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Long Island Unitarian Page

note-rt  @ - Since I moved from Long Island to Massachusetts in mid-2010,
this page is now essentially CLOSED (it might NOT be maintained).



(the Unitarian Universalist movement
on Long Island)



Long Island UU History
Local UU Churches in my former@ area of Long Island, New York (moved from UU Page 08 Oct 2000)
  Huntington Universalist Society (moved from UU Page 08 Oct 2000)


UU History
Sojourner Truth - "Ain't I a Woman?"
Olympia Brown - first ordained female minister
Purposes and Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association
Other Unitarian Groups
UU Christian Fellowship
UU Principles and Purposes
Personal - Readings, Sermons
    (including Thomas Jefferson disclaimer)
BenedictUUs III

See also the UU Partner Church Program in Erdély (Transylvania); there is a large and historically-significant Unitarian presence there and we try to maintain close contact with our brothers and sisters in Erdély.  An expanded history of Unitarianism, especially of its founding in Transylvania, appears there.

    Reference is made on the UU page to the Flushing Remonstrance and the Bowne House, an early American declaration of religious freedom and an early Dutch-era house still standing in Flushing, and to inventor Lewis Howard Latimer, whose house also still stands in Flushing; Flushing is on Long Island.

Long Island UU History

There are several very old Universalist churches on Long Island, notably the All Souls Universalist Bethlehem Church (Federated) [which includes the former First Universalist Church of Williamsburg (1845)] in Brooklyn (yes, Brooklyn IS on Long Island!) and The First Universalist Church of Southold (1835), noted on the UU page and below.

I also mention on the UU page that Sojourner Truth was on Long Island in 1843, walking from New York City to Huntington (about 40 miles) to preach about God and advocate abolition, women's right, and other causes (per NEWSDAY, 03 Feb 1998, page A28).

John and Abigail Adams were members of the First Parish Church* of Quincy, Massachusetts, and, in 1826, shortly after his father's death, John Quincy Adams (their second of five children) formally affiliated with the Quincy church, conceding at the time that he should have taken the step thirty years earlier, but, to my surprise, JQA (as he identified himself) and Louisa Adams were also residents of Long Island, summering in Deer Park from about 1835 until his death in 1848 (ref.:  NEWSDAY, page A32, Tuesday, 13 Aug 2002).  The John Quincy Adams Elementary School at 172 Old Country Road in Deer Park sits on JQA's former estate and has a portrait of JQA donated by family members in its main lobby.

    (* - where all four Adamses are buried)

Local UU Churches
in my (former@) area of Long Island, New York
(moved from UU Page 08 Oct 00)

There are three major churches (and there WAS one very small one in this immediate area (northern Nassau* County, Long Island's "North Shore", the so-called "Gold Coast", and neighboring north-west Suffolk* County).  The three big congregations are the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock (formerly Plandome), in East Hills, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Central Nassau in Garden City, and the small one was the Muttontown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  They can be reached (and linked) as noted:

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
(formerly the North Shore Unitarian Universalist Church at Plandome)
48 Shelter Rock Road (in East Hills,
about half way between Northern Boulevard/Route 25A
and the LI Expressway/Route 495, on the west side)

Manhasset, New York  11030

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington
109 Brown's Road (between Southdown and West Shore Roads -
technically just a few miles east of the Suffolk County line -
north of the village, between the public school and Coindre Hall)

Huntington, New York  11743

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Central Nassau
223 Stewart Avenue (half way between Franklin Avenue and
Clinton Street, on the northwest corner of Washington Avenue)

Garden City, New York  11530

The Muttontown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
[formerly@ located in Muttontown, with a mailing address in East Norwich,
CLOSED in late 2014.

These churches are all members of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and of its Metro New York District  Although we are non-creedal, we subscribe to certain mutually-accepted purposes and principles.  These purposes and principles by which we abide are on the UU page.

[* - Historical Note - notice the county names;

    Nassau was the easternmost extent of Dutch Nieuw Amsterdam,

    while Suffolk was the western end of English settlement.]

I mention the Southold (Long Island) church (The First Universalist Church of Southold - UU) on the UU page and urge Long Islanders and visitors to Long Island to visit this historic church.

Huntington (NY) Universalist Society

At 6 Nassau Road, on the east side just south of Main Street (Northern Boulevard/North Hempstead Turnpike/Route 25A) up the hill on the northeast corner of Platt Place, in Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York (11743), sits a beautiful old house which is the local meeting place of the DAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, an organization long spoofed by the late Helen Hokinson and hardly noted for its tolerance, diversity, or openness.

Univ Soc Hunt SSE
(View to the SSE)
[Low-res. image restored 24 Oct 2003]

The rest of my 07 Oct 2000 photos appear to be lost forever, so I went there on 28 Oct 2003 and shot new images:

Univ Soc Hunt 3 ESE
(View to the East-Southeast - TH)

Univ Soc Hunt 4 SE
(Detail of entry - view to the Southeast - TH)

Univ Soc Hunt 0 NE
(View to the Northeast)

Univ Soc Hunt 5 NNE
(View to the North-Northeast)

Univ Soc Hunt 6 NNW
(View to the North-Northwest - TH)
(28 Oct 2003 photos by and © 2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

[I can no longer remember for what the "TH" stands! (19 Nov 2019)]

Sorry, the sun was at a bad angle on some of these and the south wall is obscured by foliage.

This venerable structure has several bronze plaques from the DAR but, far more importantly, it bears this ancient, painted wooden plaque on the south side of the west (front) wall (visible at the far right in the above photos):

Univ Soc Hunt 2 E
(Detail of plaque - view to the East)
(28 Oct 2003 photo by and © 2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)


Now, there is just NO WAY one can claim the DAR as a "religious denomination"!

I (personally) should like to question the DAR's title to this place and would like to make it a long-term project of the local churches (under the Long Island Area Council), the Metro NY District, the NY State Convention of Universalists, and the UUA itself, to reacquire this house and grounds and make it into a UU meeting hall and museum.


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note-rt  Since I moved from Long Island to Massachusetts in mid-2010,
this page is now essentially CLOSED (it might NOT be maintained).

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