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Mercedes-Benz Continuation Page 4


  On the Mercedes Main Page:
Mercedes miscellany (following index).
Didja Know Department.
    Differences between K, S, and SS Models.

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S and SS Survivors - with IDs (moved to this page 09 Jan 01).
Other M-B Survivors of Note (to me).
1924 Type 24-100/140 Photos
Mercedes Benz Bibliography (moved to this page 09 Jan 01).

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Ex-Peck/Brodie/MMA/Boyer 1928 SS Tourer.
"K" vs. "K".
540K at Bill Frick's.
SSK at Bill Frick's.
SS & SSK Color Brochure
24-100/140 Specifications

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Works History of the Type 24-100/140 and K
Mercedes Model.
More In(en)quiries.

  On this Continuation Page 4:

Type 770K Grosser Mercedes (moved from page 3 on 05 Dec 05)
Hitler's Mercedes-Benzes

Mercedes and Chrysler inked their $3billion+ merger and DaimlerChrysler AG/Corporation began business on 17 Nov 98 and started trading combined shares on 18 Nov 98; two of my most favo(u)rite cars!

For DaimlerChrysler aquisitions, spinoffs, and other news, refer to the DaimlerChrysler page.

Adtranz, formed Jan 1996, merging rail transportation activities of ABB Ltd. and Daimler-Benz AG took DaimlerChrysler into the railroad business and the sale of the venture to Bombardier, announced 04 Aug 2000, apparently takes them right out again!

WORKS (factory) LINKS {added 05 Mar 2002} -

Daimler/Mercedes/Benz and

Mercedes-Benz History.

note-rt  I have restored this page WITHOUT updating it; I hope to do that soon.   new (12 Jul 2011)

DISCLAIMER - my interest in Mercedes/Daimler-Benz, whil(e)(st) perhaps encompassing, is primarily in the S and SS series of the late 1920s and early 1930s; this is not intended to be a full-blown history or chronology of the Mercedes marque. - SB,III

I took many photos (including excruciatingly-detailed shots of engine compartments and dashboards) of S and SS cars (and some K, 380K, 500K, 540K, and 770 cars) back in the '50s.  Some of these include famed cartoonist and driver, Charles Addams, in his S tourer out at the Bridgehampton (Long Island) track.

[I am NOT repeating some of the introductory material from the main and
previous continuation pages; go there for continuity.]

Type 770K Grosser Mercedes

[Moved from Mercedes-Benz page 3 on 05 Dec 2005]

[I had digressed on page 3 re a Type 770K and now have so much on it and others that it has become a separate topic on its own, here. - 02 Feb 05]

A specific Hitler Grosser Mercedes 770K, the very one found near the Berghof at Berchtesgaden and presented to General Charles de Gaulle, is now in Florida and about to undergo restoration; any information about this car or about similar restorations or parts sources will be very much appreciated by the present owner (contact me).  The most critical item is a distributor to buy (or borrow as a pattern).  This particular 770K is pictured in the lower right corner on page 227 of Jan Melin’s Volume I; the licence is Z 96-501.

I found my mint copy of the 1933 NSDAP (Nazi) publicity flack book "Deutschland Erwacht", with dozens of hand-tipped pictures, many with 770Ks, and, of course, this car isn't one of them (it hadn't been built yet!) - I scanned and posted all of those with M-B cars below.

How odd; I realized that I have a model 770K!  It was never on display, is still in its original packing, and is magnificent!  It is by Rio in Italy and is gun-metal gray (in spite of the photos).  It is described on the box as #21, "1938 grande mercedes - 8 cil. - cmc. 7.700 (scoperta)"*, namely: 1938 Grand (Grosser) Mercedes, 8 cylinders, cc 770 (discovery)*.


31 Jan 2005 photos by and © 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

With the (one-piece) model hood (bonnet) removed, the big 7.7 lit(er)(re) straight 8 is revealed in all its 7/8" (22.2mm) glory, external pipes and all.  Rio even modeled the steering gear and the fan and fan belt, although it will be a real bear to try to photograph these details and the full dash and controls.  The registration number, front and rear, is 1A 148485.

* - there's ony one little problem with that - the underside of the model is marked in relief (cast in) "MERCEDES BENZ CABRIOLET 1937" and "#1/43".  One can logically assume that 1937 vs. 1938 makes no visual difference whatsoever and that 1/43 is the scale (1:43), not the year (Jan 1943, no matter how appropriate that might seem).  Further, perhaps the translation of "scoperta" to "discovery" needs some work; it could also mean "detection" or serendipity", neither of which helps much, here.

