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Long Island Rail Road Page 3



(and related Long Island railroad information)

LIRR Keystone

[this page was separated out from my RAILROAD, LI Rail Road, and LI Railroads pages;
you might wish to see them also.]

NOTE:  Page size was limited by HTML to some 30kB; thus, I was forced to add this continuation page to fit the LIRR and related information and even ano continuation page.
You may wish to visit my RR page, as well.

Also, LILS - the Long Island Live Steamers courtesy page had to be moved to a separate page.

There are two related topics here on these pages:
(1) The Long Island Rail Road and (2) Long Island railroad information.

There IS a difference!

The Long Island Rail Road is the official name of the oldest Class 1 railroad still operating under its original name and charter (the B&O was older but has been subsumed into CSX).  Although there remain some offical documents with the two words combined, the correct name of the LIRR has the two words separately, "Long Island Rail Road"!

There were and are other railroads on Long Island - these also are (or will be) covered on the LI Railroads page.


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NOTE:  To conserve space, I have severely truncated the index on this page; click HERE to go directly to a separate, full LIRR index page.

Start with the first LIRR page:

    Long Island Sunrise-Trail Chapter
        (National Railway Historical Society)
    Sunrise Trail Division
        (Northeastern Region)
        (National Model Railroad Association)
    Steam Locomotive #35 Restoration Committee
      Restoration of Pennsy Class G5 Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 #35
    Steam Locomotive #39 Restoration
        (Railroad Museum of Long island)
      Restoration of Pennsy Class G5 Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 #39

On LIRR Continuation Page 1a:
    LIRR FIRSTS (moved from LI Railroads Continuation Page on 10 Dec 01)
    LIRR BIBLIOGRAPHY (moved from LI Railroads Continuation Page on 10 Dec 01)

On the LIRR Continuation Page 2:
    Odd Incident at Wreck Lead (on the LIRR)
    LIRR and LI Railroad Miscellany
    Central RR of LI     Dashing Dan (and Dottie)

On this LIRR Continuation Page 3:
    Victorian Stations Still Standing on the LIRR
        East Williston Station
        Sea Cliff (Avenue) Station
        Glen Cove (old Nassau) Station
        Glen Street Station

On the LIRR Continuation Page 4:
    Blissville and Laurel Hill Sidings, Maspeth Yard, and Fresh Pond Yard
        and NY&AR/NYCRR Interchange info.
  LIRR MISCELLANY - continued

On the LIRR Continuation Page 5:
    Central RR of LI.
    LIRR DE30AC and DM30AC Locomotives
    Victorian LIRR Stations (continued)
        Locust Valley Station
        Glen Street Station (update)

On the LIRR Continuation Page 6:
    Nassau County Police 2nd Pct. Booth D/Locust Tower (cont'd)
    Last Steam Runs (with car and loco numbers!)
    The End of East Williston

On the LI Railroads Continuation Page:
    Long Island Railroads
        [with a link to the NYCRR (Hell Gate)]

Also see:
    Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
    Murrer's Sidings
    Kearney Sidings
    as well as Blissville/Laurel Hill (and Maspeth and Fresh Pond).

WARNING! - This is a graphics-intensive page with many thumbnails!  If you have not automatically loaded the images, be aware that it will take a while when you do.

Speaking of live steamers, here's the General on the Hell Gate viaduct:

General on Hell Gate Viaduct ca. 1964
(photo by Walter Zulig on postcard found by B. Ente)

Didja know? - The Nassau County Police Department's Second Precinct Booth D at the Locust Valley station, in an old two-story frame structure for the past few years, is actually the LIRR's old Locust (interlocking) Tower.

Here she is on 16 Feb 99 (there's a Pennsy position light signal and a three-light dwarf ground signal to the right) looking southeast and east and northwest:

NCPD 2nd Pct Booth D to SE  NCPD 2nd Pct Booth D to E  NCPD 2nd Pct Booth D to NW
(Photos and © 1999 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

(The material here was moved to LIRR page 6 on 17 Sep 01 to make room for more detail on other stations here
and to allow room for dimensional details which appear on page 6.  Larger images are also there.)

