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Z-Scale Model Railroad Index Page


NOTE:  Page size was limited by HTML to 30kB; thus, I was forced to add new pages just for Z-Scale, more Z-scale, and articles about Z-scale.

Datsun/Nissan Z cars
If somehow you got here in error while looking for Datsun/Nissan Z cars, go away!
No, really, you are welcome, but you do need to look elsewhere;
you might start at the Z Car Home Page.


    [The internal links, which work fine on my home page and others, don't always seem to work here!  If they don't work here, please scroll away!]

On this Z-Scale Index Page:
  Index (following) and Links and Credits (mingled).

Z-Scale Main Page:
  Z-Scale (follows)
  Z-Scale Narrow Gauge (really)
    (moved to the Sub-Z-Scale page 13 Nov 2001)
  Scale and Gauge
  Scale Conversion Table
  Z-Scale Miscellany
  Z-Scale Wiring Conventions
        including Z-Scale Locomotive Wiring Conventions   added (20 Mar 2017)
  Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
    (moved to Z-Scale page 3 on 01 Jan 2000)
  Z-Scale Repair and Hobby Shops
  Z Quick Oats - Ze BreakfaZt of ChampionZ!
  Z. Penn - Z-Scale Cat Dealer   new (17 Nov 2011)

Sub-Z-Scale Page:
  Z-Scale Narrow Gauge* (really)
    (moved from the main Z-Scale page 13 Nov 2001)
  Z-Scale Meter Gauge*
  Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains!
    [* - but see new Freudenreich pages, below.] (moved from Page 2 to page 3 to the Sub-Z page)
  1:450 T Scale   new (15 Aug 2011)
  1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!
    (moved from Page 2 to page 3 to the Sub-Z page)

Sub-Z-Scale Continuation Page 1:
    Fabergé Egg (moved from Sub-Z-Scale Page to this page on 24 Mar 2005)
    ZZ Scale (1:300).
    T Scale (1:450).
    More 1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!

Z-Scale Continuation Page 1:
  Zictionary Part 1 ("A" - "M") - lotZ of wordZ
    (moved from Page 4 on 31 Jul 2000 and split on 28 May 2001)!

Z-Scale Continuation Page 1a:
  Zictionary Part 2 ("N" - "Y") - lotZ of wordZ!

Z-Scale Continuation Page 1z:
  Zictionary Part 3 ("Z") - lotZ of wordZ!

Z-Scale Continuation Page 2:   rev (11 Sep 2012)
    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal RR in Z
    Z-SCALE DIMENSIONS (with how to approximate a mile of track).
    The Scale Card
    Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains!

(moved to the Sub-Z-Scale page 13 Nov 2001)
1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!
(moved to the Sub-Z-Scale page 13 Nov 2001)
    Overton Coaches, Bobber, Crane and a Boxcab in Z! - plus other neat items.
    Wish List - some goodieZ I'd like and some I have,
like Freudenreich's Z Boxcab Diesel and GN/WFEX Reefer,
Larry Hoff's Bobber Caboose and Crane, and
the V 32 Diesel-Compressed Air Boxcab 4-6-4T!
    M-T Z SP Moguls!

Z-Scale Continuation Page 3:
  Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
  Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains!
    (moved to the Sub-Z-Scale page 13 Nov 2001)
  1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!
    (moved to the Sub-Z-Scale page 13 Nov 2001)
  Power - Volts, Amps, Watts for Z.
    [This is critically important!]

Z-Scale Continuation Page 4:
  Some More Z (all the latest!)
    including new HomaBed Z roadbed.
  Zictionary - lotZ of wordZ (moved to page 1).

Z-Scale Continuation Page 5: (a page for the Third Millennium):
  Even More Z (all the latest!)
  Microscopic Z Accessories.
  Anhalter Bahnhof in Z.
  Hermaphrodite (Conversion Coupler) Cars.

Z-Scale Continuation Page 6:
    (a page of the Third Millennium):
  V 32 001 Diesel Pneumatic in Z.
  Yet More Z (all the latest!)
  BEDT #14 in Z.
  8800 vs. 8805.

