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Long Island Rail Road Page 9



(and related Long Island railroad information) LIRR Keystone

[this page was separated out from my RAILROAD, LI Rail Road, and LI Railroads pages;
you might wish to see them also.]

NOTE:  Page size was limited by HTML to some 30kB; thus, I was forced to add this continuation page to fit the LIRR and related information, as well as several other continuation pages.
You may wish to visit my RR page, as well.

Also, LILS - the Long Island Live Steamers courtesy page had to be moved to a separate page.

There are two related topics here on these pages:
(1) The Long Island Rail Road and (2) Long Island railroad information.

There IS a difference!

The Long Island Rail Road is the official name of the oldest Class 1 railroad still operating under its original name and charter (the B&O was older but has been subsumed into CSX).  Although there remain some offical documents with the two words combined, the correct name of the LIRR has the two words separately:
"Long Island Rail Road"!

There were and are other railroads on Long Island - these also are (or will be) covered on the LI Railroads page.


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NOTE:  To conserve space, I have severely truncated the index on this page; see the LIRR index page.

    including LIRR boxcabs #401, the world's first production diesel road switcher,
    #402 (first and second), #403, and many others.

Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad,
    and its successor roads, the New York Cross Harbor Railroad and New York Regional Rail.

Degnon Terminal Railroad, etc.


On the (first) LIRR page:
    Long Island Sunrise-Trail Chapter (National Railway Historical Society)
    Sunrise Trail Division (Northeastern Region, National Model Railroad Association)
    Steam Locomotive #35 Restoration Committee

(Friends of Locomotive #35 Incorporated)
Restoration of Pennsy Class G5 Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 #35
    Steam Locomotive #39 Restoration
(Railroad Museum of Long island)
Restoration of Pennsy Class G5 Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 #39

On LIRR Continuation Page 1a:

On the LIRR Continuation Page 2:

    Odd Incident at Wreck Lead (on the LIRR)
    LIRR and LI Railroad Miscellany
    Converted LIRR HEP/Cab Control Units
    Central RR of LI - moved to this page 5 on 17 Dec 00

and now to a separate CRR of LI page on 17 Feb 2002.
    Dashing Dan and Dottie.

On the LIRR Continuation Page 3:
    Nassau County Police 2nd Pct. Booth D/Locust Tower
    Victorian Stations Still Standing on the LIRR

On the LIRR Continuation Page 4:
    Blissville and Laurel Hill Sidings, Maspeth Yard, and Fresh Pond Yard

and NY&AR/NYCRR Interchange info.
    LIRR MISCELLANY - continued

On the LIRR Continuation Page 5:
    Central RR of LI - moved to separate CRR page on 17 Feb 02.
    LIRR DE30AC and DM30AC Locomotives
    Victorian LIRR Stations (continued)

Locust Valley Station
Glen Street Station (update)
Oyster Bay Station (moved to LIRR page 7 on 23 Sep 02)

On the LIRR Continuation Page 6:
    Nassau County Police 2nd Pct. Booth D/Locust Tower (cont'd)

On the LIRR Continuation Page 7:
    Victorian LIRR Stations (continued from LIRR pages 2 and 5)

Oyster Bay Station (moved from LIRR page 5 on 23 Sep 02)
Oyster Bay Station Photos
Oyster Bay Station Dimensions

On the LIRR Continuation Page 8:
    Victorian LIRR Stations (continued from LIRR pages 2, 5, and 7)

More on Oyster Bay Station (moved from LIRR page 5 on 23 Sep 02)
More Oyster Bay Station Photos
More Oyster Bay Station Dimensions

On this LIRR Continuation Page 9:

Glen Head Station ca. 1925
LIRR P54 "Ping Pong" Car Baggage Racks
LIRR VW Railbuses
LIRR on the FGC

On the LIRR Continuation Page 10:

The Death of PD Tower.
The Branch (Five Towns).
    Mystery Right-of-Way.   new.gif (06 Sep 2012)
Long Island City Trip (ca. 2002?).   new.gif (31 Aug 2012)

On the Central RR of LI Page:
    Central RR of LI - moved 17 Dec 00,

and again on 17 Feb 02 to a separate CRR of LI page.

