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    On this main NYA page:

Corporate information and unindexed miscellany,
    including new yards and carfloat service.

[News of Santa's past and next visits was moved
    back to this main page 17 Dec 00.]

    On the NYA Continuation Page 1:

Old "Late Breaking" News (Moved from this main NYA page on 10 Mar 00)

Late Breaking News

This main NYA page overloaded, necessitating the creation of NYA Continuation Page 1; be sure to visit it, also.


A Subsidiary of
Anacostia Rail Holdings Company,
an entity of the stockholders of the
Anacostia & Pacific Company, Inc.

68-01 Otto Road
Glendale, New York 11385

Telephone:  718-497-3023
FAX:  718-497-3364

This page was started 15 May 1999 as a courtesy to the NYA;
the NYA now has its own, official home page:

[with primarily administrative, sales, and marketing information
(i.e. - serious, profit-oriented stuff - they have to make a living, you know!)].

Errata:  I stand corrected; I have referred to the New York & Atlantic Railway as the "NY&AR" or the the "NY&A".  I was informed (08 Jan 2000) that they refer to themselves as the "NYA", verified it on their official page, and have corrected this page accordingly (SB,III).

NYA #270 at Fresh Pond

New York & Atlantic GP38-2 #270 freshly repainted in NYA colors, May 15, 1999,
on ex-NY Connecting Railroad trackage (Conrail) in Middle Village, Queens
(under Metropolitan Avenue, adjacent to the "M" Train station)
[Note the date (1916) on the overpass.]
Photographer:  B. Ente
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full image.]

To save you the trouble of loading the large image, here is the date, enlarged for you:

Metropolitan Ave. Overpass Date - 1916
[Detail of above photo by B. Ente.]

The New York & Atlantic Railway is a small, privately-held, railroad operating company which has leased all freight operations from the Long Island Rail Road.

The New York Connecting Railroad Society held its annual meeting and tour on Saturday, June 17, 2000.  The tour began at 09:00 with a photo session and discussion of the Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria.  After interfering with, being impeded by, and cheering on a race for physically-challenged athletes, the group then moved on to Glendale where they enjoyed a five hour tour of the New York & Atlantic Railway, beginning at Fresh Pond Yard, down to the Bay Ridge Yard, with its new float bridges, on the Brooklyn waterfront, and return.

For a virtual tour of the New York and Atlantic Railway, including the Hell Gate Bridge, NYCR ROW, Fresh Pond Yard, East New York Tunnel, Along the ROW, ROW by N Train at 65th Street, Bay Ridge Yard at 65th Street, and the Bay Ridge Branch, click here to begin your journey, courtesy of Tom Scanello, and

then get a different slant on the trip at Steve Lynch's NYCRR site and link on through FRESH POND JUNCTION, GLENDALE, NY; and BAY RIDGE FREIGHT LINE, BROOKLYN, NY for more pictures and descriptions of the railfan trip,

but y'all hurry back, y'heah?

NYA #268 at Fresh Pond

First run of NYA #268 in green livery, on train RS-30, June 18, 1999 (#270 trails).
Photographer:  B. Ente

New York & Atlantic Railway Trackage and Interchanges:

[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full image.]

The NYA has a connection at Fresh Pond to the old New York Connecting Railroad, which includes the old LIRR Bay Ridge Branch from the float bridges on the Brooklyn waterfront through to a connection with Conrail over the Hell Gate Bridge* and into Oak Point Yard in the Bronx, thus accessing and connecting all freight traffic south and west of New York City and all freight traffic north and east into New England and Canada.

Operating over Long Island Rail Road trackage, fitting freight traffic into the passenger schedules of the world's busiest commuter railroad (no mean feat but one that was done long before), the NYAR is in effect a "bridge" line, as is the New York Cross Harbor Railroad with which it connects at Bay Ridge.  the NYCHRR operates car float service between Conrail/CSX at Greenville Terminal in New Jersey and Bay Ridge (the only remaining rail-marine float operation in New York Harbor (others included the NYCH predecessor, the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal RR).

The reported possibility that the 65th Street float terminal, also on the Brooklyn waterfront, may get new float bridges and be put back into operation, with the NYA operating both the marine and rail services, has now become, in part, reality.  B. Ente reported (24 May 1999) that New York City selected the NYA to run the yard and that initial plans are to use the yard for storage, switching, and intermodal service; there is a float bridge adjacent to the yard, but at this time it is not part of the agreement.

Bernie added (31 May 1999):  "On May 21, 1999, the City of New York awarded the 65th Street Railroad Yard in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to New York & Atlantic Railway of Glendale, Queens.  The use of 65th Street will allow NYA to establish a major intermodal yard where railcars will be loaded onto carfloats and/or railcar freighters.  Hundreds of trucks will be removed from the streets and highways."

WOW!  "Our boys" sure don't waste any time!  Again per Bernie (02 Jun 1999):  "On Wednesday, June 2, New York & Atlantic Railway operated the first ever revenue train into the 65th Street Rail Yard in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  This is the first time the yard has been officially put into service since it was rebuilt by the City of New York in the mid-1970's.  At about 1:00 p.m., NYA train RS-100 rolled into the yard with 26 loads of plastic pellets for the transload center."

Here is a Polaroid photo taken by the train crew:

First NYA Train in 65th St Yard

NYA 65th Street Yard:

NYA 65th St Yard Map
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full (90Kb) image courtesy B. Ente.]

Dec 98 Xmas Party NYA #270 at Fresh Pond
On December 23, 1998, NYA hosted Santa and his helper
(General Superintendent Steve Sanders and daughter)
at a party for the neighborhood children.
Photographer:  B. Ente
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full image.]

