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    Mammoet/ETARCO Mammoth Rail Loads.

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On this Schnabel Continuation Page 4:

    Schnabel Models - continued.
    Dave Allen's Concept Models Schnabel Kits. (moved here 17 Jan 05)
    500-ton GEX 80003 - World's Largest Drop-Center Flat Car
        (and 450-ton GEX 80000 and 440-ton GEX 80002 Drop-Center Flat Cars).
  rev (25 Jul 2014)
    Kasgro KRL 204000/1/2 20-axle 500-ton Drop-Center Flat Cars.   rev (25 Jul 2014)
    Bachmann HO Schnabel Models.
    Nisco Steel move in China. (moved here from Cont. Page 3 on 08 Dec 05)

On the Schnabel Continuation Page 5 (06 Feb 2012):

    Schnabel Car Geometry.
    Even More Schnabel Car Models.
    Schnabel Car Model Geometry.   new(15 Mar 2014)
    Even More Schnabel Car Models.
    Mark Runyan's 800-801 Models (24 Aug 2012).

On the Schnabel CEBX 800 Page:

    CEBX 800 in Houston - 28 Mar 2005.

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    MOVING LOCO #833

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    Danly Press
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    Road Load Models (moved from page 2 on 01 Mar 05)

Something has to lift these giant loads; see Big Cranes.

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SCHNABEL and other

(and highway variants)


If this subject interests you, you must also see Tom Daspit's site, linked below!

* - Spelling of the Name:  SCHNABEL vs. SCHNABLE - "Schnabel" is the KORREKT spelling!  It is the German word for "beak", which I originally thought referred to the beak-shaped loading arms, but now know was the name of the German inventor of the design ca. 1930 or so.  I don't know where or when I started using "Schnable", but it was wrong and I don't mind admitting my error.

Model Schnabel Cars - Continued

    (continued here from More Model Schnabel and other Giant Cars, in turn from Cont. Page 2)

The biggest news as of Jan 2006 was that from Dave Allen's Concept Models (see below); Dave had released the giant GEX 80003 drop-center flat car (and mine was on order and came in)!

Dave Allen's Concept Models Schnabel Kits

    [moved here from More Model Schnabel and other Giant Cars on 17 Jan 06]

Dave Allen's Concept Models produces resin kits of several major Schnabel cars, notably the WECX 102/301, WECX 200, HEPX 200 (Ontario Hydro), and GEX 40010, GEX 40013/14, and GEX 40017.

Dave also offers suitable loads for the specific cars, reactors, generators, transformers, and even the Mt. Palomar mirror for the WECX 200!

Here, by Dave's kind permission, are two of his kits and the finished, decorated models of the WECX 310 and the WECX 200:

CM-WECX102/301 CM-WECX200
(pictures courtesy of Concept Models - by permission - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed pictures; click on images for larger pictures]

(pictures courtesy of Concept Models by - permission - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed pictures; click on images for larger pictures]

As of Dec 2005, Concept offers a kit for CE/ABB's CEBX 800, and expects to have one in Jan 2006 for GE's giant GECX 80003 drop-center flat car, both still actively in use, plus one for CEBX 101 as well, available soon.  These kits are not inexpensive but my CEBX 800 is in and well worth the wait!

Here's the CEBX 800 development in progress, the pilot model going together, and the parts and parts list for a half-car:

CM-CEBX800-dev CM-CEBX800-pilot

CM-CEBX800-parts CM-CEBX800-p/l
(pictures courtesy of Concept Models - by permission - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed pictures; click on images for larger pictures]

Those black specks threw me; they are lead shot, embedded in the resin casting to give the requisite heft to the model.

Next we see two views of the first decorated half-car (decals are included in the kit):

(picture courtesy of Concept Models - by permission - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed picture; click on image for larger picture]

The special, white, heavy-duty, three-outer-spring, 125-ton truck frames, all EIGHTEEN (18) of them, are available as a separate kit (less wheelsets) for those who don't have their own; they take "standard" 38" wheelsets:

(pictures courtesy of Concept Models - by permission - all rights reserved)

Long and short loads and a "running light" (empty) kit (with side plates to hold the load arms together) are also available (as of 2008).

note-rt.gif - the CEBX 800 car is equipped with 38" wheels; modelers can order the proper wheelsets (to fit Dave's truck frames) from Northwest Short Lines as 38" (110mm wheel width) weathered nickel silver wheelsets with pointed axles (4 sets per pack), NWSL 37136-4 (Walthers p/n 53-371364).  You'll need eleven (11) packs, plus another for spare trucks on the support flats, if you so choose (I did).