Victorian Stations Still Standing on the LIRR

There are a number of old Victorian railroad stations still standing, some still in use, on Long Island and on the Long Island Rail Road.

They, and their vanished predecessors, are well documented in Ron Ziel's book, "Victorian Railroad Stations of L.I.", noted in the LIRR Bibliography.

Of these, in which I have little abiding interest, I used to pass one almost every working day and currently live, as I have for many years, only a few blocks from another, both recently fully restored.

They are, respectively, the East Williston Station in (remarkably) East Williston and the Sea Cliff Station in (doesn't it figure) Glen Cove.

The present East Williston Station was built around 1880 (no exact record remains - per V. Seyfried).

A gentleman, retired to the South, asked where he could obtain photos of the East Williston Station to model it faithfully in HO and, I, Mr.-Nice-Guy, took the new digital SLR and a Stanley Powertape and documented the station for him.  It seemed only logical and fair to make all that available to the public.

The light was lowering; rain on the way.  Good time to shoot architectural details; no shadows.

So, here it is, in glorious living techni(cal) color (the tracks on the left are running E/B, almost due north here):

First row - 01,    02,    03,    and 04

E. Williston Station 01   E. Williston Station 02   E. Williston Station 03   E. Williston Station 04

Second row - 05,    06,    07,    and 08

E. Williston Station 05   E. Williston Station 06   E. Williston Station 07   E. Williston Station 08

Third row - 09,    10,    11,    and 12

E. Williston Station 09   E. Williston Station 10   E. Williston Station 11   E. Williston Station 12

[Thumbnail images - click on the pictures for the full (150Kb avg.) images.
Info. and photographs (ca. 17 Jun 99) by and © 1999 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

{Whoops - the thumbnails are there but the primary images seem to have evaporated;
I'll have to get on this!}
  new (04 Sep 2012)

I put my tape from brick to brick.  The dimensions are quite exact (the compass directions are based on the line going north-south, not true compass points, where EB runs north and WB runs south):

    KEY to
First row -
    01      EB Platform       NNE       South Wall
    02      Station Plaza     NNW       South Wall
    03      Street            W         East Wall
    04      Across Street     W         East Wall
Second row -
    05      Street            SSE       North Wall
    06      SE Crossing Gate  S         North Wall
    07      SW Crossing Gate  SSW       North Wall
    08      SB Platform       E         West Wall
Third row -
    09      SB Platform       NNE       South Wall
    10      Parking Lot       NE        SW Corner Detail under Shed
    11      Parking Lot       NE        SE Corner Detail under Roof
    12      Parking Lot       N         SW Corner Detail under Roof

    DIMENSIONS (all are from sharp brick edge to sharp brick edge):

    1,2     168¾"     West Wall to East Wall on South Wall.

    4       106"      South Wall to South Edge of Door in East Wall.
             42"      Door in East Wall.
             36"      N. Edge of Door in E. Wall to S. Edge of Window.
             34"      Window in East Wall.
             36"      N. Edge of Window in E. Wall to North Wall.
            254"      East Wall overall.

    5,6,7    68"      East Wall to East Edge of Window in North Wall.
             33"     Window in North Wall.
             68"     West Edge of Window in North Wall to West Wall.
            170"      North Wall overall (so it isn't quite true,
                                            1" in 21' isn't bad!)

    6       102"     Sidewalk to Top of Brick under Shed Trim above
                        Door in East Wall (not visible, but
                        defines height to underside of shed)

    6        87"      Sidewalk to Underside of Shed Roof at East Edge
                        (behind gutter)
Here's a valuation drawing of the station from 1916:

E. Williston St. 1916
(1916 Drawing courtesy of D. Morrison - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for larger image.]

Steve Lynch tied the major dimensions to this drawing - thanks, Steve!

E. Williston St. 1916 - dims.
(1916 Drawing courtesy of D. Morrison, SB,III dims. added by S. Lynch 17 Feb 2005 - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for larger image.]

