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The Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter, the local chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, primarily drawing from western Suffolk County and from Nassau County on Long Island, New York.  The primary focus is on railway history, especially that of the Long Island Rail Road. 

courtesy of S. Berliner, III
(former member of the Board of Directors)
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General Chapter and National Information
Application for Membership
Rail Road vs. Railroad
Related Links
End-of-Steam Ceremony, Hicksville, 08 Oct 1955
New York Connecting Railroad/Hell Gate Bridge book
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The Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society is a group of dedicated railroad enthusiasts who gather regularly for companionship and fun to peserve and enjoy Long Island's significant contribution to railroad history, as well as all other aspects of railroading.  The Chapter has monthly meetings at which slides and movies of the Long Island Rail Road and other roads are shown and news of general interest is discussed.  In addition, the Chapter sponsors rail trips around Long Island and elsewhere in the Metropolitan New York area.  Some of the most famous trips have been those to Long Island Rail Road facilities, dinner trips to Montauk and Greenport, and off-island trips on LIRR trains to such distant points as to Danbury and Waterbury ‘way up in Connecticut and to Newburgh and Harmon Yards in New York.  Photo run-bys are always arranged and food service is normally provided.

Chapter meeting information will now be found on the official page.

The Chapter publishes a monthly newsletter, the SEMAPHORE, with meeting notices, previews, and recapitulations, historical vignettes and feature articles, reminiscences by old-time railroad employees, and railroad modeling information.

The Chapter also was instrumental in preserving Long Island Rail Road steam locomotive #35, built in 1928 by the Pennsylvania Rail Road's Juniata Shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania, as a Class G5 "Ten Wheeler" 4-6-0, and moved to Oyster Bay on 02 Aug 2001, one of the two last steam engines to run in regular revenue service on the LIRR, and supports continuing efforts to restore the engine and return it to active service for tourist use.  Chapter members are also involved in the restoration of the business car "Jamaica", on display at the Wantagh Historical Society's preserved LIRR station on Wantagh Avenue in Wantagh (see SB,III's LIRR page).

The Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter of the National Model Railway Society is incorporated as a non-profit 501(C)(3) educational organization.  It was founded in 1966 to serve the Long Island area.  Membership in the Chapter also provides the full benefits of membership in the national organization, including a splendid bi-monthly magazine, the National Railway Bulletin.

Please note - Long Island is 120 miles long; the west end (Brooklyn and Queens) is in New York City and is primarily served by the (Metro) New York Chapter (no Website).  The far east end, eastern Suffolk, Riverhead and beyond, is primarily served by the Twin Forks Chapter.

in the Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter of
the National Railway Historical Society

[Material removed 11 Mar 2013 - contact the Chapter.]

P. O. Box 507
Babylon, New York 11702-0507

Incidentally, did you know that the Long Island Rail Road is the only remaining railroad to still operate under its original name and 1834 charter (even though now a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority)?  The B&O (also "Rail Road") was the oldest until it got lost in the CSX merger.  Also, the original charter spells "railroad" as two separate words; although many old LIRR documents and even some old cars did, in fact, spell it as one word, and it even pops up that way today on rare occasions, "Rail Road" is actually correct and, again, a unique, if minor, feature of the Long Island RAIL ROAD!

End-of-Steam Ceremony, LIRR, Hicksville, 08 Oct 1955

The question of which locos and cars were involved comes up again and again: here is the definitive list (by Bill Slade), courtesy of Art Huneke (ARRt's ARRchives):

10-8-1955,Hicksville (See sign). Engine #39
and car #2924 facing east & engine #35 and
car #2923 facing west. Later, Alco diesel
#1555 replaced #35 & #1556 replaced #39.
#1555 operated back to Riverhead with car
#2923 but returned to Jamaica at 6:00 PM with
a different car of the same type.

For more detail, see the LIRR Historical Society page.

Related Links:

Long Island Live Steamers (LILS)

A great group of miniature live steam (and diesel and electric) operators running at mostly 1" scale (some 3/4") in Southhaven Park at the intersection of William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk County Route 46) and Sunrise Highway (U.S. Route 27).

LILS has its own Home Page, http://www.trainweb.org/lils/; go there for for all running schedules and any other current information.




[These groups have been subsumed into the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (OBRM), q.v.]
rev (11 Mar 2013)

One of the two remaining Long Island Rail Road (Pennsy) Class G5 4-6-0 steam locomotives; being restored for operation.  It was purpose-built for the LIRR by the Pennsy's Juniata Shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and delivered in 1928 for high-acceleration commuter service.  It was one of the last two steam locomotives in revenue service on the LIRR, was retired in the mid-50's, and was the last LIRR steam engine to run.  All three surviving G5 engines (two LIRR and one PRR) ran on the Long Island Rail Road!

If you are on Long Island or in the area and have never seen with your own eyes a PRR Kiesel tender body separated from its frame, now is the time to visit LIRR G5 4-6-0 #35 at the OBRM where just that happened to move the engine and tender to its new site in Oyster Bay (where there is a restored turntable!).  Of course, you could look at the engine also, with its boiler, cab, and tender tank on the ground.

Steam Locomotive #39 Restoration

[Railroad Museum of Long Island]

The other of the two remaining Long Island Rail Road (Pennsy) Class G5 4-6-0 steam locomotives; being restored for operation at Riverhead (see description of #35, above), where they also have Jaws, the only surviving LIRR wedge plow (Steamtown has the rotary), and the only surviving double-decker car, etc.  The Railroad Museum of Long Island also has a museum facility in Greenport, with the only other restorable turntable left on Long Island (not counting the active LIRR one at their Morris Park shops).


