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On the previous Z-Scale page:

    Z-Scale Narrow Gauge (really)
    Scale and Gauge
    Scale Conversion Table
    Z-Scale Miscellany
    Z-Scale Wiring Conventions
    Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
        (moved to Z-Scale page 3 on 01 Jan 2000)
    Z-Scale Repair and Hobby Shops

On this Continuation Page 1:

    Zictionary Part 1 ("A" - "M") - lotZ of wordZ.     (moved from Page 4 on 31 Jul 00 and split on 28 May 01 and again on 14 Sep 02)

On Continuation Page 1a:

    Zictionary Part 2 ("N" - "Y") - lotZ of wordZ.

On Continuation Page 1z:

    Zictionary Part 3 ("Z") - lotZ of wordZ.<

On Z-Scale Continuation Page 2:

    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal RR in Z
    Z-SCALE DIMENSIONS (with how to approximate a mile of track).
    Overton Coaches, Bobber, Crane and a Boxcab in Z! - plus other neat items.
    Wish List - some goodieZ I'd like and some I have,
    like Freudenreich's Z Boxcab Diesel and GN/WFEX Reefer
    and Larry Hoff's Bobber Caboose and Crane!
    M-T Z SP Moguls - the absolute top of the Wish List!

On Z-Scale Continuation Page 3:

    Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
    (moved from Z-Scale page 1 on 01 Jan 2000)
    Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains!
    (moved from this page)
    1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!
    Power - Volts, Amps, Watts for Z.

On Z-Scale Continuation Page 4:

    Some More Z (all the latest!)
        including new HomaBed Z roadbed.

On Z-Scale Continuation Page 5
    (a page for the forthcoming new Third Millennium):

    Even More Z (all the latest!)
        including more on Freudenreich's Z products.
    Microscopic Z Accessories.

Z-Scale Continuation Page 6
        (a page of the Third Millennium):

    V 32 001 Diesel Pneumatic in Z.
    Yet More Z (all the latest!)
    BEDT #14 in Z.
    8800 vs. 8805.

Freudenreich Z-Scale page:         (concentrating my Freudenreich-Feinwerktechnik material in a single reference source)

    Freudenreich's Z Boxcab Diesels,
    Freight Cars,     and other Z products.

On the Ztrack page:

    Ztrack Magazine

On the Z-Scale Articles page:

    Z-Scale Hell Gate Bridge

See other indices on the Model Railroad
    and on the Railroad pages.



Z-Scale model railroading, at an incredible 220 times smaller than life size, or slightly under half the size of the familiar HO scale, with rails only 6.5mm (~¼") apart, continued ...

Z scale is about 2½ times smaller than HO!  In Z scale, a scale ¼-mile is exactly (and only) 6 feet; in other words, a mile is only 24 feet!

On various other Z-scale pages, I refer to der Herr Harald Freudenreich, who makes the most incredibly fine brass and nickel-silver Z-scale locomotives, cars, signals, and catenary; for lack of space, I have moved his additional coverage to Z-scale page 5 - Even More Z.

EnZyclopedic Zictionary
Part 1

LotZ of WordZ

[You might note that hiZtory doeZn't fare Zo well on theZe pageZ!]

Now, aZ you may have notiZed, I cloZe theZe pageZ by Zaying, "Best regardZ" and that Zomeone else ZignZ off, "Be Z'ing you!"  Lájos Thek got me started on this by threatening to commit suicide over a Z problem, to which I suggested that would be "minicide, to which he replied, "When the police investigate a "minicide", how can they control the angry craZ crowd?  Are they 'mini-clubbing' them?  Or they use only tear gaZ?", to which I shot back, "No, they are brutal; they uZe shotgunZ and UZiZ", of courZ!  Lájos wants me to write a ZictionaryZe very thing!

Whoa, Nelly!  Now (11 Aug 00) Lájos wantZ me to write an EnZyclopedia, too.  No way, JoZé (HoZe A?)!  However, aZ a sop to hiZ pride, I HAVE changed the Zictionary to an EnZyclopedic Zictionary.


On this Cont. Pg. 1 - (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M)
On Cont. Pg. 1a - (N) (O) (P) (Q) (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y)
On Cont. Pg. 1z - (Z)

NOT theZe keyZ:
(Q)(W)(E)(R)(T)(Y)(U)(I)(O)(P) (A)(S)(D)(F)(G)(H)(J)(K)(L)   (Z)(X)(C)(V)(B)(N)(M)

We muZt Ztart here:

- If this sort of nonsense doesn't float your boat,
you can skip directly to Page 2.