Z-Scale Continuation Page 7:
  And More Z
    8620 Well/Depressed Center/Schnabel Cars
  WheelZ II   WheelZ III

Z-Scale Continuation Page 8:
  Z Beech BonZana.
  Z-scale UP Veranda Turbine?

Z-Scale Continuation Page 9:
  Z-scale VehicleZ - continued

Z-Scale Continuation Page 10
  Z-scale VehicleZ - continued
    Z-Panzer   new (22 Jul 2019)

  Z-Panzer Exact Z scale (1:220th) Military Models   new (21 Jul 2019) Z-Scale Track and Structure Templates:
  Track Templates.
  Structure Templates.

Freudenreich Z-Scale page:
Freudenreich Z-Scale page:
    (concentrating my Freudenreich-Feinwerktechnik material in a single reference source)
  Freudenreich's Z Boxcab Diesels.

Freudenreich Z-Scale continuation page 1:
  Freight Cars.
  Z Meter Gauge (Zm).
  and other Z products..

Z-Scale Articles page:
  Z-Scale Hell Gate Bridge

Ztrack page:
  Ztrack Magazine

First Model Railroad page:
  Sunrise Trail Division (STD) of the
    Northeastern Region (NER) of the
    National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)
  Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter (LIST) of the
    National Railway Historical Society (NRHS)
  Long Island Live Steamers

Second Model Railroad page:
  Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model:
    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad
    Degnon Terminal Railroad
    Marion River Carry Railroad (on it's own page)

On separate pages:
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page
  Berlinerwerke Saga (HO, included with Horseshoe Curve info.)
  Berlinerwerke Apocrypha (tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such).
  Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha (taller tales?)
  Schnable and other Giant RR Cars.


Z-Scale model railroading, at an incredible 220 times smaller than life size, or slightly under half the size of the familiar HO scale, with rails only 6.5mm (~¼") apart, was started in 1972 by Gebrüder Märklin (Maerklin Brothers - der site ist auf Deutsch) in Göppingen, Germany, as "mini-Club".

Z-Scale was originally (1972) imported into the U.S. by Marklin-USA in New Berlin, Wisconsin, but Märklin's line is now handled by Walthers (which listed over 1,500 Z items as of 25 Mar 2011!).   rev (25 Mar 2011)

The leading U.S. manufacturer of Z is still Micro-Trains.

One of the most prolific (and amazing) lines comes from Harald Thom-Freudenreich, who makes the most incredibly fine brass Z-scale locomotives, cars, signals, and catenary at his Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik in northeastern Germany.

However, so much other Z equipment also comes from Germany; a good Eisenbahn- und Modellbahn-Wörterbuch - Deutsch-Englisch (Railroad and Model Railroading Dictionary - German-English) is available courtesy of Chris Ozdoba.

Many other top-notch manufacturers of Z, both here in the U.S. and abroad, are featured throughout this site.


Will Wright (Full Throttle) advised that Father Nature (John W. Kreider, M.D.) passed away on Friday, 29 Jan 2010, from complications related to kidney failure.  Dr. Kreider was both a dedicated cancer researcher and a passionate model railroader and will be sorely missed by all who knew him and all who dealt with him as a hobby manufacturer.

[I added this here because there are a number of threads out there asking what happened to Father Nature - SB,III.]   added (05 Nov 2011)

This is a wee bit hard to believe, but doing a search 11 Jun 98 on HotBot for "Ztrack" yielded exactly 220 hits!

The BERLINERWERKE SAGA, the story of the HO Berlinerwerke pike,
is now on its own page with the Horseshoe Curve story.

Berlinerwerke-Z Script

The full BERLINERWERKE-Z SAGA, the Z-scale pike story
now appears on its own page (and continues onto two more).