Salisbury Plains Station ca. 1973
(Salisbury Plains Station on the LIRR Central Branch ca. 1974.)
[Photograph courtesy of A. Huneke - all rights reserved.]

    Bethpage Branch.

On the LI Railroads Continuation Page:
    Long Island Railroads [with a link to the NYCRR (Hell Gate)]

On separate pages:

Long Island Live Steamers

The New York & Atlantic Railway, lessor of LIRR freight operations.

Railroad Eagles - Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, etc.

Long Island Rail Road Historical Society.

Long Island Live Steamers (LILS)

A great group of miniature live steam (and diesel and electric) operators running at mostly 1½" scale (also some 1" and rare 3/4") in Southaven Park at the intersection of William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk County Route 46) and Sunrise Highway (U.S. Route 27); their site with their PUBLIC RUNNING SCHEDULE and some other live steam links, has been moved to a separate page.

Glen Head

I lived in a house in the hamlet of Glen Head (in the Town of Oyster Bay) on a City of Glen Cove street with property in both jurisdictions; that makes for all sorts of fun.  We have a realtor here with the clever name of Sherlock Homes and they sent me this advertising postcard, itself a reproduction of an older postcard of the Glen Head station on the Oyster Bay Branch:

(Postcard from Sherlock Homes - Jan 2006)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image]

I tried artificially lightening the dark image to draw out more detail but had to stop here because everything was washing out.  We appear to be looking south.  You can make out the handsome old station building (long gone) with its colonnaded shed, two ca. 1925-29 cars, a low platform on the eastbound (northbound here) side and a high platform with a shed on the westbound (southbound here) side.  Note the two elegant benches for people waiting; what a nice touch, missing today.  Then see the trash on the single track (double now) and maybe not so much has changed, after all, except that the area is all built up, now.

This is posted on my Long Island page 0 (geographical/historical) but raises a number of LIRR questions.  When was the w/b platform raised?  When was the line double-tracked to Locust Valley?  When was the station razed?  When were the buildings on the station plaza (and opposite it) erected?  What year was the picture taken and who took it?

LIRR "Ping Pong" Car Baggage Racks:

The Steam Locomotive #35 Restoration Committee (Friends of Locomotive #35 Incorporated) had about 45 racks for the taking; they were in excellent mechanical condition but really ratty looking after some 50 years of storage.  Even more were available further out on the island but had not been counted yet; if serious interest was evinced, we could have dug them out and saw how many more we had.  These were the overhead rack type made of multiple steel rods in an open grid version of a trough and did NOT include brackets.  The first lot were donated to the RR Museum of LI.

I took one rack out of storage on 21 Jul 2005 to measure and photograph it:

[Thumbnailed image; click on picture for larger image]

[Thumbnailed image; click on picture for larger image]

(21 Jul 2005 photos by and © 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

The cross members are roughly triangular in cross-section, ⅜" on a side.

To simplify reading the dimensions, I superimposed them on the photos:


(21 Jul 2005 photos by and © 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image; click on picture for larger image]

The "B"-nuts are machined brass; I estimate that the thread is 7/8-16 and they measure 7/8" across the wrench flats:

(21 Jul 2005 photo by and © 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

These racks, which weigh 10½# apiece, are (were?) painted a silver-gray.  They were salvaged from P54 "Ping Pong" cars, going to the torch, by members of the Long Island-Sunrise Trail Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society and the balance were no longer needed; we asked please give them a good home.

LIRR VW Railbuses

[Railbuses, railcars, railvans, Kombis, transporters, Gandy-wagons, Gandywagens, etc.]

Now, here is a picture cropped slightly from a mildewed old, contemporary photo I'd forgotten I had (I can NOT make out the date on that NYS license plate)!  Unfortunately, I have no idea who took it ('twasn't I), but it shows, in all her glory, LIRR #1040, the VW Rail Bus inspection car, which had a tiny turntable bolted underneath on an electric jack; one drove up to a crossing, jacked the bus up, spun it 90° by hand, dropped it onto the rails on its teeny Hi-Rails, and awaaaaay we went (one actually survives - in private hands)!