  He comes back each year; and a grand time is had by all (here's 1999):

Dec 99 Xmas Party NYA #106 at Fresh Pond Dec 99 Xmas Party NYA #106 at Fresh Pond Dec 99 Xmas Party NYA #106 at Fresh Pond
Info. and photo from B. Ente

About 250 children attended in 1999 in clear but cold weather.

The caboose is an ex-LIRR cabin car, carpeted and painted inside but basically gutted.  Electric heaters kept it warm inside.  NYA has since restored it as their "executive caboose".

The festivities for 2002 were featured in color on the front page of the Ridgewood Times Newsweekly for 27 Dec 2002.   new.gif (29 Jan 03)

It is also possible that the NYA may reinstall the Degnon switch on the Montauk Cutoff and renew rail service to Degnon Terminal after some 15 years!  Kearney Terminal may also be reopened.

Of historical note (already!); the NYA started off in 1997 with two GP10s from Conrail, now gone since the ex-LIRR GP-38-2s came on the property.  Several readers have asked about them, so here is #202 (ex-CR/PC #7595, formerly PRR #7261) as she looked when freshly repainted in early NYA livery:

NYA GP10 #202 Fr Pd
(image cropped from photograph by, and all rights reserved to, B. Ente - info. from Bill Russell)
[Full image on Bill Russell's site - see below - and also see below for another shot with #201.]

{Hey!  If this is an early livery, freshly repainted, how come there is an SW hiding on the left in the current bright green livery?}

[Note also that #201 was CR/PC #7589, formerly PRR # 7248, and that both GP10s were next on the Louisville & Indiana Railroad (another LI!).  I was advised (01 Sep 2001) that #202 was sent to the west coast to L&I's sister railroad Pacific Harbor Belt.]

REALLY SERIOUS FREIGHT returns to LI!  Here is CSX train YAOP-33 [Oak Point (Bronx) to Fresh Pond (Queens)] on the Hell Gate Bridge* on Sunday, 19 Sep 1999, at 16:10 (an eastbound Amtrakker had just passed the freight):

CSX YAOP33 on Hell Gate 19 Sep 99
Photographer:  B. Ente
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full image.]

Will you just look at all that power?

[* - Hell Gate fans might wish to look at a Z-scale (1:220) version proposed in the Webmaster's Z-Scale Hell Gate Bridge article in Ztrack Newsmagazine.]

On 17 April 1999, the Long Island Sunrise-Trail Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society had a rail tour, led by Gene Collora, who retired from the LIRR late that year (he was also then VP of the LIST Chapter), which stopped at Fresh Pond; as Bernie Ente put it, "Gene's the MAN!"

Gene Colorra
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full (90Kb) image courtesy B. Ente.]
(Photographer:  B. Ente)

Then on 15 May 1999, the NY Connecting RR Society had a tour which included the NYA; busy bunch at Fresh Pond!  Bernie Ente put that one together, so: Bernie's (also) the MAN!

Have you seen the article, "Long Island's Freight Revival", in the May 1999, TRAINS magazine?  It's subtitled "New York & Atlantic plans for growth while co-existing with the nation's busiest passenger railroad" and can be seen on the TRAIN's website under storyARCHIVE.

Here's the New York & Atlantic Railway's new 65th Street Yard on the Brooklyn waterfront on 04 Aug 1999 at 9:30am .  You are looking SW from from 2nd Avenue, with lower New York Bay in the distance.  Storage tracks are on the left and the transfer yard is on the right.

NYA 65th St. Yard
[Thumbnail image - click on the picture for the full (90Kb) image courtesy B. Ente.]
[Info. and photograph courtesy of B. Ente]

Late Breaking News

(Moved to Continuation Page 1 on 10 Mar 2000)

There are at least two other sites with a wealth of information on, and photos of, the NYA:

Bill Russell's New York & Atlantic Railway Page and

  his new New York & Atlantic Railway Info Page and

Alan Schenkel's Locollection: Illustrated New York & Atlantic Roster.

    [URL "http://www.lirr.net/" no longer works.]

Happy surfing!

Your Webmaster has selected the NYA (or, more accurately, its Fresh Pond Yard and NYCRR interchange, and now the 65th Street Yard) as a perfect example of a Vest Pocket Railroad You Can Model.

65th Street will be a blessing for rail-marine afficionados and modelers!

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Give Credit Where Credit is Due Department

Your Webmaster belongs to other rail groups and subscribes to some rail magazines and reads many more; here are some linked related recommendations:

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Kudos to Bill Russell, ex of NYU; Bill has a RR site that is unbelievable; I've never seen all of it, but there are zillions of pages about NY metropolitan area railroading and rail-marine operations (car floats, ferries, pocket terminals, BEDT, NYCH, LIRR and PRR, tugs) etc.  Take a look starting with this master link page.

No fallen flags here, both Old Glory and the LIRR soldier on proudly, but ALCo FA-1 Powerpack #615 is no longer on the LIRR and was waiting to be shipped off-island when Bernie Ente caught this bitter-sweet image of her and our flag at the NYA's Fresh Pond Yard on a rainy Sunday, 12 March 2000:

615 12Mar00 NYA FPY flag
{Photograph 12 Mar 2000 by and courtesy of B. Ente - all rights reserved.]

This main NYA page overloaded, necessitating the creation of NYA Continuation Page 1; be sure to visit it, also.

This page is hosted as a courtesy to the New York & Atlantic Railway by S. Berliner, III


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