Oh, good grief; not only is the underside fully-modeled, the front and rear half axles are each independently sprung on miniature coil springs!  With all that attention to (quite-literally) detail in a model measuring only 5½" (14cm) long, one might have expected Rio to have the hubcaps turn with the wheels and the hood panels lift separately; it would have been so easy to arrange, just as my Chinese model of the 1932 Chrysler Imperial 8 Le Baron Phaeton (at the same scale) has.

On top of all that, I discovered inside the Rio box a gummed foil sheet to simulate chrome pillars between the windows, with a miniature, illustrated instruction sheet:

02 Feb 2005 photo by and © 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

There is also a fact sheet!  The fact sheet includes both a history of the type and a specifications sheet in Italian, English, German, and French.  I have scanned the sheet at high resolution, copying the header (in Italian) and the English text only (measuring only 4" x 3¾" / 10mm x 9.5mm) and offer it here as a thumbnail image, clicking on which which will bring up the full sheet to scroll down and as separate history and specs (mis-spelled "Tecnical {sic} Items") panels:



02 Feb 2005 scan by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

The English translation from Italian (or German?) is quaint, to say the least.  The 1931 predecessor 770K type is very similar to the K and 24-100/140 types noted above but with the larger 7.7 l. engine.  Similarly, the later W-150 / 770K is stylistically and mechanically much like an overgrown 540K:

1930-770k 1938-770k
(Unprovenanced pictures from Web)

The National Archives of the United States holds the print from which this crop was made, of Hungary's regent, Admiral Horthy (one can readily see why my Hungarian-born mother despised the man) at a meeting with Hitler at Berchtesgaden; the two are about to enter a Mercedes Grand-Pullman limousine (identified as the specific W-150 / 770K noted above):

(Image cropped from photo in the Heinrich Hoffman Collection
of the National Archives, Washington, D. C., courtesy of current owner of car - top of original, showing considerable empty sky, cropped to save bandwidth)
[Thumbnailed image - click on picture for larger image]

The tall man holding the door open is Heinz Linge, at that time Hitler's chauffeur/valet/bodyguard (the last), and the incredibly tall cinematographer in the background is Walter Frentz, Hitler's and Leni Riefenstahl's cameraman (note how casually solicitous Linge appears to be, instead of being at ramrod-straight attention).

[The scratch across Hitler and the vertical crop mark through Linge appear on the original print.]

The car, which was one of only four armo(u)red closed saloons made for the Führer's entourage barely shows; I hope to have more photos for you soon.

Hitler's Mercedes-Benzes

The foregoing coverage of what may very well have been Adolf Hitler's last car is in no way intended to glorify the man but only to record the car itself.  Similarly, Hitler used many Mercedes-Benz cars throughout his meteoric rise to power and he used them very well indeed.  He had the good sense or good advice (unfortunately) to use open cars so that he was accessible to the people (those he wished to be accessible for), mostly K and 770K Grosser cars, although some appear low enough that they might have been S or SS models.  I finally found my copy of the Nov 1933 Nazi propaganda book, "Deutschland Erwacht"; that means "Germany Awoken", and is a play on the original NSDAP (National Socialistisches Deutsches Arbeits Partei - National Socialist German Labor Party - Nazi) slogan, "Deutschland Erwachen", exhorting "Germany {to} Awake".  The book is very much intended to glorify the Führer (Fuehrer - Leader), the Nazi Party, and the Third Reich.  All the hundreds of photos in the book are hand-tipped; it was NOT a casual political pamphlet!  So, let's see the cars and how they were used (I have included both the German captions and my translation of them and the pictures are in more-or-less chronological order from the earliest of 1924 through the last of 1933 - note that some have split windscreens and some have one-piece windcreens):

[L = Links/Left, R = Rechts/Right]

Pages 33 and 36 -
L - Der Führer verlaßt die festung Landsberg, 1924
L - The Fuehrer leaves the Landsberg Prison, 1924
{too bad they didn't let him rot there!}
R - Dritter Parteistag: 1927 in Nürnberg, und wieder marschiert des Braune Heer
R - Third (Nazi)party day: 1927 in Nuremberg, and the Brown Army (the Brownshirts) march again
DErwacht33 DErwacht36
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

Pages 49 and 68 (top) -
L - Blutzeugen der Bewegung
L - Bloody witness to the movement
R - „Heil Hitler!" „Heil Hitler!" Der Führer auf der Fahrt zu einer Kundgebung
R - "Heil Hitler!" "Heil Hitler!" The Fuehrer on the road to a rally
DErwacht49 DErwacht68top
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