A vest-pocket terminal once in the shadow of the Williamsburgh Bridge on the Brooklyn Waterfront.


On 10 September 1989, the NRHS-LIST Chapter Caboose Hop literally dropped in on the Degnon Terminal in Long Island City; our somewhat weird train left Sunnyside Yard heading southwest up the Montauk Branch cutoff, switched over onto the inner track, and crossed the no-longer-used Degnon switch (since removed).  Once the switch was thrown, we backed down to street level at Skillman Avenue and 47th Road and continuing to the end of the usable track at 31st Road.

Read all about it, this lost vest-pocket yard just south of the LIRR/PRR Sunnyside Yard and north of the Dutch Kill draw.

There is a selected group of other sidings, terminals, yards, and other facilities described on:

the LIRR Continuation Page 3 -
    Nassau County Police 2nd Pct. Booth D.
    Victorian Stations Still Standing on the LIRR

East Williston Station
Sea Cliff (Avenue) Station
Glen Cove (old Nassau) Station
Glen Street Station

and the LIRR Continuation Page 4 -
    Blissville and Laurel Hill Sidings,
    Maspeth Yard, and Fresh Pond Yard and NY&AR/NYCRR Interchange info.
Blissville Sidings
Laurel Hill Sidings
Maspeth Yard
Fresh Pond Yard

The New York & Atlantic Railway, the LI freight hauler.

New York Connecting Railroad/Hell gate Bridge Book - the Chapter published a major book on the New York Connecting Railroad and the Hell Gate Bridge;
it is a profusely-illustrated and heavily-researched effort spearheaded by chapter director Bob (Robert C.) Sturm.

The Hell Gate Bridge is also covered at 1:220 on SB,III's Z-Scale Articles page.

NOTE:  There is now the New York Connecting Railroad Society, Inc., an all-volunteer organization started in 1993 and more recently incorporated to preserve the history of the joint venture between the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New Haven; they publish a newsletter, "The Connecting".

If you haven't got a copy, you really should read Lorraine Diehl's fantastic ode to "The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station".  Marijke A. Smit, Project Associate (in charge of history and archaeology) of the Pennsylvania Station Redevelopment Corporation" advised (18 Mar 1999) that they expected to break ground on converting the sister McKim, Mead & White building, the James A. Farley Postal Center, into a glorious new Penn Station in 2000 and expected completion in 2003; there is an informative article on Marijke's excavation of the Jersey Meadows to uncover some of the pink marble debris dumped there when the Station was destroyed and also about some of the eagles and statuary that has been located and may return to grace the new building; it appeared as "End of An Error", the cover story of the April 1999 issue of Preservation, the Magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, pp 43-51.

"We will probably be judged not by the monuments
we build but by those we have destroyed."

New York Times editorial - 30 Oct 1963

It appears that many other surviving, original Penn Station artifacts will also be incorporated - columns, clocks, chandeliers, lamp posts, balusters, etc.

30 Jun 1999 was the 100th Anniversary of Mile-a-Minute Murphy's 60mph+ run on the LIRR near Farmingdale; there was a commemorative ceremony at the Farmingdale Station (no, there was NOT a re-enactment!).

Similarly, there was a ceremoiny in Hicksville on 08 Oct 2005 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of steam on LI.

Member Art Single, responding to member Al Oslapas's question in a recent SEMAPHORE regarding the heavyweight passenger car Al saw near Napoleon, Michigan {edited and emphases by SB,III}:

- - - * - - -

I'm a member of LIST, and Chairman/VP of the Adrian & Blissfield RR in Lenawee County, Michigan.  That car is the "Oyster Bay", ex-#2002, nee PRR "Belfast", and it rolled its last mile on our railroad, around 1990 as I recall.  It had been bought by a lawyer from Brooklyn, Michigan (just south of Napoleon) and he wanted to plant it on his farm there and use it as a cabin.  I assume he still owns it and the land it sits on.  The car was completely stripped inside, with absolutely nothing left but the walls.

It was rusty white with blue window band, and the name still clearly visible then.  I haven't seen it since.  It was stored at Lenawee Jct on our line for months while he made arrangements to truck it over land to its permanent storage site, and in its months there acquired quite a load of wasps inside.

A sister car, #2003 - "South Shore", is still (I think) at the Railway Exposition Company south of Cincinnati in Kentucky.  I don't know what happened to the 3rd car like them, the "Syosset".

We operate passenger and freight service on 2 RRs in this corner of the state, and freight only on 2 other ones.  Our Lapeer Industrial RR in Lapeer, Mich, has been assigned AAR reporting marks "LIRR", can you beat that?  Of course, the Long Island is "LI" not "LIRR" as all the NYC newspapers refer to it.  We bought a LIRR car (#2705, ex 2725) but it has been lost since April 29th!  Never made it here.

- - - * - - -

[Art asked that Mike Boland, our LIRR modeler, be sent a copy.]

LI vs. LIRR Reporting Marks

Lapeer Industrial RR = LIRR?
[Even if the Long Island RR is "LI", that's just not right! - SB,III]

Visit SB,III's RAILROADING page and
LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD and Long Island railroad (they're different!) information pages.


There is also a LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD HISTORICAL SOCIETY page (although that august body is now inactive).

If you enjoy history, especially that of Long Island, visit:
The Oyster Bay Historical Society site.

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To contact the Chapter, please click here (LISunriseTrail@yahoo.com).

The Chapter's mailing address is:

P. O. Box 507
Babylon, New York 11702-0507

You may wish to visit the Railroad Continuation Page, et seq.

of this series of Railroad pages.


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