Visit these courtesy and official home pages:

Long Island Sunrise - Trail Chapter
(National Railway Historical Society)

Sunrise Trail Division
(Northeastern Region)
(National Model Railroad Association)

Ztrack Magazine
The Newsletter for Z Scale Model Railroading

Long Island Live Steamers

Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad

Degnon Terminal Railroad

Marion River Carry Railroad

You may also wish to jump to SB,III's RAILROAD Page,

Z-Scale Miscellany

Now you see it; now you don't!

(05 Jan 03 photo by and © 2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Ooops!  This was to show you my old Märklin #8804 0-C-0 diesel shunter and the "new" (to me) #8864 and #8865 before I start chopping them up; for once, all wheels are on track but, this time, the 8864 body is up over the springpin at the rear.  There's always gotta be something amiss!  I've got my razor saw and files handy and this should prove verrrry interesting!  Ve haf vays of making you sqvirm!  But, vait until you see vat emerges!

There are several excellent Z-scale sites or pages on the Net; here are some of the best:

Brian Redman's Z-World, which is simply fantastic, especially his Märklin mini-club Finder, with its actual-size pictures of most Märklin Z production and custom items, in numerical order.

Dr. Christoph "Chris" Ozdoba's equally fantastic and comprehensive Z site.

"The Z Collection", Joris Ilegems' indexed illustrated list of Märklin Z items. (new URL - 11 Jun 08)

Rob Albriton's complex Z:220 site; ya gotta see his track development sketches!

Stan Jones has an interesting site at Z Model Trains.

I heard (Jan 99) from Graham Jones, Chairman of ZClub(GB) {Great Britain}; they now have a Web site and are a member of the Railroad Web Ring.

Another Web Ring, but one devoted solely to Z, is the Z-Ring of the Z-Modul Team Rhein-Ruhr {Deutsch} (English); this and other RR rings are listed on Joris Ilegem's Index page.

A Märklin enthusiast's site, with some Z, is at Modellbahn Collectors.

David A. Karp has a simply-fantastic Z site at "Do It Yourself in Z Scale", replete with fully-illustrated tips and construction articles!

There is a site exclusively for American Z products run by a gentleman who has valid professional reasons for remaining anonymous, so I am linking the site anyway.  The site is coded for Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, only, but a No-Frames version is offered (not every page is viewable and not every page has Home links or works with the Back button, but I am assured that they will work on these pages).

John Bartolotto notes, in the Nov/Dec 2004 Ztrack, George J. Irwin's Irwin's Journal, which includes the UMTRR (The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report - NOT affiliated with Micro-Trains® Line, Inc.), a compilation and archive of ALL M-T Z-scale offerings (as well as N - unfortunately, as with M-T, they are scrambled).

In addition, Irwin's Journal links to Kurumi's SignMaker, which allows one with a good computer, an image processor, and a color printer (or access to one at Kinko's or the like) to create and print "Big Green" Interstate, federal, or state highway signs!

Miller Engineering has a site at http://www.microstru.com; if you are not familiar with their line of jewel-like etched brass structures, a business block, Victorian houses with gingerbread, a bank, a hotel, a movie house, even a stainless '40s diner and a microscopic telephone booth, be sure to visit the site!  For a preview, see the Z-Scale Continuation page.  [Also in HO and N Scales and 1:144 Collector's Scale.]

Harry van Galen in Amsterdam (Netherlands, not New York) carries the Artitec line of Z accessories at his Dutch hobbyworld.

Should you run across a Z-Auction (I found it on the HotBot search engine), it has nothing to do with Z-Scale; it is an electronics, computer, and Beanie Baby (really!) auction!

Best regardZ,  S.B.,III

Someone else signs off, "Be Z'ing you!"

Visit these courtesy and official home pages:

    Long Island Sunrise - Trail Chapter
    (National Railway Historical Society)

    Sunrise Trail Division
    (Northeastern Region)
    (National Model Railroad Association)

    Ztrack Magazine - The Newsletter for Z Scale Model Railroading

    Long Island Live Steamers

    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad

    Degnon Terminal Railroad

    Marion River Carry Railroad

You may wish to visit the Railroad Continuation Page, et seq.

of this series of Railroad pages.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


See Copyright Notice on primary home page.

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