Pages 71 and 94 -
L - Von Kundgebung zu Kundgenung eilt der Führer
L - The Fuehrer rushes from rally to rally
R - Reichspräsident und Reichskanzler am 1. Mai 1933
R - Reich's president (Paul von Hindenburg) and Reich's chancellor Hitler
on 01 May 1933 (the occasion of a great youth rally)
[showing the left side rear detail of K or early Grosser {?} window framing
similar to later 770K model shown above]
DErwacht71 DErwacht94
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

Pages 115 and 116 (top) -
L - Zwei Arbeiter für Deutschland reichen sich die Hand
L - Two workers for Germany shake each other's hands
R - Der gesunde Instinkt des Volkes hatte schon lange in Adolf Hitler den Führer erkannt . . . .
Freudige Begrüßung auf dem Wege zu einer Kundgebung
R - The sound instinct {sic} of the people has long been realized in Adolf Hitler as the Fuehrer . . . .
Joyful greetings on the way to a rally
DErwacht115 DErwacht116top
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

Pages 116 (bottom) and 144 -
L - Der Führer begrüßt einen Veteranen der Arbeit (Meister Bender von Mercedes=Benz)
L - The Fuehrer greets a veteran of work (Master Bender of Mercedes-Benz)
R - Der Führer und seine Getreuen - Nürnberg 1933
R - The Fuehrer and his faithful - Nuremberg 1933
DErwacht116bottom DErwacht144
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

Page 68 (bottom, with enlargement)
Propagandamarsch, München 1932 nach der Aufhebung des Uniformverbotes
Propaganda-march, Munich 1932 after the abolition of the uniform prohibition
DErwacht68bot DErwacht68botenl
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

Page 150 (with enlargement)
Appell der 100 000 SA-Männer beim Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg / Vorbeimarsch
vor dem Führer auf den Adolf-Hitler-Platz
Roll call of 100,000 SA men at the Reich's (Nazi) party day in Nuremberg /
March-by in front of the Fuehrer on the Adolf-Hitler-Place (in the sense of plaza or square)
DErwacht150 DErwacht150enl
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

Page 149 -
Hitler nimmt den Vorbeimarsch der SA auf dem Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1933 ab
Hitler inspects the march-by of the SA at the Reich's (Nazi) party day in Nuremberg in 1933

It is not at all surprising to find that "Reich" means "empire".  The Reichsführer (leader of the empire) was a maniac, a mass murderer, and a monster but, oh, what cars he had at his disposal!

This is simply incredible; I finished up posting the "Deutschland Erwacht" photos above in the evening of 04 Dec and the morning of 05 Dec 2005 and that very afternoon got a call from Gary J. Zimet, Curator of MOMENTS IN TIME INC., P.O. Box 37, Washingtonville, New York  10992, 845-496-6699 (FAX 845-496-6367), that he had the purchase documents for Hitler's 29 Jan 1929 order #43966 for a Model 15/70/100 6-cylinder 4/5-passenger Mercedes-Benz for Munich!

The 6-cylinder 15/70/100 is a far smaller car than the 8-cylinder 24/100/140 or 24/160/200 or K or 770K but it is still a more-than-respectably-large-enough car to impress the "troops"; for comparison, the 6.8l. and 7.1l. S and SS cars were 26/120/180, 33/220, 27/170/225, and 36/250 cars.

The full documents can be seen at Gary's site but he gave me permission to show you them here (I have drastically cropped them, to save memory, by omitting much of the "boiler-plate").  They turn out to be that for Hitler's car plus an apparently-undated NSDAP (Nazi Party) order, signed by Hitler, for a 4-door 6/7-passenger open tourer for Berlin; they may well be for cars shown above.

(image courtesy of G. J. Zimet/Moments in Time - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

(image courtesy of G. J. Zimet/Moments in Time - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

(image courtesy of G. J. Zimet/Moments in Time - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

(image courtesy of G. J. Zimet/Moments in Time - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

(image courtesy of G. J. Zimet/Moments in Time - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

(image courtesy of G. J. Zimet/Moments in Time - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image left - click on picture for larger image]

It appears to me that Hitler's Munich car cost 13,000RM and the party's Berlin car 10,000RM (the party got a break?).

Both cars are specified to have compressors (superchargers), to be dark blue, and to have wooden wheels.  It is amusing that the top material on Hitler's car is specified as "Rubberduck"; the seats are black leather.  I will struggle through the other specs as time and my big Langenscheidts dictionary permit; some old technical terminology eludes me.

Cyclops fans; see Cyclops on my Automotive pages!

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