12 Dec 2004 - Horrible news - the station is GONE!  It was demolished early on the morning of Saturday, 11 Dec 2004; see more at LIRR Cont. Page 6.

[There is a small ray of light; parties in the Village want to rebuild it!]

East Williston done, I documented my beautiful Sea Cliff Avenue Station next.  It really shouldn't be called Sea Cliff Station; it's in Glen Cove, one of three!

The present brick Sea Ciff Station was opened in May 1888 and cost a whopping $4,000!  The trolley to Sea Cliff village ran from 02 Jul 02 to 31 Dec 24 and was extended to Glen Cove in 1905 (per V. Seyfried).

First row - 01,    02,    03,    and 04

Sea Cliff Station 01   Sea Cliff Station 02   Sea Cliff Station 03   Sea Cliff Station 04

Second row - 05,    06,    07,    and 08

Sea Cliff Station 05   Sea Cliff Station 06   Sea Cliff Station 07   Sea Cliff Station 08

Third row - 09,    10,    11,    and 12

Sea Cliff Station 09   Sea Cliff Station 10   Sea Cliff Station 11   Sea Cliff Station 12
Fourth row - 13,    14,    15,    and 16

Sea Cliff Station 13   Sea Cliff Station 14   Sea Cliff Station 15   Sea Cliff Station 16

Fifth row - 17, 18, and 19

Sea Cliff Station 17   Sea Cliff Station 18   Sea Cliff Station 19

Sixth row - 20,    21,    and 22

Sea Cliff Station 20   Sea Cliff Station 21   Sea Cliff Station 22

[Thumbnail images* - click on the pictures for the full (~150Kb avg.) images.
Info. and photographs (11 Aug 99) by and © 1999 S. Berliner, IIII - all rights reserved]

{Whoops - the thumbnails are there but the primary images seem to have evaporated;
I'll have to get on this!}
  new (04 Sep 2012)


First row -
    01      S.C.Ave. Sidewalk NE        South End and West Wall.
    02      WB Parking Lot    E         West Wall.
    03      WB Parking Lot    SE        North End and West Wall.
    04      North Weeds       S         North Wall.
Second row -
    05      North Weeds       S (up)    North Carpenter Gothic Tracery.
    06      WB Upper Platform SSW       North Side of Old Ticket Window Bay.
    07      WB Upper Platform NNW       South Side of Old Ticket Window Bay.
    08      South Weeds       N         South Wall.
Third row -
    09      South Weeds       N (up)    South Carpenter Gothic Tracery.
    10      EB Parking Lot    NW        Overall View from Below.
    11      S.C.Ave. Crossing SE        Remains of Sea Cliff Coal & Lumber Co.
                                          (coal tipple was to right).
    12      S.C.Ave. Crossing NNW       Overall View from Below with Full
                                           WB Platform.
Fourth row -
    13      EB Platform       WNW       East Wall.
    14      EB Platform       W         Old Ticket Window Bay and Dormer.
    15      EB Platform       WNW       Bi-Level Control Cab #5002 WB (for contrast),
    16      EB Platform       WSW       DE30AC #408 WB (for contrast, both pix
                                          of train taken ~18:30, 11 Aug 99).
Fifth row -
    17      EB Platform       SSW       Overall View from Below.
    18      South Weeds       NNW       Tracery and Shed Details.
    19      Under S Shed      NW        Shed Underside Details.
Sixth row -
    20      Under S Shed      NNW       Shed Underside Details.
    21      Under S Shed, S   N         Window Detail.
              Wall, W Window
    22      EB Parking Lot    E         Sea Cliff Landmark Plaque, National
                                          Register of Historic Places
                                          (between Door and Ticket Machine on Picture 02).

Note that the east side of the first story roof has a longer overhang over the upper WB platform apron and old ticket window bay than over the west wall to accomodate the bay.