"AbyZZinia" - farewell greeting;
    alZo country of the EthiopZ on the horn of Africa, bounded by Zomalia and Zudan (15 Jan 2013).
"AdZeZ" - toolZ for hewing logZ (15 Jan 2013).
"Ahura MaZda" - great God of ZedHeads.
"AhZ" - soundZ of delight when viewing Z scale (syn. "OohZ" - OohZ and AhZ).
"AmaZing" - Zelf-explanatory.
"AmaZon.com" - prolific vendor of new and uZed Z items (how could I have missed this all theZe yearZ?).   added (20 Dec 2020)
"LarZ AnderZon Auto MuZeum" (The MuZeum of TranZportation) -
 a repoZitory of Antique and ClaZZic Z-scale CarZ.
    [Quite ZeriouZly, the 1865 Dudgeon Steam Wagon was once on display at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum
     (The Museum of Transportation) in Brookline (Boston area), Massachusetts, at one time
     (I visited the museum for the second time on 15 Apr 2004 and since and it was, and still is, a gem!)].
"AngZt" - German for "AnxZiety", q.v.
"AnxZiety" - feeling induced by worry over price of next Märklin release.
"ApologiZe" - what one does when caught with an N item on a Z layout.
"ArachnidZ" (ZpiderZ) - what spinZ webZ all over Ze trackZ!
"ArcZ" - what you do NOT want in Z motorZ!
"AriZona" - most favored state.
"AZid" - comments re other scales.
"AttacheZ" - case for portable French layout.
    (imperative command to attach in French - pron. "ah-tash'-ay" -
      same pron. as "attaché" case)
"AZtecZ" - people who made meZoZoic modelZ.


"BeelZebub" (1) - what bedevilZ 2-wheel pony truckZ in turnoutZ.
"BeelZebub" (2) - Satan in the form of the idiot who pickZ up your Z locoZ without asking when viZiting
    and can not be cast out (inspired by Onkel Willi).
"BeerZ" -popular drinkZ for BErlinERZ or (oder) BerlInERZ.
"BeeZ" - what one is buZy aZ trying to wire the turntable or tranZfer table.
"BellZ" - what don't ringZ in Z scale.
"beZel" - short for embeZZle,q.v.
"BoltZ" - what goeZinter NutZ.
Beech "BonanZa" - private plane and light buZiness aircraft of Z;
    corporate aircraft of the BerlinerwerkeZ.
"BeeZ KneeZ" - anything Z.
"BooZ" - Bronx cheerZ.
"BooZe" - liquid refreshmentZ; cargo for InZider 2000 Z Club Car #2167A
    (aZ well aZ for InZider 2000 HO Club Car #2166A).
"BravoZ" - erudite cheers for Z work.
"BraZen" - adjective for HuZZy; alZo, what I am when I cut up new Märklin modelZ for cross-kitting.
"BraZos" - appropriately named river in Texas.
"BrewZ" - Zee BeerZ; to make same.
"BuddieZ" - FriendZ who work in Z Scale.
"BudweiZer" - official sudZ of Zedheads.
"BuZy" - what beeZ are aZ.


"CabeeZe" - more than one cabooZe.
"CabooZe" - the Conductor'Z offiZe.
"CoalZ" - Zteamer fuel from NewcaZtle.
"CoinZ" - useful only for cutting up to weight Z carZ.
"ConZideration" - what deZiner of Z coupler springZ lackZ.
"CraZy" - buying a PLATINUM HO engine!


"Darryl Zanuck" - favorite Zinema Director.
"DeZe" - Ze opposite of DoZe {thoZe}.
"DeZert" (1) - what modelerZ in other scaleZ ought to do.
"DeZert" (2) - where modelerZ in other scaleZ ought to be sent
    if they do NOT deZert.
"DeZerving" - what ZedheadZ are.
"DeZign" - what you can't even Zee on really small Z modelZ.
"DeZZert" - what they serve at the end of mealZ.
"DieZ" - what cutZ Ze threadZ on Ze boltZ and rodZ (NOT TapZ!).
"DieZel" - fuel for many Z internal combuZtion prototypeZ.
"DieZ'l" - term of leZZ-than-enthusiaZtic Zelection at Z hobby shop, aZ in "DieZ'l do!". (15 Jan 2013)
"DinoZaurZ" - motive power for MeZoZoic trainZ.
"DiZguZted" - attitude when inZtalling Z coupler springZ.
"DiZaZter" - uZing WaltherZ GOO to hold Z coupler springZ.
"DoeZ" - doeZ everything.
"DoeZel" - what isn't powered by DieZel.
"DollarZ" - what is required in great quantity to be in Z (Zee alZo Zents).
"DonZi" - Z-scale Zpeed boat priced to match Z.
"DoZe" - Ze opposite of DeZe; also, ze light sleeping
    (what you do when you're at eaZe).
"DuZ" - favored Z sudZ (as a detergent, that iZ) - DuZ doeZ everything!


