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Railroad Enthusiasts (RRE) Page


This has GOT to be one of the weirdest pages I have ever posted!  If there is a central organization for The Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc., I'll be hanged if I can find it anywhere!

They DO have a logo, though:

[Image from Mass Bay RRE]

I made one up for the Mass Bay RRE (for my nametag):

[Image from Mass Bay RRE - enhanced iby SB,III]

When I moved from Long Island (NY)'s North Shore to Boston (MA)'s North Shore, my across-the-street neighbor (recently deceased) looked familiar and turned out to have been at a local NRHS meeting and was a member of the Mass Bay RRE.  It getting hard for him to drive at night, he invited me to the RRE meetings and I ended up not only driving him but enjoying the meetings so much that I "jined up".

Mass Bay has an excellent website and even gives links to the other Divisions:

Forest City Division, RRE (Parma/greater Cleveland area, Ohio)
Hartford Division, RRE
Old Dominion Division, RRE
St. Louis Division, RRE (The St. Louis Railway Enthusiasts, Inc.)

However, only the Forest City and St. Louis Division links work; Old Dominion doesn't have a site and Hartford's link is unworkable!

[At least, I know Hartford is active; I gave them a presentation on NY Harbor Rail-Marine Operations on 17 Jul 2015!]   rev (13 Apr 2016)

Looks like I'll have to do some digging.

AHA!  Stay tuned - something's in the wind.   new (13 Apr 2016)

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