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WECX 801
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SCHNABEL and other

(and highway variants)


Schnabel Car WECX 801 Background - WECX 801 is a near-twin to WECX 800, the former CEBX 800, previously by far the world's largest railroad car, built for Combustion Engineering in Sep 1980 by Krupp.  After passing throughj ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) hands, CEBX 800 was purchased by Westinghouse to support their installation of new AP1000 1,100MWe two-loop pressurized water reactors (PWR) at the Southern Company’s Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant (Plant Vogtle - two units) in Burke County, near Waynesboro, Georgia, and at South Carolina Electric & Gas Company's Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station (two units) near Jenkinsville, Fairfield County, South Carolina.  CEBX 800 was thereupon renumbered as WECX 800. Apparently, the amount of material to be shipped to the two plants was so great that Westinghouse commissioned Kasgro Rail in New Castle, Pennsylvania, a major operator and builder of heavy-load railcars, to build another such car, very slightly heavier, completed in 2012 and designated as WECX 801.

WECX 800 (the RED car) was put into service for Plant Vogtle in Georgia and WECX 801 (the BLUE car) for the Summer Plant in South Carolina, shuttling between the ports of Savannah and Plant Vogtle and Charleston and Summer Station.  WECX 800 experience a minor glitch when it's 370-ton load shifted (no fault of the car) but WECX 801, already in serious trouble for bad welds and apparently being returned light to Kasgro, lost both load arms just outside Charleston in the wee hours of 22 Jun 2014.  The undercarriage (trucks, all span bolsters, including the control shacks, and the towbar) seem to have survived unscathed and continued on their way without the arms.  The undercarriages, still towbar-connected, arrived back at Kasgro on 19 Nov 2014, leaving the load arms.behind and us with a big puzzle.

- - - * - - -

WECX 801 Update (15 Sep 2014) [moved from main WECX 801 page 31 Jul 2015] - "word from sources" (highly-placed sources) confirms that the car was not loaded and was being returned for "bad welds".  Big Blue must be having fits!  "Red and ready" must refer to ink, eh?  How the car came apart is still a mystery and there was no word (yet) that the load arms were moved (see below, Further WECX 801 Updates) nor what the car's fate will be.   added (15 Sep 2014) and rev (31 Jul 2015)

Oops!  I forgot to post these screenshots from a 28 Oct 2014 "Shermanta" video of NS 054 heading northeast1 from the NS Lurgan Branch on Sunday, 26 Oct 2014) after tying down in Camp Hill2, PA, and continuing over the Rockville Bridge and down into Enola Yard "for some needed repairs".  "Needed repairs", eh? HA!   added (19 Nov 2014) and rev (12 Dec 2014)

[1 - Northeast?  Northwest is far more likely for the overall trip from Charleston to New Castle.]

[2 - NO WAY!  That can't be right.  Camp Hill is on the West Shore (of the Susquehanna), as is Enola;
        BOTH places are WEST of the Rockville Bridge!
        This picture had to have been taken from Marysville, just north of Enola, looking southeast.]
  added (12 Dec 2014)

(Screenshot from 26 Oct 2014 Shermanta video - all rights reserved)
[Click on thumbnailed image for larger picture.]

WECX 801 Going Home w/b across Rockville Bridge.

WECX801GoHome1  WECX801GoHome2  WECX801GoHome3  WECX801GoHome4
(Screenshots from 26 Oct 2014 Shermanta video - all rights reserved)
[Click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures.]

WECX 801 Going Home w/b (south) into Enola Yard.

WECX801GoHome5  WECX801GoHome6  WECX801GoHome7
(Screenshots from 26 Oct 2014 Shermanta video - all rights reserved)
[Click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures.]

WECX 801 Going Home w/b (south) into Enola Yard.

The Enola shots show the two empty Calotte shells and the tow bar from rarely-seen angles.

Here's more - old shots of the same move across Rockville just received from Phil Gilson:   new (31 Jul 2015)


(Pictures courtesy of P. Gilson - all rights reserved)
WECX 801 Going Home w/b (south) into Enola Yard.

Phil threw in this shot of 801 light as she was supposed to be, just for comparison:

(Picture courtesy of P. Gilson - all rights reserved)

That second shot intrigued me; here's an enlargement showing the drawbar silhouetted against the bridge railing and a bridge sign, with the glad hands and drawbar stands:

(Detail of picture courtesy of P. Gilson - all rights reserved)

- - - * - - -

More updating (19 Nov 2014) - Vince Skibo caught the 801, drawbar-coupled but still sans arms, in the yard at Kasgro in New Castle in front of the old P&LE Roundhouse.  Note her enormous size compared to what appears to be a little GE 25-ton switcher at far left:   new (19 Nov 2014)

WECX801Kasgro19Nov14-1  WECX801Kasgro19Nov14-2
(19 Nov 2014 V. Skibo photographs - all rights reserved)
WECX 801 Light w/o Arms

Note also that she has new windows or storms and screens added and has an odd yellowish block, like an elongated mail slot, under the outer side cab windows at the A1 end.  This latter first appeared after delivery and is probably nothing more than more of the reflective tape applied all over both sets of half-cars.

