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My brother-in-law is a Civil Engineer, my younger daughter is a Mechanical Engineer (among many other talents), her sister ran a high-tech firm, and my sister is both tech- and RR-savvy.  Between them and my many RR friends, I get some pretty fabulous RR jokes and pictures and it occurred to me that it's kinda selfish not to share them.  Soooo -   new.gif (06 Feb 2016)

Here we go (if some are duplicates from elsewhere on my site, my apologies):

Today's gem, which triggered all this, from my brother-in-law, is actually the result of an earth tremor:


He titled it "Fun" but for the MoW crew ii's no such thing; it's a "Sigh'n' Wave"!

Going back a ways, here' another engineering goodie:


That seems to be an ALCo RS-1; I do this all the time!

Then there's this oddity, a real oldie:

What the Hell?

Some people have weird senses of humor (like me):


Lastly, for the moment, this is what happens when you leave out the #2-56 truck screws:


Didn't I just do that last night?

- - - * - - -

You may well have seen some, or all, of these but check back in now and then; you never know what will turn up.

It wouldn't be right not to mention the fabulously-funny "Ol' Poker Face", Buster Keaton, who set up some of the funniest RR scenes ever filmed, especially his take on "The General", but what to me are the most technically-challenging RR stunts ever are his hilarious scenes around a replica of Stephenson's "Rocket", tender, baggage flat, and three stage-type coaches in the 1923 film, "Our Hospitality".  Keaton had a functioning replica built for the film (it was used again in the Al St. John film, "The Iron Mule", directed by Keaton's mentor, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle).  The whereabouts of the replica are unknown.  The story (such as it is) concerns a feud between the Canfields and the McKays (spoofing the Hatfields and McCoys).  For starters, Keaton's son, Buster, Jr., is the baby at the very beginning and his father, Joe Keaton, plays the engineer:   new (05 Jul 2017)

OurHosp_ OurHospKeatons

In this film, Keaton has the wildest trackwork ever to hold a locomotive and cars - how they don't derail is quite beyond understanding.  Representative stills/screenshots follow (more or less in order):

The track starts off smoothly, then develops vertical undulations that are gentle but end up as right-angle bends and the train actually goes over them, somehow:

OurHosp1 OurHosp9 OurHosp6

OurHosp3 OurHosp4

OurHosp5 OurHosp0

At one point, a bad boy throws a switch just as the engine and tender clear and the cars go off on a siding and pass the loco; in another sequence, the whole train ends up running just fine on a smooth road alongside the tracks; and, towards the end, a donkey stands alongside the right-hand rail and the crew can't budge it so they slide the rails and ties sideways to clear the donkey:

OurHosp- OurHosp8 OurHosp7

The whole film is full of brilliant technical feats, such as the famous scene where a wall blows down on Keaton but he stands exactly where an open second story window lands around him.  Still, you just HAVE to see this film; it's available free on the Net.

Steam lovers, see my Science and Technology page!  Ah, the power of steam!

There is an incredible simulation program by Charlie Dockstadter on steam valve gear available on the Alaska Live Steamers VALVE GEAR ON THE COMPUTER page.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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