Also, as Dave does not furnish a tow bar for running light, I made up a drawing for that:

(01/17 Jan 06 drawing by and © 2006 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image; click on drawing for larger image]

Houston, we have a problem!  Poor Dave has been told by an "expert" that CEBX 800 is equipped with 33" wheels, not 38" wheels, and that he was over where she's stored and measured them - 33"!  No way, sez I; if Krupp shows 38" on their drawings, which they do ( 965.2 / 38" DIA - and 965.2mm = exactly 38"), then you can be absolutely assured that that's what she runs on.  You can't get much more specific than that; besides, my original Krupp brochure, now mislaid, called out 38" wheels (but that's only on my say-so).  It would be stupid to swap out 38"-ers for 33"-ers because the side frames would sit far too low; besides, why make a giant truck frame for small wheels.  Since I can't just run over and check, I took one of Peter Robitaile's detail shots, lightened and rotated it, and superimposed dimension lines based on the known 6' (72") truck wheelbase:

CEBX 800 Wheel Dims.
(31 Jan 06 drawing by and © 2006 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
{on background cropped from P. Robitaille photo}
[Thumbnailed image; click on drawing for larger image]

Measure it out for yourself!

I also got my first package of NWSL 38" wheels today (31 Jan 06), so I fitted three of Dave's truck frames (raw) with a pair of the new NWSL 38" wheelsets, a pair of Kadee 36" wheelsets (from my mock-up), and a pair of Athearn 33" wheelsets (originally from the trucks used on the mock-up and which I'll use on GEX 80003); see for yourself how silly the 33"-ers look:

HO CEBX 800 Truck with Wheelsets
(31 Jan 06 photo by and © 2006 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Decide for yourself; I'm going with 38".

Here's a doctored crop from an Orazio photo of CEBX 800 with a caboose coupled directly that shows the difference quite clearly, even allowing for the distortion of a shallow-angle telephoto shot:

HO CEBX 800 and Caboose Wheels
(crop from Orazio photo doctored by SB,III 31 Mar 08 - all rights reserved)

Those big wheels on CEBX 800 tower over the caboose wheels; let's give it a rest, now.

Should you have a hankering for an elegant model of CEBX/WECX 800 or WECX 801, see Mark Runyan's simpy-stunning Schnabel car in resin and etched brass [featured information moved to Even More Schnabel Car Models on page 5 on 24 Aug 2012]; here's a teaser:.   rev (24 Aug 2012)

(photo courtesy of M. Runyan - all rights reserved)

The GEX 80003 500-ton drop-center flat car (the largest in the world) is the one of the GE cars that was off-loading a GE generator when the Jumbo heavy-lift ship Stellamare turned over as the load overswung in the port of Albany, New York on 09 Dec 2003 (with a loss of three Russian crewmen)@.  Dave's model kit is now available (and mine is in and fab!); here's the first fit-up and the resultant model (which runs on standard 33" wheels):   rev (25 Jul 2014)

GEX80003fitup GEX80003model
(pictures courtesy of Concept Models - by permission - all rights reserved)

@ - WRONG!   See below.

Incidentally, Weeks Marine's huge 750-ton #533 floating crane both picked up the Stellamare and loaded similar 308-ton GE generators on/off GEX 80003:

Weeks-11 Weeks-035
[Photos courtesy of Weeks Marine, Inc., by permission - all rights reserved]
(Click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures]

Here's a cropped enlargement of the car alone:

[Cropped enlargement of photo courtesy of Weeks Marine, Inc., by permission - all rights reserved]
(Click on thumbnailed image for larger picture]

Are those guys on the ropes gonna hold back 300+ tons?  Note that the shed housing the off-setting gear is off (left end).

    @ - Whoa!  I'm wrong, here!  That's clearly NOT GEX 80003 (16 axles instead of 20)!
          It appears to be 450-ton GEX 80000 (or maybe 440-ton 80002); I'll have to get back to you on this.

Well, it's really rather easy to differentiate GEX 80000 from GEX 80002, especially when you know Tom Daspit, although it should have been evident to me on my own all along.  As Tom points out, GEX 80000 (left, below) has smooth sides whereas GEX 80002 (center, below) has vertical braces (more properly web or bearing stiffeners) that connect the top and bottom webs, like the 80003 car (right, below):   new (25 Jul 2014) and rev (267 Jul 2014)

GEX80000 GEX80000 GEX80000
GEX 80000 (left) || GEX 80002 (center) || GEX 80003 (right)
(images cropped and lightened from photos in the collection of T. Daspit - all rights reserved)

    [Of course, GEX 80003 has two 6-wheel trucks outboard and two 4-wheel trucks inboard at each end and was BLUE at the time.]

