park Drive)

Map O5 - Carman Avenue to Jerusalem Avenue

Map O6 - Wantagh Avenue to Deadmanís Curve

Map O7 - Deadmanís Curve to (old) Plainview Road (todayís I-135 area)

Map O8 - Round Swamp Road to Suffolk County line 4243nas8

- - - * - - -

Map numbers C1 though C8 (Current {then - 2005}), also attached in West-to-East order, present the LIMP RoW as it appeared in a 1999 Hagstrom atlas:

Map C1 - Queens County line at Lake Success to Queens Lane in Manhasset Hills
(just west of Shelter Rock Road)

Map C2 - Queens Lane in Manhasset Hills (just west of Shelter Rock Road) to
Wheatley Hills Golf Course

Map C3 - Wheatley Hills Golf Course to LIRR Main Line in Mineola

Map C4 - LIRR Main Line in Mineola to Merrick Avenue

Map C5 - Merrick Avenue to Newbridge Road (106 - East Meadow-Levittown line)

Map C6 - Newbridge Road (106) to Massapequa-Hicksville Road (Broadway - 107)

Map C7 - Massapequa-Hicksville Road (Broadway - 107) to Bethpage State Park

Map C8 - Bethpage State Park to Suffolk County line 99nassuf

- - - * - - -

The full extent of the LIMP in Suffolk County is shown on maps S1 through S3:

Map S1 - Nassau County line to Candlewood Path (near Half Hollow Road)

Map S2 - Candlewood Path (near Half Hollow Road) to Blydenburgh Road

Map S3 - Blydenburgh Road (in South Hauppauge) to Lake Ronkonkoma 90suff-e

'42-'43 LIMP MAPS

To complement the 2005 Nomination maps above, I finally got around to finishing the 1942-1943 U. S, Army/U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey Topographical Quadrant Maps ("topo quads").

First, let's repeat the full, marked topo quad index map (itself apparently from 1941):


Next, here they are at long last, the 1942-1943 topo maps (with dates indicated), again in west-to-east order* (all quads are dated 1943 except Jamaica and Lynbrook which are dated 1942, with the one exception noted):

* - as you can see. the quad maps are stacked; west-to-east order, in this instance, means from the LIMP's Western Terminus in Fresh Meadow(s), Queens County, on the Jamaica quad, through Nassau County, and on easterly to the Eastern Terminus at Lake Ronkonkoma in Suffolk County, namely:

1.  Jamaica Quad (1942)
2.  Lynbrook Quad (1942)
3.  Sea Cliff Quad W (1943)
4.  Sea Cliff Quad E (1943)
5.  Hicksville Quad (1943)
6.  Freeport Quad W (1943)
7.  Freeport Quad E-W (1947)
8.  Amityville Quad (1943)
9.  Huntington Quad W (1943)
10. Huntington Quad E (1943)
11. Greelawn Quad W (1943)
12. Greelawn Quad C (1943)
13. Greelawn Quad E (1943)
14. Central Islip Quad W (1943)
15. Central Islip Quad E (1943)

The maps, then, with the (in)famous RED LINE delineated [and with Lakes Success and Ronkonkoma in LIGHT BLUE (actually CYAN) for laughs]:

[Note that the line is dashed ( - - - ) where no trace of the LIMP RoW exists on the quad.]

1.  Jamaica Quad (1942) - Western Terminus at Horace Harding Boulevard (LIE)
to Union Turnpike and Springfield Boulevard
[There is no trace on this quad of the LIMP RoW west of Springfield Boulevard.]

2.  Lynbrook Quad (1942) - Union Turnpike and Springfield Boulevard to Glen Oaks
(around 74th Avenue and 270th Street))

3.  Sea Cliff Quad West (1943) - Glen Oaks (around 74th Avenue and 270th Street) to Old Courthouse Road

4.  Sea Cliff Quad East (1943) - Old Courthouse Road to Jericho Turnpike in Mineola
[There is no trace on this quad of the LIMP RoW through Whe{a}tley Hillls Golf Club.]

5.  Hicksville Quad (1943) - Jericho Turnpike in Mineola to Westbury Avenue
[See the lower left corner - there's not much on this quad!]

6.  Freeport Quad West (1943) - Westbury Avenue to between North Wantagh Avenue
and Hicksville Road (Route 107)

7.  Freeport Quad East (1947) - Between North Wantagh Avenue and Hicksville Road (Route 107) to
Central Park [Bethpage, between North Wantagh Avenue and Hicksville Road (Route 107)]
[Note the Aviation Country Club and the atypical notation about Bridge No. 28 at Jerusalem Avenue.]

6&7.  Freeport Quad Full E-W** (1947) - Westbury Avenue to Central Park [Bethpage,
between North Wantagh Avenue and Hicksville Road (Route 107)]
** - I somehow managed to lose the western half of the Freeport quad, can't find my old original file,
and so resorted to using the 1947 version in full and extracting the western half of that.

8.  Amityville Quad (1943) - Bethpage to Botto Farm gate/Bethpage State Park

9.  Huntington Quad West (1943) - Botto Farm gate/Bethpage State Park to
Old Bethpage Village Restoration at county line

10.  Huntington Quad East (1943) - Old Bethpage Village Restoration at county line to Colonial Springs

11.  Greenlawn Quad West (1943) - Colonial Springs to Burrs Lane (at LIE)

12.  Greenlawn Quad Central (1943) - Burrs Lane (at LIE) to East McLane Drive (at Northern State Parkway) in Dix Hills

13.  Greenlawn Quad East (1943) - East McLane Drive in Dix Hills to Commack Spur (Harned Road)
and on to Washington Avenue in Hauppauge
[Note Commack Spur (Harned Road) to right/east of Commack Road.]

14.  Central Islip Quad West (1943) - Washington Avenue in Hauppauge to vicinity of Shafter Avenue-cum-Street***
at Hamlet Drive and South Bedford Avenue in Islandia

[*** - the two main N-S roads are missing now; Old Nichol's and Terry are angled.]

15.  Central Islip Quad East (1943) - vicinity of Shafter Avenue-cum-Street to Lake Ronkonkoma
(Eastern Terminus of LIMP at Rosevale Avenue - facing the Petit Trianon)

Photographs included with the 2005 Nomination are not replicated here but can be seen linked at NASSAU COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL BOND ACT PROGRAM 2005 NOMINATION FORM for the Long Island Motor Parkway page.

Along with the 2005 Nomination, Nassau County also created a set of strip photos of the RoW of the Long Island Motor Parkway (LIMP) from the Queens County line to the Suffolk County line.  These photos were cropped and overlaid such that the matching portions from the three years, 1926, 1950, and 2000, could be superimposed.  The RoW was overlain on each matching trio.  It was an unaccomplished goal of the former Motor Parkway Panel (subsumed into today's Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society) to create a massive set of overlays of the various major maps of the LIMP and the latest USGS Topographical Maps (or, at least, the latest Hagstrom's maps).  After that lofty goal, the next goal would have been to publish the Nassau County aerial photos in booklet form.

Somehow, in all the turmoil of my move off-Island to Massachusetts and the accompanying shift of emphasis from the Panel to the Preservation Society, I lost my bearings in regard to the aerial photos - they are posted in (hopefully) geographical order from the Queens County line to the Suffolk County line (we are talking about some 9Mb of data here - and that's just the raw photos of NE Nassau, with no relative overlays!) at NASSAU COUNTY AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the LONG ISLAND MOTOR PARKWAY Right-of-Way in 1926, 1950, and 2000.

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