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but with Hornby, as well.

See the HOBBY Page, et seq.

See also the Comet Metal Products Authenticast Models Page and the Strombeck-Becker StromBecKer Model Kits Page.

This page is primarily concerned with my own collection of Dinky Toys from Meccano Ltd. of England; it will also delve into the former A. C. Gilbert ERECTOR SET* line, apparently since bought out by Meccano, Meccano's own line of mechanical building sets, and Hornby trains.  It would appear that Meccano was first brought out by Hornby.

  * - Erector sets are now covered on their own page (27 May 2014).


On the main Meccano Dinky   Ca. 1950 Dinky Toys Catalogs.
  Drawerful of Dinky Toys.

On this Meccano Dinky Continuation Page 1:
  Dinky Meccano Aircraft Models (moved from Aviation cont. page 4 on 12 Feb 04)
  Motorized Dinky Airplanes?   new.gif (21 Mar 08)
  Hornby Trains.

On the Military Miniatures Page:   rev (10 Aug 2016)
  Unindexed so far except for:
    Britains Models.
    AHM Special Modeler's Catalog [Minitanks, Minimen, Minimovers (and Minianimals)].
    Emperor Franz Josef at 54mm (07 Feb 2016).

On separate pages:

Erector Sets.

Although Dinky Toys were intended as just that, TOYS, they were scale models of great accuracy (in most cases) and I consider them models, not toys and will so refer to them herein.

TRACKS (for tanks and artillery tractors) - does anyone out there know where a correspondent can get replacement chain-link tracks (not the later rubber tracks)?

Dinky Meccano Aircraft Models

[Moved from Aviation Page 4 on 12 Feb 04]

From the main Aviation page, here are the images of the Armstrong Whitworth Ensign and other models of the WWII era, from old Dinky Meccano catalogs, as supplied by the Dutch correspondent:

Dinky AW Ensign Dinky AW Ensign (?)
(Photos cropped from Dutch images of Dinky catalogs)
[Thumbnail images - click on photos for larger images.]

Hullo!  What have we here?  That so-called Ensign in the right-hand photos has two-bladed silver props and seems to have much deeper wing tips and completely different horizontal stabilizer (tail) tips:

Dinky AW Ensign Set Dinky AW Ensign (?) Set
(Photos cropped from Dutch images of Dinky catalogs)
[Thumbnail images - click on photos for larger images.]

I don't think the right-hand photos depict an Ensign at all!  I tracked down our Dutch friend and am checking further; stay tuned!  The odd-ball four-engined model may well turn out to be an AW15 Atalanta.  Said correspondent was also going to try to identify the other aircraft in the box and photos.

Just for comparison, here's the Dinky Meccano model of the Avro York; quite different, with a rectangular fuselage and a triple vertical stabilizer (tail) empennage:

Dinky Avro York
[Photos cropped from Dutch image of hand-painted Dinky model
in camouflage; and the original in silver/alumin(i)um.]

Here, courtesy of the The British Berlin Airlift Association's Aircraft That Operated on the Airlift page, is the real Avro York:

Avro York

Oh, hey!  The York has in-line engines!  A dead give-away (unless she was re-engined).

This is ALL wrong!  The model in the box has broad, rounded horizontal planes and the Ensign has high-aspect-ratio trapzoidal planes and a single tail fin!  ???

[Dec 99 - Corgi makes an Avro York in a slightly larger scale (1/72? - my old Dinky was probably 1/144) and now has an executive version@.]

@ - from Corgi:  "Corgi 47204 - AVRO YORK - RAF Kings Flight - Avro York LV633 "Ascalon" was built for use by King George VI and Winston Churchill.  It began service in May 1943 and was mainly used by the Prime Minister.  After the war it served in the Far East for three years and was scrapped in 1954.  (Available April) - Wingspan 216mm."

The Dutch gentleman kindly sent this cutaway of the Ensign (artistic license makes it look like a civilian British version of our giant Boeing B-15):

AW Ensign Cutaway
(A.W. Ensign Cut-Away Drawing.)
[click on thumbnailed drawing for larger image.]

Sr. Eduardo Carbone of Buenos Aires writes (20 Aug 2007 - slightly edited) that "the model of four motors is actually an Atalanta.  The cardbox with the 6 aircraft was initially sold by Dinky as civil aircraft (as a kid I got this version).  The planes were named as: Imperial Airways Liner (Atalanta), General Monospar (bimotor), DH Leopard Moth (high-winged monoplane), Percival Gull (low wing monoplane), low-wing monoplane ??? (with radial motor), and La Cierva Autogiro.  Afterward I was presented with another similar cardbox but with all the planes camouflaged as in your photo and titled as bombers or fighters (the war was the war and business is business...)!!!"

Motorized Dinky Airplanes? - It's news to me but it seems there were Dinky airplanes with motors back ca. 1975 or so.  I heard from a gentleman who is searching for replacement motors for two old Dinky die cast toys from his childhood.  The motors in question are Mabuchi RM-01 1.5v and are 20mm in length with a 28mm diameter and a 14mm shaft.  The motors, which were last made in 1972, are needed to repower a Spitfire 719 and a Messerschmitt 109e and suitable replacements have not been found.  Can anyone out there help? (21 Mar 2008)

Hornby Trains

All I can remember about Hornby Trains is that they were the originator of "Hornby Double-O", "OO" (1:76.2), which was the direct ancestor of HO (1:87.1).  In addition, it was, or became, part of Meccano.  If I remember correctly, both scales use the same 16.5mm (~5/8") gauge track (27 May 2014).

At an NMRA national show ca. 2003, Horby unveiled a live-steam loco in OO scale by running it along a seam clean across the convention center floor, whistling stunned conventioneers out of the way.  No track; just one set of wheels in the crack and the other on the concrete!   added (10 Aug 2016)


Britains, Ltd. (or William Britain) really is unrelated to Dinky/Meccano but I'll mention it here and have added it to my Military Miniatures page.

Other than the olive drab wheels with white rubber t(i)(y)res (noted on the previous page) from old Britains vehicles, I didn't recall that I had ANY surviving Britains, Ltd. (or William Britain) pieces (other than late-model RCMP and London Guards figures) until it dawned on me that there was a modified cannon in my "Fourth of July" box.  Sure enough, there it was (I was sure that I'd just written this up elsewhere - it turned up on my Military Miniatures page - more there, with pix).   rev (10 Aug 2016)


Keith Harvie's MECCANO DINKY TOYS & HORNBY TRAINS site, especially his DINKY TOYS IDENTIFICATION INDEX - MILITARY.  Keith also has a For Sale Index which shows many cars, trucks, planes, and such, but that is dependent on what he has available at the moment.  Harvie also sells spare tires, tracks, and some parts.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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