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Treasures - on the preceding page, I mention that I found all sorts of treasures when I dug out my Russian KV-122 model.  It has bothered me that I have all these 1940-1960 models, both factory-built and kit-made, in every state of condition, and no real use for them, other than to look at them with great nostalgia now and then.  Well, I lost both grandmothers long ago and my mother a bit more recently, so I can't sell them off, but I can "de-accession" my models if anyone really wants to give them a good home.  I did that wth my Comet AUTHENTICAST ~HO soldiers and the Honest John Missile Launcher and have no lasting regrets, so I guess I could do so with much of the rest of my expression of severe pack-rat syndrome.

I received an inquiry about a model of an LVT(A)4 as a gift for a fellow who served in one; I have the Comet AUTHENTICAST one in my set (which I won't break) but, as it happened, I had a vague recollection of one in about 1:35 scale, went down to the cellar to a box of old models, and, lo and behold, there she was, a 1958 Adams styrene kit I'd built rather carefully:

(05 May 05 photo by and © 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

She's a beauty, absolutely as good as the day I finished her some 45 years ago; the 75mm howitzer elevates with a gentle breath, the turret turns smoothly, the two swivel .50s turn and elevate easily, the wheels all turn, and the tracks are still supple!

Oddly, she measures out at 7¾" long and the prototype was 26' long, so that comes out to 1:40, which is not a scale with which I am familiar; but then I don't remember Adams, either.

Well, some money (NOT an insignificant amount but she's mint and I put a lot of work into it) is changing hands, she's packed MOST carefully, and it's "By-bye, baby!"

I recall seeing an M3A1 half track with twin (or quad?) .50s, a Long Tom 155mm towed mount, a single 40mm AA towed mount (no one gets that one away from me!), a Weasel, a 37mm field piece with revetment, wind-up lithographed German "tin" tanks from Gama in three "scales", and who knows what else, and all that in only one box and there are more boxes!

Thinking about it, there should also be an M274 Mechanical Mule, an M34 "Jimmy II" 6x6 truck, an M55 8" SPH or M53 155mm SPG which I was going to convert to a T235 175mm SPG, and a tiny Matchbox Mighty Antar with a heavy trailer carrying a Centurion, to recall a few.

As I get a round tuit, I will dig out more of these gems and post them here.

Other old die-cast AFV/Ordnance models are shown on the Meccano/Dinky page, et seq. added.gif (06 Nov 2010)

Of course, I should show a bit of the monster Renwal 1:35{?} kit model of the M65 Atomic Cannon (30 Oct 2008):

Renwal 280 03 Renwal 280 04
(Cropped and altered from photos by H. Hildebrecht - all rights reserved)

More pix of this model are on the main Ordnance page.  That kit is worth hundreds, now; that's a LOT of money for a LOT of plastic!  Sure wish it were mine, though!

Rogers M4 Sherman Tank Model - Sometime shortly after World War II ended, probably n latye 1945 or early 1946, I saved up my pennies and treated myself to a MAJOR hobby kit, the wood Rogers M4 Sherman tank, which I seem to have built up rather carefully.  During my move from Long IsLand's North Shore to Boston's North Shore in 2011, it disappeared but turned up again recently.  The barrel, tracks (wood pieces on a paper tape base), and the bogies and such did not reappear with it, although some of the heavier pieces may yet lurk in an unpacked box.  Here she is some SEVENTY (70) years later:   new (02 Mar 2015)

RogersM4a RogersM4b

RogersM4c RogersM4d
(28 Feb 2015 photos by and © 2015 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Not too bad for an 11/12-year-old kid.  The turret swivel pin, a wood dowel of only about 1/16" diameter, just wasn't strong enough to survive so many moves.  I flipped the body and the turret over so you could get an idea of just how rough the wood was (and how much sealing and sanding I must have had to do on the outside!):

(28 Feb 2015 photo by and © 2015 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

She's some 14" long by 7" wide.  As I recall, they also made a single Bofors 40mm AA gun on the folding towed mount (M2A1) I still love dearly but that model is long gone from my arsenal.  I'd love to find out more about Rogers; nothing's turned up on Net searches.

M2A1 40mm Towed AA

How I'd love a good small-scale model of that one!  Wait, I have one - a badly smashed but reparable Airfix 00-scale (1:76) model; now all I have to do is find it and fix it (or replace it - if it's still made - Airfix A02314 with Morris CS8 15-cwt 4x2 General Service Truck)!

Airfix A02314 40mm Towed AA

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