HORIZONTAL DIMENSIONS (all are from sharp brick edge to sharp brick edge,
    starting at SE corner of South Wall and going around clockwise):

KEY to PICTURE DIMENSION SPECIFICS 08 East Wall to West Wall on South Wall: 63½" SE Corner to E Window 38" E Window. 61¾" between windows. 38" W Window. 63¾" W Window to SW Corner. 02 South Wall to North Wall on West Wall: 1031/8" SW Corner to S Window. 381/8" S Window. 79¼" S Window to W Door. 39½" Door in West Wall. 77¾" W Door to N Window. 38¼" N Window. 104¼" N Window to NW Corner. 04/5 West Wall to East Wall on North Wall: 64" NW Corner to W Window. 38½" W Window. 59½" between windows. 38½" E Window. 65" E Window to NE Corner. 13 North Wall to South Wall on East Wall (including old ticket window bay): 37½" NE Corner to N Window. 38" N Window. 33" between windows. 38" S Window. 06 21¼" S Window to NW Corner of Bay. 7¾" NW Corner to N Window. 32" N Window on Bay. 20" N Window to NE Corner of Bay. 32½" NE Corner on Bay to Double Window. 14 80½" Double Window on Bay. (36¼" N Window on E Wall of Bay.) ( 8" wood pillar between Windows on E Wall of Bay.) (36¼" S Window on E Wall of Bay.) 32" Double Window to SE Corner of Bay. 07 19¾" SE Corner of Bay to S Window. 32½" S Window. 8" S Window to SW Corner of Bay. 27" SW Corner of Bay to E Door. 40" Door in East Wall. 32" E Door to S Window. 38" S Window. 32" S Window to SE Corner. 08 and back to South Wall. VERTICAL DIMENSIONS: 21 1. Stone window sills (top) 40½" above terrace on W Wall and 43" on N Wall. Windows 83" high. 13 2. E Door on 7" high stone stoop. 02 3. Both Doors 84½" high plus 32" to underside of top 07 of transom window above. SHED ROOF DIMENSIONS: 05 1. W Overhang - 68" from W Wall (estimated). 05 2. E Overhang - 12" from E Wall of Bay (estimated). 05 3. N Pillar Spacing - from NE Corner to C/L of Pillars 122½", 241¾", and 363¼" (outer). 04 4. S Pillar Spacing - from SW Corner to C/L of Pillars 121½", 238½", and 355½" (outer). 5. Pillars flush with E and W walls, 5½" square. 19 6. Height to underside of N-S Lower Timbers - 113½" (appr.). 19 7. Height to underside of E-W Lower Timbers - 125½" (appr.). STATION SIGNS: 04 20" high by 84" (appr.) wide, 08 hung 6" below underside of E-W Timbers.


Perhaps, if the mood ever strikes me (don't hold your breath!), I might even document the other two stations in Glen Cove, one of which [Glen Cove (formerly Nassau) Station] was the elegant (more Edwardian) one where Sabrina was shot (the movie, NOT the girl!); the other being the Glen Street Station.  Here they are as teasers:

Glen Cove Station S     Glen Street Station SW
[Thumbnail image above left - click on the picture for the full (~150Kb) image.]
(Info. and photograph above l. 11 Aug 99 by and © 1999 S. Berliner, IIII - all rights reserved - and photographs above r. and below ca. 20 Aug 2000 by and © 2000 S. Berliner, IIII - all rights reserved)

{Whoops - the Glen Street thumbnail is there but the primary image seems to have evaporated;
I'll have to get on this!}
  new (04 Sep 2012)

Glen Cove (old Nassau) Station viewed looking south (l., above) and Glen Street Station (now fully renovated), viewed looking SW (r., above) and SE (l., below) and N (r., below).

Glen Street Station SE Glen Street Station N

These images may be all well and good but they soak up far too much storage space on my server for my limited interest in stations.

I only (Aug 2000) realized that the old Glen Head Station, now replaced by a dinky building and a high level shed, was once as ornate and beautiful as the Sea Cliff Station!  Ah, progress!

If you are interested in stations, see Charles Woolever's Existing RR Stations in New York State site.

[see also my RAILROAD, LI Rail Road, and LI Railroads pages, etc.;.]


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


See Copyright Notice on primary home page.

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