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NonConEx (Non-Consanguinous Extended Family) Page

(Non-Consanguinous Extended Family)


The term "Extended Family" is fairly-well understood to imply a family unit made up of persons related by blood and/or marriage and generally including three or more generations, all residing together in a single domicile (or, at least, in close proximity).

This definition of "Extended Family" extends beyond the "Nuclear Family", once restricted to a pair of adults and their children (in contrast to a "Single-parent Family).  However, regardless of the complexities of modern gender expression, I think it fair to say that "normal" extended families usually include a third generation or aunts/uncles/cousins, etc.

There are also complexities introduced by various "Poly-" derivations - Polyamory, Polyandry, Polygamy, Polygyny, and even Polyfidelity; I do NOT include any of these in this discussion because, at least in common parlance, they imply polysexuality, a practice the concept of which makes me uncomfortable.  I guess I'm just a stiff, stuffy, old crock who believes in cleaving one unto another (life is SO much simpler, and more sanitary, that way)!

It does seem to me, though, that there are, and could well be fostered, platonic familial relationships that extend beyond consanguinity or marriage without getting into the messy area of sexual matters.  No one would assume that, because Grandma or Great-Aunt Tillie comes to live with you, you jump into bed with her.

So, if a husband or wife or partner has a dear, unrelated friend, there seems to be no valid reason why, subject to mutual agreement of all parties, such a friend could not quite easily and logically slip into the family unit.  To tag such an arrangement, I have coined (or believe I have coined) the acronym and term, "NonConEx" and "Non-Consanguinous Extended Family".

The advantages of such a NonConEx are numerous and many apply to the normal extended family.  One of the most obvious is economy; three can live as cheaply as two, so to speak.  Another is that care of children and seniors can be shared around.  It's easier to arrange for someone to be home for tradespeople, for another.

An advantage that probably wouldn't occur to most folk is that one of the (or both) adults (especially if once a single child) would gain a sibling.

I'm running this up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes.



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