Regardless, GEX 80003 was also at the pierside (light) when Stellamare flipped:

GEX8k3003 GEX8k30o7
GEX8k30o3 GEX8k3019
GEX 80003 alongside Stellamare in Albany 09 Dec 2003
[images (some cropped or marked) from the collection of T. Daspit - all rights reserved]

Sure looks like the big blue car was just about to be loaded when the disaster occurred!

Thanks, Tom!

Dave Allen/Concept has issued their 20-axle Kasgro ("Red and Ready") KRL 204000/1/2 500-ton Depressed Center Flat Cars and I now have my KRL 204002 car (the one owned by Specialized Rail Transport):   rev (25 Jul 2014)

(photo courtesy of SRT - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image; click on drawing for larger image]

Red-and-Ready, indeed!  Now all I have to do is build it!

(courtesy of Concept Models - by permission - all rights reserved)

Bachmann has announced (ca. Nov 2011) a weird (and expensive) Schnabel car model in HO in three color schemes which is supposedly a 380-ton car with 32-axles.  It appears to be a variant on the Krupp-built CEBX 800 with only 16 trucks and doesn't match the Krupp 32-axle German/Czech or Russian 500-tonners, either.  The three versions are:   new (01 Dec 2011)

80501 - Blue & Black with Gray Load and Black Trucks
80502 - Gray & Black with Oxide Load and Black Trucks
80503 - Red & Black with Gray Load and Silver Trucks



(pictures courtesy of Bachmann - all rights reserved)

These "North American style" abortions measure 25½" long (CEBX 800 is 39" in HO) and sell for "only" $250!  They feature 16 sets of 125-ton roller-bearing trucks with "prototypically correct" 36" metal wheels (CEBX 800 rides on 38" wheels in white trucks)!  If I'm right and these are a farce, what an enormous amount of work which could just as easily have resulted in an accurate CEBX 800 (somewhat akin to Tyco's "GG1" on B-B diesel trucks).

AHA!  They ARE a farce as far as North America goes but are based on a legitimate prototype, the Chinese 32-axle 380-ton Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Group type D38.  Bachmann took an existing Chinese model and doctored it with American trucks, couplers, and decoration.   added (02 Dec 2011)

See also More SCHNABEL (and other Giant Cars) MODELS and (yet) More SCHNABEL (and other Giant Cars) MODELS.
added (02 Feb 2012)

Additions to this list are always welcome.

Nisco Steel Move in China

    (moved here from Cont. Page 3 on 08 Dec 2005)

Here are two that are new to me; Brian Cooper sent me these views of the move of two 350 metric tonne roll housings for the 3.5m plate steckel mill at the Nisco Steel Works in Nanjing in central China (a steckel mill reduces steel plate from 300mm (12") cast slabs down to 4mm (¼") for ship plate, structural steels and pipe stock.  The housings were cast and machined by China First Heavy Engineering company in northeast China and were supposedly delivered by two Schnabel cars designed and detailed by Siemens VAI in Sheffield, UK [with my uninformed captions]:

NiscoTrackwork NiscoShopTruck
(photos courtesy of B. Cooper - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed pictures; click on images for larger pictures]

Trackwork (that'll get your hydraulics working!) / Shop Truck {automotively speaking}

That truck sure looks like what's left of an old WWII British artillery tractor to my untutored eye; it runs on an old single-cylinder engine from a dump truck (must have been quite a dump truck!).

NiscoArrival NiscoAlongside
Arrival of housing / Coming alongside the shop
{Clearly NOT a Schnabel car; appears to have the housing inside}

NiscoEasing-in NiscoUnloading
(photos courtesy of B. Cooper - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed pictures; click on images for larger pictures]

Easing into the shop / Unloading
Now, THAT is a Schnabel!
{I would suggest that the crated item shown is one of the rolls, NOT the housing}

Only one little problem, unless I misread the photos; one car is clearly a Schnabel whil(e)(st) the other is clearly either a gigantic well flat or even a through-well flat (more of an enormous, stretched out, multi-trucked gondola, with or without a floor).

Brian sent along four more shots of the Nisco operation; they are not Schnabel car photos but do give an impression of the sheer size of the housing and the clever jury-rigging the Chinese utilize to keep costs down (especially the rigging of a ceiling beam in the last picture):

NiscoDoorway NiscoTouchdown NiscoDropping NiscoRigging
(photos courtesy of B. Cooper - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed pictures; click on images for larger pictures]

In the Doorway / Touchdown / Dropping the Housing / Rigging (on a shoestring)
{indoor photos artificially lightened}

Clever, these Chinese!

I'm NOT depressed, just feeling flat, sort of like I'm in a well,
as if my center had dropped, through, heavy,
split and loaded down - too much on my plate.
I need to shift my load and inch through, if my plate has clearance.
Only joking!

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