"EaZy" - any scale larger than Z.
"ElectronicZ" - what makes Märklin Digital work.
"ElectronZ" - what run around in TranZiZtorZ.
"EmbeZZle" - to palm off a well-worn 8805 0-6-0T as a mint 8800!
"Emiliano'Z" - local (West Medford , MA) reZtaurante (folded ca. 2017).   new.gif (30 Aug 2018)

[unretouched photo]

"EZekiel" - Zaw a 1:220 wheel 'way up in the middle ob Ze air!
"EZteem" - what one holds Z'ers in high.
"EZtupido!" - what Zapata said of himself when captured.


"FanaticiZm" - building a Märklin #89200 Anhalter Bahnhof station kit when your whole layout
    is only a few inches longer and wider than the entire station!
"FinZ" - euphemiZm for "Ah quitZ!"
"FoZZilZ" - preZerved MeZoZoic trains.
"Frank Zappa" - favorite rocker (MotherZ of InventionZ).

- - -

On this Cont. Pg. 1 - (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M)
On Cont. Pg. 1a - (N) (O) (P) (Q) (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y)
On Cont. Pg. 1z - (Z)

- - -


"GaZ" - a less-popular fuel for some Z prototypes.
"GiftZ" - what to purchaZe for ZerZ, as for birthdayZ.
"G'Zinter" - what goeZ into ZomethingZ.
"GuZZler" - one who really enjoys his bierZ.


"Half-Z" (1:440) - we're talking really SMALL here!
"HaveZ" - InZider Club memberZ.
"Have NotZ" - not InZider Club memberZ.
"HaZard" - what you do with a guess about rhe price of Z.
"HaZMat" - irrradiated Z equipment (it glowZ!).
"HaZardous" - running a Croc too close to the layout edge with no guardrail or lip.
"HellZ BellZ" - FR's gold bellZ in a high-pile shag carpet; also
    what one sayZ when that happenZ!
"HeZbollah" - themZ what blowZ up Z trainZ!
"HeZekiah" - EZekiel's buddy.
"HiZZonor" - Ze judge (the perZon to tell it to).
"HudZon River" - favorite river.   new.gif (30 Aug 2018)
"HuZZah!" - Z cheer.
"HuZZieZ" - ladieZ of Ze nightZ (Zex Zymbols).


"IdioZy" - thinking N iZ juZt aZ good aZ Z!
"IllinoiZ" - a noiZy state.
"ImpoZZible" - Zee Zuper-detailing.
"InquiZition" - what inveZtigateZ riotZ.
"InZtrumentZ" - muZical deviZeZ, often Ztringed;
    alZo Zat which meaZureZ voltZ, ampZ, and Zuch.
"InveZtigation" - finding out why people model N and up.
"IntermeZZo" - odd scales between Z and ½-Z or N.
"InZider Club" - fiendish plot by Märklin to reZtrict ownership.
"InZipid" - anything in a scale other than Z.
"InZpiration" - what engenderZ (perpetrateZ?) theZe entrieZ!


"JaZZ" - favorite muZic of ZedheadZ.
    {Ooh, that one waZ too eaZy!}
    [Played, of courZe, by DiZZy GilleZpie!]
"JeeZuZ!" - what one crieZ out when one Zaps one'Z thumbZ;
    alZo cried when one dropZ a body, truck, or motor mounting screw in the ever-waiting shag carpet
    and has no replacement screw.


"KidZ" - who we hope will continue all this.
"KluZ" - he who bobZ around editing Ztrack MagaZine and Zelling Z goodZ through the Ztrack Zenter. (15 Jan 2013)
"KneeZ" - what beeZ haZ.
"KalamaZoo" - city in Michigan.