The low, early-morning sun angle prevented much detail from showing; I even tried my best to "pop" the long shot but failed miserably:

(Cropped and lightened from V. Skibo 19 Nov 2014 photograph - all rights reserved)
WECX 801 Light w/o Arms

Just for fun (and sizing), here's the Kasgro yard at Rundle Road with the P&LE Roundhouse and that little switcher (red arrow):

KasgroRundle  KasgroSwtchr
Kasgro Rundle Road Yard

Now, here's a coincidence of all coincidences (fate? karma?); just as I finished writing "Kasgro DOES use a pair (or more) of Red 'n' Ready GE 25-tonners in their New Castle, PA, yard; presumably they shunt the Schnabels", on my AnimGIF page 2, in came an e-mail from Vince Skibo with another picture of WECX 801, still sans load arms, being - no fair, you guessed! - being shunted by one of the Red 'n' Ready GE 25-tonners!  I kid you not.   He works nearby and has the opportunity (and courtesy) to take and share grabshots.  He caught "a great little interplant Caboose Hop Move to clear off the track next to the Paint Shop building but {he} was unable to get a photo".  "Yard Goat/3 Rider Cars/Yard Goat/2 Rider Cars/Yard Goat".  However, he did manage to get this one below (on Wednesday, 20 Nov 2014):   new (21 Nov 2014) and rev (12 Dec 2014)

(20 Nov 2014 V. Skibo photograph - all rights reserved)
WECX 801 Light w/o Arms & Kasgro GE 25-ton Yard Goat leaving Kasgro Rundle Road Yard

"They were just knocking the hand brakes off of the 801"; it "was being pulled from the NCIR Interchange Track next to Kasgro roundhouse for a spot next to the Paint Shop building".  "The little Yard Goat makes for an interesting contrast not only to the size of the car but to the big power used to move the car over-the-road".  "It’s easy to see the centipede-like footing the car has over the slight undulation and curvature of the track".  "Once the car has cleared the switch, the man standing next to the car will throw the switch to have the car placed alongside the paint shop".  "Interesting to note that they are only using a single goat for this move, as when the car is complete, they typically use one at each end".

Thank you, Vince!

The beat goes on - Vince dug up some older pix of the Rundle Road Kasgro facility showing some of the various GE 25-ton yard goats:   new (24 Nov 2014)

KasgroRundle01  KasgroRundle02
(2013 V. Skibo photographs - all rights reserved)
Kasgro Rundle Road Yard

The wide shot shows two dinkies at the Paint Shop; I have marked up the picture to show both the P&LE Roundhouse and the Paint Shop (I also added a callout about the latter to the large aerial shot above).

The big building at lower left in the above large aerial shot extends much further south and, at the other end, there's another 25-ton dinky:

Kasgro Rundle Road Yard

I have accepted the 30K page size limit (from AT&T WorldNet days) and had added the transcribed text (and then some) from the 22 Jun 2014 FNGFASHA video to the 801 page which about did it for that page - more info. has required this new page (31 Jul 2015).

- - - * - - -

Further WECX 801 Updates

When last we visited the question of what was happening with the damaged load arms of WECX 801, at WECX 801 Updates on 19 Nov 2014, they were still in a field outside Charleston.  Clearly, they were not going to stay there but would they be returned to Kasgro or scrapped in situ or in a local yard?  Well, now we know, thanks to the indomitable Vince Skibo.  Vince always seems to be on-the-spot when we need him (and armed with a camera)!

When Vince pulled into the New Castle rail yard on the morning of 09 Dec 2014, he found KRL 340327 (with #1 arm) and KRL 32970 (with #2 arm) sitting there with the inverted load arms on them, in company with KRL 164000: rev (07 May 2016)

armshome  armshome2  armshome3  armshome4
(09 Dec 2014 V. Skibo photographs - all rights reserved)
{click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images}

Load Arms in New Castle, 09 Dec 2014

armshome5  armshome6  armshome7
(09 Dec 2014 V. Skibo photographs - all rights reserved)
{click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images}

Load Arms in New Castle, 09 Dec 2014

Now we know.  Neither Westinghouse nor Kasgro even bothered to clean the dirt off the arms!  What an ignominious ending!  What's next (other than a huge lawsuit)?