(moved from LIRR Page 5 on 21 Jan 2005)

LIRR #1040 VW Rail Bus
(Photo from collection of S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[But see below - 27 Nov 2006]

On 21 Jan 2005, I heard from Joseph "East Coast Joe" Gunyan, who moved from Long Island to Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and took a LIRR Volkswagen Rail Bus inspection car with him (same one?); it had been painted Tuscan with 5-stripes but was a rusted hulk that had been sitting in a field in Manorville when Joe found it ca. 1997 [before and after (2) shots]:

LIRR VW Rail Bus - before LIRR VW Rail Bus 2 - after - front LIRR VW Rail Bus 3 - after - rear
(Cropped from photos courtesy of J. Gunyan - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed images - click on the pictures for larger images]

That Tuscan "before" shot (left) is badly pixellated but the keystone sure doesn't look like "1040" to me.  1044?

We can sure read THAT NYS license plate (center); can't make out the year, though.  Do you dig it?  123-HOT!

All the working parts are there and Joe talked to the folks at Engine 35 at Mitchel Field (back then) and got replacment large Dashing Dan decals and the paint codes.  Who knows?  We may yet see her restored.

Joe says there were about ten (10) of these buses (news to me!)!  He also followed up the photos with more info.; he has a 1963 VW magazine with a story about #1040.  Joe's bus was in Rockville Centre on Sunrise Highway at a contractors - - - they had a service arrangment with the LIRR.  Joe talked to his Dad years ago; he remembered them.  Somewhere he has more info. and says that the guy who aquired it in the 70's actually ran it all over Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and even down to Delaware; he has old super 8s (films?) and is still on Long Island and in his '50s.  Joe's bus was resting in Manorville, under a tree; he'll try to remember the name of the road - it was so long ago.

These two cars do not look identical to me; there are numerous detail differences, such as the Hi-Rail bracketing and the side lights, but any could have been changed over the years.

I remember seeing photos of one of these buses being turned at an intersection; I'd love to post such (a) picture(s) if anyone has one (them) and now (26 Jan 2005) have!

Back when I first saw a photo of #1040 (at top) or another, I immediately set about making my own railbus in HO by taking a Lesney Matchbox VW Microbus (one of the few Matchboxes actually in HO scale) and grafting in a Marx slot car chassis with brass HO RR wheels with phosphor bronze wipers, and ended up with a 250mph VW railcar!  She's now some 35-40 years old and still runs like a well-oiled (albeit noisy) watch:

VW Bus Railcar VW Bus Railcar underside
[Photos courtesy of Berlinerwerke]
(duplicated from Model RR page 3)

It's a blast to sneak her out on various model RR club layouts on Long Island (with some member's complicity) and watch people gape.

The question now is whether I'll ever get more than the prime coat on it, and then what color to use, Tichy gray or Tuscan red (with N-scale 5-striping)?  Will Joe or I get our bus done first?

More on the rail bus from Joe {edited} - he recalls it was stored on Weeks Road in Manorville, off Sunrise Highway, east of William Floyd Parkway, and sat there for years; all Joe's buddies knew about it.  It was owned then by a retired postal route mailman, Jay Wallis, who was a collector; while doing his mail route, he always found old cars, tractors, and such, and brought them home.  Jay got it from a man in East Setauket, who may be the fellow who had Super 8 movies he took while joy riding it on freight tracks on weekends; wouldn't those be cool to see!  You can be sure we'll try to "track" down that lead, as well as some photos showing one of them being turned!

Joe sent me images from the Volkswagen Club of America's magazine, The VW AUTOIST of March 1963, the cover, page two, and an unidentifed page with two photos; the magazine is still around and I'ved asked for permission.  The photos were provided to the magazine by none other than then-LIRR President and General Manager Thomas M. Goodfellow (the clown who had all the LIRR glass plate negs. thrown out!). One of the images has two pair of spread-out Dashing Dan and Dottie matchbook covers sitting on top of the page, so I cropped them out:

Dashing Dan & Dottie Matchbooks
(Cropped from photo courtesy of "E. Coast Joe" - all rights reserved)

I no sooner did that than along came our good LIRR and Motor Parkway buddy, Art Huneke of aRRt's aRRchives fame, with two sharp photos of LIRR rail vans, which I've cropped and posted:

AH LIRR VW Railvan 1

AH LIRR VW Railvan 2
(Cropped from photos courtesy of A. Huneke - all rights reserved)

Well, there's no question whatsoever now of there being more than one van.  The article mentions there being six in 1963, that the turntable jack was operated electrically, and that the vans were called "GANDY-WAGONS" (Gandy-Wagens).  Also, look very carefully at that lower photo; the bus is stenciled "GW6" on the door but "1041" above the windshield!