"LarZ AnderZon Auto MuZeum" (The MuZeum of TranZportation) - a repoZitory of Antique and ClaZZic Z-scale CarZ.
[Quite ZeriouZly, the 1865 Dudgeon Steam Wagon was once on display at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum (The Museum of Transportation) in Brookline (Boston area), Massachusetts, at one time (I visited the museum on 15 Apr 2004 and it is a gem!)].
"LaZiness" - what keepZ me from finishing modelZ.
"LaZy Boy" - lounger where one Zits (armchair railroading) while viZionZ and dreamZ of Z float by.
"LokZ" - what pullZ trainZ.
"LotZ" - much more than a Zmidgen.
"LouiZiana" - state famed for itZ shrimpZ.
"LuZt" - emotion engendered by one'Z neighbo(u)r aquiring a Z Crocodile!


"MaZda" - preferred Z car model.
"MaZe" - my Berlinerwerke-Z track plan (Zo-called).
"MaZter" - one who doeZ really well in Z.
"MaZZeppa" - CoZZack hero of Byron'Z poem.
"MaZZini" - Italian traitor who worked in Mantua (figureZ!).
"MeiZter" - how GermanZ Zay "MaZter".
"MeiZterZinger" - one who really knowZ how to cut you down to siZe
    when you show off your new Märklin engine.
"MerZy" - the quality of which is often Ztrained
    (eZpecially when bidding against friendZ!).
    (Thanks, Lájos!)
"MeZoZoic" - prehistoric Z -scale trains.
"Mini-TrikZ" (Zee TrikZ/Märklin "N" - 1:160) - you mean to Zay there'Z Zomething bigger than Z?
"MinneZota" - "Land of LakeZ"; state with Zumbrota in it.
"MiZZoula" - favorite city and county in Montana.   added ()
"MiZZouri" - state with Zalma in it.
"MoroZe" - mental state while waiting for your new Insider locomotive.
"MuZeum carZ" - what Märklin limited issues should be called!
"MuZik by MuZach - Zoft ZuZZurating Zymphonic Zound Zat Zatizfiez
    (now THIS is true lunaZy!)


(continued on page 1a, Part 2)

- - -

On this Cont. Pg. 1 - (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M)
On Cont. Pg. 1a - (N) (O) (P) (Q) (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y)
On Cont. Pg. 1z - (Z)
- If this sort of nonsense doesn't float your boat,
you can skip directly to Page 2.

- - -

Zomebody Ztop me!

Instead of Ztopping me, Lájos wants me to Zelebrate!
This guy keepZ Zupporting my effortZ!
In addition, we have a 1:220 mascot, the Zebra, a holy body of water in the Netherlands, the Zuider Zee, and a related holy book, "The Old Man and the Zee" (by ErneZt Hemingway).  Our Zuperhero iZ, of course, Zorro!

We alZo have an anthem, "MairZy DoatZ and DoZy DoatZ (and Little LambZy Divey")*.

* - Actually, juZt like the U. S., we have two other anthemZ, as well:
    "Oh, Zay Can You Zee?" ("Ze Ztar Zpangled Banner") and
    "My Country, 'TiZ of Zee".  "America, the Beautiful" runZ
    a cloZe fourth with the stanZa, "From Zee to Shining Zee!".

    How about, "Of Ze I Zing, Baby!"?

MZ. Z-scale - Zoe RooZevelt.

Some of you thought I write theZe Web pageZ directly in HTML Code; wrong- it'Z in Zip Code!

What do you do with a 220-pound gorilla?  Convert it to Z and lose it in a shag carpet!

Zee you later, alligator!
    Related to "In a while, Crocodile".

Z-Z-Zat'Z all, F-f-f-folkZ!
["Day iZ Done!  Gone the Zun!" (a.k.a. "TapZ")]

For the story of the Berlinerwerke-Z (my layout), see the Berlinerwerke-Z Saga page, et. seq.

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such, visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.

For more and better illustrations of the tall tales and such, keep in touch; I have my digital camera (11 Jan 99 - a belated Xmas present - an SLR, no less!), the requisite software loaded, and scads of server storage space.  Now, all I have to do is take more pictures.

See also the preceding page, succeeding page, and the Z-scale articles page.

For Ztrack Magazine, see its new separate page.

For 1:440 and even 1:900, see 1:440 Scale and 1:900 Scale!
    (moved from this page)

If you enjoy this idiocy, you've gotta see the Pseudodictionary!

Best regardZ,  S.B.,III

Someone else signs off, "Be Z'ing you!"

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