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All pages on ultrasonics have been converted; for more detail, see the "Ultrasonics Index page".

For more detail about all other pages, see the sbiii.com Master Index at http://sbiii.com/home2.html and the alphabetical index at.http://sbiii.com/alphindx.html, et seq.

Some 485 pages are affected by this transfer; every effort was made to transfer all pages by the deadline.  Unfortunately, this was not even vaguely possible.  If some revised URLs do not work, they should be up and running within another month or so.  The same applies to internal links.  There is more work entailed (naturally) in all this than I ever dreamed about.  One thing that was done by the deadline was to transfer at least the main page of most major subjects.  That should have included the main pages of all of these (those main pages that have already been transferred are marked with an asterisk* - double asterisks** indicate that ALL pages of the subject have been converted - pages marked # were already on sbiii.com before conversion started):   rev (17 and 30 Mar, 26 Apr, and 30 Jul 2010; 17 Jan and 03 Aug 2011)

[Please note that these pages could ALSO have been accessed as URL http://berliner-ultrasonics.home.att.net/*.html,
a "vanity" URL (q.v.) that did not require the tilde (~), as was true of ALL of my old pages.}

Please also note that this effort was greatly slowed by a move from New York State to Massachusetts on 15 Jul 2010.

I have on occasion taken pity on readers who miss particular subjects and restored pages out of my intended sequence as a courtesy to them; you could always ask - hey, you never know (19 Jul 2011)!

note-rt - I am NOT necessarily adding new or rev icons as conversions are updated herein.

[Partial update 05 Mar 2020]

Adirondacks** - 3 pp
ALCo locomotives and autos**
Alphabetical Index** et seq. - 4pp
Animated RR GIFs** - 2 pp
Aviation** - 10 pp
Berliners** (Emile, Henry, etc.) et seq. - 7 pp
Comet AUTHENTICAST** et seq. - 10 pp (+ 2 pp#)
Automotive** et seq. - 6pp - see also:
    Chrysler, Jaguar, Mercedes, and SS
Berlinerwerke Apocrypha* et seq. - 48 pp; including:
    Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha** et seq. - 3 pp
    Berlinerwerke GG1 Apocrypha** et seq. - 3 pp
    Berlinerwerke Ruhnian State Railways (RSR) Apocrypha** et seq. - 11 pp
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga (Z-scale)** et seq. - 7 pp
Big Cranes** {see Heavy Lift}
Bowne House** - 10 Aug 2018
Brooklyn Historic Railway Association (and Atlantic Avenue Tunnel)* - 1 pg
Boxcabs* et seq. - 73pp
    [I'm slowly gaining ground on these, and hope to complete all survivor pages soon - 07 Jul 2012.]
  the late John Campbell's AGEIR and GE Boxcab pages** et seq. - 19pp
Chrysler** et seq. - 14 pp
Computer** - including:
Culture** 2 pages, - plus:
    Burma-Shave Signs*
    Encyclopædic Pseudodictionary** - 2pp
Stan Mott and the Cyclops** -
    much more originally on sbiii.com at Stan Mott** and CYCLOPS**
    HTML Color*
1855-1857 Dudgeon Steam Wagon**
Full Throttle** - 12pp
Fun Pages (3)**
Heavy Lift** - 2 pp - including:
    Big Cranes** - 2 pp
    see also Schnabel Cars under RR
History** - 3 pp plus
    History of Technology** - 1 p
Hobby** - 2 pp - plus:
    Erector Sets*
    Meccano and Dinky Toys** - 2 pp,
    Military Miniatures*
Horseshoe Curve** et seq. - 4 pp
Berlinerwerke-HO Saga** (HO-scale Horseshoe Curve, etc.) - 1 p
Jaguar Cars**, plus:
    SS and SS Jaguar Cars** et seq. - 8 pp
Long Island (and other) Live Steamers* - 1 p (27 Jul 2015)
Long Island Motor Parkway* et seq. - 51 pp, including:
    Motor Parkway Panel** (subsumed into the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society).
Long Island Rail Road** (and other Long Island railroads, et seq. - 24 pp, including the:
    Central Railroad of Long Island** (12 Aug 2014) and the:
    LIRR Historical Society (2 pp)** and the
    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad (BEDT) 2pp** (17 Jan 2017)
Long Island (history and such)** (5pp)
Mercedes Benz** et seq. - 5 pp
Model Railroading* et seq. - 8 pp
Muttontown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship**
Naval and Marine**
Ordnance** - 11pp - including the:
    Atomic Cannon** (3pp)
Pall Corporation and the HIPS Ultrasonic Cleaner** (2pp)
Pennsylvania RR** et seq. - 11 pp
Road Loads** (heavy haulage) - 10pp
Railroading* et seq. - 17 pp, including:
    Railroad Schnabel and other super-heavy freight cars** et seq. - 7 pp
    Marion River Carry Railroad** et seq. - 2 pp
    New York & Atlantic Railway Courtesy Page** et seq. - 2 pp (08 Aug 2012)
    Hostler Page* (11 Jun 2014)
    Railroad Eagles which decorate(d) RR Stations and Terminals** (17 Jan 2017)
Science and Technology** et seq. - 2 pp,, plus the
    Long Island Sound (NY-CT), Bering Strait (Alaska-Siberia), and
    NY Cross Harbor (NY-NJ) Tunnels, and the Nicola Tesla pages**.
The Smithdauian Institution*, an index to Berlinerwerke Apocrypha, Ephemera, and
    other just-plain Balderdash, Folderol, Gammon, and Fustian. (16 Dec 2016)
Tractors** et seq. - 2 pp,
Whyte System Railroad Page* (29 Oct 2016)
Z-Scale** (1:220 - and even smaller model railroad scales) et seq. - 25pp
    [now including the old Ztrack Magazine pages**, which are no longer current.] (05 Mar 2020)

[Partial update 05 Mar 2020]


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