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  StromBecKer Kits
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  Bill Ding
  HO Katy Box Car

On this StromBecKer Continuation Page 1:
  StromBecKer Ship Models.
  Buckley Class destroyer Escorts.
  Korean-Vintage Airplane Kits - (moved from the main StromBecKer page on 03 Nov 05)


The Strombeck-Becker Manufacturing Company

(or some such name)
[Material moved from main Aviation page 09 Mar 00 and from Aviation Page 3 on 24 Jun 03]

Just before World War II and through it, there was a line of wooden kits under the STROMBECKER name; they had detail parts made of wood that was so hard that the turnings, such as engine nacelles, couldn't be whittled to fit the wing sockets, etc.  They were so hard that it took hours of sanding to get them shaped; that's why my fleets of P-40s and Stratoliners never got built*.  Their railroad models were just as impossible to complete properly.

I put the main StromBecKer page up (24 Jun 03) to see what shook loose; on my other similar pages (Comet/Authenticast and such), all sorts of wonderful images and links have turned up.  Let me know what you can contribute, please.

note-rt.gif  The StromBecKer line is going to be REINTRODUCED and old catalogs are urgently needed to identify molds; please get in touch with me if you can offer any help.

(Actually, instruction sheets may well serve the same purpose.)

* - see the main StromBecKer page for further memories (and complaints) about cutting and sanding StromBecKer kit parts.

StromBecKer Ship Models

Here's what appears to me to be a weird one - a StromBecKer "battleship" (so-called), #5250:

(2007 photo by owner - all rights reserved)
StromBecKer #5250

This is either an after-sale cobber-up or a toy; the superstructure and turrets look like scale parts grafted onto a short toy deck and hull.  Maybe it's a pocket battleship?  Seriously, can anyone out there shed any light on what this oddity might be?

Buckley Class Destroyer Escort Models

CPO (USNR Ret'd.) Robert Haley, Director of the Nevada Military Museum (photos only, so far) served aboard the USS Marsh, DE-699, a sister ship of the USS Buckley, DE-51.  He kindly sent me copies of the instruction sheet for the ca. 1950 StromBecKer C19 model of the Buckley-class destroyer escorts to post here (ca. Jun 2008) for you:

StrombkrC19BuckleyObverse StrombkrC19BuckleyReverse
(2008 images courtesy R. Haley - all rights reserved)
[Click on thumbnailed pictures for very much larger (1.3Mb) images]

StromBecKer #C19 Buckley Class Destroyer Escorts

I shudder at the very thought of fairing that hull!  Thanks, Chief Haley.

Korean-Vintage Airplane Kits

(moved from the main StromBecKer page on 03 Nov 05)

About 300 or so mint Korean Police Action vintage Strombeck airplane kits turned up in the back of an old warehouse in a big box, pushed to the back and forgotten about.  They were in mint condition.  The kit boxes are red and white with black lettering and have the name "Woodline Solid Wood Model Kit" on them with "Made By Strombeck Mfg. Co., Moline, Illinois, For Bersted's, Monmouth, Illinois 61462".  There are 3 different models - F-86F Sabre Jet (Kit No. G-44), F-94 Starfire (Kit No. G-43), and D-558 Skyrocket (Kit No. G-42).  Each box states "No Carving Tools Required Just Sand, Assemble And Paint" {HA!}.  Inside each box is the wooden model wrapped in plastic along with decals, sandpaper and instructions.  These are thumbnailed images; please click on the picture for a larger image:

StromBkrBox1 StromBkrBox2 StromBkrBox3

[Oops!  StromBecKer's copywriter couldn't spell;
"hobbiests" should be "hobbyists".]

Oh, that's funny!


Of course not; they couldn't make a DENT in the wood!

StromBkrF86Aa StromBkrF86Ab

StromBkrF86Ac StrombkrF86Ad StrombkrF86Ae

StromBkrRF94a StromBkrF94b

StromBkrF94c StromBkrF94d StromBkrF94e

StromBkrD558a StromBkrD558b StromBkrD558c

StromBkrD558d StromBkRD558e

StrombkD558f StrombkD558g
(Sep 03 photos by owner - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed images; please click on the picture for a larger image]

GIANT JACKS! - from Albuquerque, NM, on 26 Mar 06 came photos of giant play jacks possibly cast by Dowst/Tootsietoy (probably in Zamac); they are approximately 6" and 9" across the spheres and weigh ca. 4 and 8 pounds:

GiantJacks GiantJackLarge GiantJackSmall
(Photos by sender -all rights reserved)

I can't read the markings and would appreciate anyone more knowledgeable (I've asked Dr. Toy) chiming in about who made these and when; I had a set when I was a young adult, perhaps ca. 1956-1965, but eventually tired of twirling them and gave them away (horrors!).

William Galloway Train #1837BT - I heard from a fellow in the San Antonio suburbs (ca. Jul 2007) who found a Galloway in a trunk, instructions and all!  I remember having one but that's all.  Does anyone have pix or info.?

See also the main StromBecKer page.


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