- - - * - - -

Well, - as of 18 Aug 2106, both load arms and the "B" half of the undercarriage for WECX 801 are under roof in the Kasgro building next to the CSX #1 Main.  Vince Skibo spotted the change and shot the "A" half of the undercarriage, with the 4,100# drawbar dangling from the pocket, still sitting outside next to the paint booth.  Here are his pix of the drop-center flats which held* the arms and others (with the front of one of the GE 25-tonners), the inner "B" end peeking out of the shed (with the drawbar pocket visible), and the drawbar just hanging around with the inner "A" end: new (21 Aug 2016) and rev (01 Sep 2016)

801vs002  801vs004
(18 Aug 2016 photographs by and © 2016 V. Skibo - all rights reserved)
{click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images}

Kasgro, New Castle, 18 Aug 2016

What a mess!  Look at the scarring on the drawbar and especially look at how the lift ring is scarred and bent heavily to the right (toward the "B" end) and probably away from the camera!  That took some hit!  No wonder they just left the drawbar hanging around.  The left ear on the bar looks bent (as does the whole bar) but a straight edge on a screen-width blow-up shows this not to be the case.  Might one thus assume a load arm creamed the bar as it flew by?  With all that weld exam (or intended exam) before the flip, one might well think they are stripping the arms of anything of use and scrapping them.

I couldn't find any NTSB report on the flip so I had asked for a docket but got a meaningless answer so I tried again more recently with no response to date.

* - Oops!  I miscaptioned the drop-center flat pic above.  Vince advises that the red d.c. car is NOT one of the transport cars.  "The two depressed center flats that brought the arms back to Kasgro were the red cars KRL 340327 and KRL 32970.  The arms were removed and those cars returned to regular service elsewhere.  The two grey depressed center flats that held the arms while in storage at Kasgro were KRL 150 & 151." (01 Sep 2016)

"Below is a January 15, 2015 image of the arms on the KRL 150 & 151 storage cars." As far as Vince knows, "KRL 150 & 151 are used for interplant movements / storage and no longer go out on interchange service."

(15 Jan 2015 photographs by and © 2015 V. Skibo - all rights reserved)
{click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images}

Kasgro, New Castle, 15 Jan 2015

  Now we know; thanks, Vince.

- - - + - - -

Tom Daspit noted the car ends in storage at Kasgro in a Nov 2016 Google Earth satellite view:   new (20 Nov 2016)

(Nov 2016 image courtesy of T. Daspit - all rights reserved)

Tom thinks that huge blue-grey DC flat car at the upper right may be the KWUX 200.  Now, just what is that orange DC flat car?

I picked up the same cars on Google Maps:

KasgroNov16a KasgroNov16b
(20 Nov 2016 images S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

You can even make out the empty Calotte shells from space!

Latest WECX 801 News - The latest authoritative word is that WECX 800 is to be loaded for possibly the last time at Charleston, NC, ca. March 4.  From a railfan's standpoint, that would be a damend shame.  Unless Kasgro or some other heavy transportation firm steps in, that may be the end of "Big Red", especially since other equally-authoritative sources say that "Big Blue" (the car, WECX 801) seems to be making some progress towards returning to the rails after her big mishap.   new (07 Feb 2017) 11 May 2017 Vince Skibo was able to get some "over-the-fence" shots at New Castle of   added (__ Mar 2018) Finish this! ====== ==== On 20 Dec 2016, in the MR Forums, Dave Nelson took issue with my "chaotic" 801 page (preceding); can't argue with that but it would have neen more helpful if he had specified just whatever it is he'd like fixed.&nbp; I try to get my links sqiuared away but keep adding more stuff as it turns up.  Accordingly, here's the latest "spy-in-the-sky" shot showing the two half cars drawbar coupled at Kasgro, still without load arms, at right, and one load arm on a flat at left.  I must assume the other arm was in the shop.   new (06 Mar 2018)

(06 Mar 2018 image S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Wonder when, if ever, we'll see 801 back in service?  Reda on!

- - - * - - -

[more to follow]

Should you have a hankering for an elegant model of CEBX/WECX 800 or WECX 801, see Mark Runyan's simpy-stunning N-scale (1:160) Schnabel car in resin and etched brass [featured information moved to Even More Schnabel Car Models on page 5 on 24 Aug 2012]; here are teasers:.

(CAD image courtesy of M. Runyan from T. Daspit - all rights reserved)

(CAD image courtesy of M. Runyan - all rights reserved)

[Detailing on 801 has yet to be applied.]
More details to follow.

WECX 801 was back out in Kasgro’s yard, and was located close enough to photograph.  Repainted in Kasgro's Red n' Ready scheme, but retaining black trucks, the car has been redesignated as KRL 3601, as evidenced by a freshly repainted truck side frame so stenciled.


Effective mid-2012, Westinghouse had renumbered Krupp-built CEBX 800
to WECX 800 and twinned it with Kasgro-built WECX 801 which latter
then took the title of the largest RR car in the world.  Effective late
2018, Kasgro apparently bought WECX 800, renumbered it KRL 3600,
and bought back WECX 801, repaired (rebuilt?) it, repainted it in
Kasgro Red 'n' Ready RED, and, effective ca. early Jul 2019,
has renumbered it KRL 3601.
[Most references to CEBX/WECX 800 and WECX 801 herein have NOT been changed.]
{Note revised 14 Jul 2019}

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