Joe writes that the upper photo on the page of two is captioned "The fireman may not have much to keep him busy in this piece of rolling stock as he perches up front beside the engineer, but this workcrew-carrying 'engine' has no time for 'featherbedding' as it follows a close schedule over the Long Island Rail Road".  He then advised that those Dan and Dottie "badges" are actually covers from complimentary matchbooks given out in the old smoking cars!

I should add that these buses ran on regular VW wheels and tires but the rear ones were bolted on in reverse so the tread widened to fit the 4' 8½" track; while on the rails, the front wheels were up off the railhead and the Hi-Rail wheels carried the load, while the spread rear wheels ran on the rails for traction and the rear Hi-Rail wheels only kept the bus "on track".

The beat goes on!  On 26 Nov 2006, I heard from Al Castelli that he has the same photo of #1040 that he bought at the Hobby Images hobby shop that was in Hicksville in the '80s.  It's a 3½" x 5" inch color photo.  Henry Maywald sold his photos there and, ca. 2005, he told Al that all the photos sold there were his, so Al rightly deduced that the photo I posted above is a Henry Maywald photo.  I got mine long before all this as a gift from someone (Henry?) who saw my "model" but Al graciously e-mailed me a scan of his, which is far sharper and brighter:

LIRR VW Rail Bus #1040
(Scan of original H. Maywald photo ca. 1960-70 courtesy of A. Castelli - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image - click on the picture for a much larger (553Kb) image]

Most of the photos Al bought from Henry are from the 60s & 70s when he took them.  He sold some in the 80s since the hobby shop gave him an easy way to sell them.  You can readily see the reversed rear wheel on this shot.

Speaking of which, Al noticed the wild wheel-well flare; not being a VW Kombi nut, that had escaped me.  To see just how wild the LIRR modification was, to clear the reversed rear wheel, here are details of the right rear of a stock first-series Kombi and #1040:

Stock VW Kon=mbi rt rear LIRR VW Rail Bus #1040 rt rear

Now, that took a bit of body work!

SNOW! - Why the LIRR's Ronkonkoma-to-Greenport line was closed on 24 Jan 2005:

MP86CutchgueE MP86CutchgueW
(24 Jan 2005 photos courtesy of J. S. Muhr - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed images- click on pictures for larger images]

Jim Muhr sent these photos taken at 07:00 on 24 Jan 2005 at Milepost 86 in Cutchogue looking east (l.) and west (r.); thanks, Jim.  My reaction?  "That's NOT much snow; hell, Jaws or the Rotary could cut right through that - - - ooops!"

Taken on a VERY crisp winter morning, you can readily see why Long Island is (was) called the "Sunrise Homeland".

Jay Eichler (NYAR) checked in to advise that "This area always gets snowed in with a good powdery snow like we had.  This area, just east of the old Cutchogue station, has an open area to the north that allows the snow to blow on the tracks and collect.  Over the last few years, I've been on the "snow patrol" run to Greenport, which is one of the only times you'll see a New York & Atlantic train east of Southold.  The drifts in this area get over five feet high, and the snow climbs up on the catwalks!"  Thanks, Jay. Gee, I remember when there were such things as "snow fences"; apparently the LIRR doesn't.

Fellow Long Island Motor Parkway enthusiast Pat Masterson was operating on the Florida Gulf Coast RR Museum property in Miami on 24 Dec 2005 and found ex-LIRR coach #2916 in the consist:


(cropped from Dec 2005 photos courtesy of P. Masterson - all rights reserved)

[I had to lighten up the first shot drastically, to the point of losing the roof, to see anything at all.]

Now, before you write me about the hideous color of the coach, as several did immediately, Pat has since advised me that Thomas the Tank Engine is colored powder blue, so that's why coach #2916 is now blue; it's the coach they put all the kids and families in during their Thomas weekend.  The color was not chosen randomly; it serves a real purpose on their railroad.  Aha; THAT explains the odd red striping on the side - it matches Thomas.

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